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If your daily lifestyle is hugely governed by checking your portable devices repeatedly, then there might be a chance that you’re suffering from internet addiction. Internet addiction has risen to become a huge problem for people of nearly every age group. Since people have no access to the internet round the clock, there has been a spike in the number of people falling prey to internet addiction. With the compulsive need to keep on checking social media, play games, messaging, picking up the phone every time it buzzes; internet addiction can hamper the smooth functioning of activities and instigates a false sense of reality. It’s as harmful as any other addiction because it could produce potential discrepancies in work schedule, real-life relationships with friends and family, and health. So, it becomes of immense importance to be aware of some possible ways to keep this in check: –


To cure any problem, the first very important step is to acknowledge that you might be facing a potential harming situation, and instead of being adamant over that no harm could ever seek you; we have to change our attitude towards ‘what curing measures we could adopt,’ and how can we influence our situations towards betterment by adopting various changes or seeking help from professionals. The ‘Denial’ phase is of no help and it would only make the process of getting better again, exhaust a large amount of time.


It’s the next step after admitting that you might be suffering from a problem. It becomes immensely important to talk to professionals or trustworthy friends and family members about it. One shouldn’t exercise unauthenticated information available in multitudes over the internet upon themselves, rather it’s advised to talk it through with a professional and seek the best guidance to come out of a problem without much distress. It’s important to open up about your problem to preferably a specialist or anyone you wish to so that you’re able to articulate your problems well and seek the best fitting solutions.

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One of the fitting solutions, after you realize that the amount of time, you’re spending on screens, is excessively problematic for the smooth functioning of other events in your life, is to cut down on any sort of screen use for some hours in a day; considering the needed mental strength to overcome the urge of going back to the devices. The surroundings also have to be catered in a way that supports your goal of not picking up devices for the said time, apart from the inner strength to do so.


After you’ve managed to stick by some rules to adhere to daily it’s important to get out of the isolation hole that screens grip you into; start socializing. Try to have meals with your friends and family without eating alone with your devices, and try to invite or hang out with friends frequently. It’s important to have the realization of the magnitude of importance of what real-life relationships bore in our lives than the virtual, disorienting ones. So, it’s advised to build up connections with your friends and family, have some get-togethers, and prioritize your real-life relationships.

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It’s important to realize what activity is causing you to stay hooked to your screens for unhealthy amounts of time. If you’re addicted to chat with your friends through the phone all day, try to ditch this habit and meet them instead. If you’re addicted to online gaming, then try to ditch this habit by taking part in sports at your workplace or school. If you’re addicted to keeping checking your social media updates or picking up the phone for any trivial information, try to follow a routine; set beforehand which clearly states the amount of time you’ve to spend on screen. To keep in check with your set schedule, it’s preferable to keep yourself indulged in physical activities so that you won’t be tricked into spending an incessant amount of time online.


A routine helps in pitching a picture of prioritized activities to be followed apart from just randomly going about things. It helps you to have a clear understanding regarding the time to be devoted to every activity, and would greatly reduce the chances of being idle and occupying yourself with the internet.

internet addiction, social media addiction


If you’re failing at reducing your screen time with the aid of your willpower and determination, then you might have to take some more strict steps like strictly adhering to the time limit you’ve decided, in which, you would not engage in any devices by keeping your immediate environment free from gadgets that hamper your progress. Keeping devices out of sight and inaccessible can help in easing the urge to indulge in using devices; it won’t happen overnight, rather it would be difficult for the initial days, but it surely would help gradually.


It’s important to ascertain the fact as to why are you spending so much time on the internet, what is keeping you glued to your screens. Many times people develop internet addiction as a coping mechanism, which is very detrimental to every aspect of health. It’s important to analyze what are the things that make you pick up your devices every time instead of communicating with others or indulging in physical activities, and rationally approach the obstacles with the help of possible solutions from professionals, trusted family members, or friends.


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