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Before becoming a social media Influencer you must know who an Influencer is. An Influencer is someone who has a good fan base or followers and can influence the decisions of a group of people because he/she has gained the trust of the audience. It is no longer a one-player game that only bigger companies can play. A normal person who has nothing today can become an Influencer in a year or so by doing smart and hard work.


The first step you have to take is to decide what you are interested in or what are you passionate about or ask yourself what can you offer your audience regularly. After analyzing yourself and the market, select a single or 2 to 3 areas of interest or niches but starting and focusing on only one at the beginning is highly recommended. This way you will be more focused and if you don’t love doing it you can easily switch it. If content making is your passion, you will have ideas you’re your content in your mind and it won’t feel like work.

Niche, How To Become A Social Media Influencer

Business account

It is important to have a business account on the platform that you are going to use because a  business account will offer you more features that you are not going to get with a normal account.


Your social media bio should be impactful and you should be able to describe your area of expertise well with a few words. And yes don’t forget to mention your email. Anyone who visits your profile for the first time should know what you are and how to reach out to you if they want to collaborate with you for work. Don’t write an essay in your bio, keep it short, and keep it interesting and impactful. Your profile picture or your logo should be of good quality because that is how people on social media will recognize you.

social media bio, How To Become A Social Media Influencer

Understanding your audience

To deliver quality content, one should know his or her audience first. Many social media platforms have analytics for analyzing the followers as in which age group follows you the most or the demographic of those following you. The analytical gives you a blueprint of your audience and what you should give them for gaining their trust and providing them quality content. If your niche is focused on kids’ then do just that and if your content is for people in the age group of 18-35, then focus on making content for that age group, in simple follow your niche.


For making and posting content, you need to focus on your audience preferences and posting the contents strategically. As we speak some Influencers like Audrey’s Kitchen post content that is related to only food whether it’s a recipe or a restaurant, anything related to food and this is one strategy that you can use. Some Influencer uses a mixed post style that is they share their own lives along with their posts on a particular category to connect emotionally with their audience and to feel like a friend to them. You can use any of the styles of posting just make sure that your niche must not be too narrow, you must take your first stop and think of the future at the same time so you will be able to collaborate with the brands easily when they reach out to you.

Strategy, Plan your posts, content planning,


For gaining your audience’s trust and for taking advantage of the social media algorithm you need to post regularly. Plan your post; whether you will post daily or weekly or in what way you want to post. There is a certain time of the day or week at which you will get the maximum engagement on your post. On some platforms, Wednesday is the best day to post and some say in some platforms late morning and afternoon hours of midweek are the best time to post. Try and analyze what time or what day or what week works best for you.


Try to engage with your audience, make them feel like a part of your social media family. When you post something you will surely get some comments and replying to those comments is a beautiful way of showing your love and care about them. You can also attach a question in your comment box for the viewers, so they can interact with you by replying and sharing their views on it. This will help them feel more attached to you and make them feel like they are being heard by you. Another way of interacting is live chats. Try going live on your social media platform and talk to your audience. This will help them know you better and you will know them better as well.

Likes, Engagement with followers


The last step of becoming an Influencer is announcing it to the world. You have to come out and declare yourself as a social media influencer who is interested in collaborating with the brands. One can do this by mentioning it in the social media bio. One can also attach contact details for potential clients, giving them an easy way to connect with you. Another way of doing this is by reaching out to and messaging relevant brands with an impactful pitch on what you can offer and how will that help the brands. It is best to design a pitch that you can use to send out to different brands because there is no point in writing a script every time you find a potential brand or person you want to collaborate with and will also save you a lot of time.

There are some platforms where brands and Influencers can find each other easily. One can use these to find brands in their niche who are looking for collaborations and can start building their network. You can also try tagging brands and mentioning them when you talk about their products in your posts or whenever you post something that might lure them. It’s very important to build a name for yourself and network with brands in your particular niche. Always remember it’s a slow process but it will help you made a strong network and will help you get a good brand collaboration shortly. Don’t get stressed and don’t stop because continuity is key to getting a bigger audience.

Collaborations on social media, How To Become A Social Media Influencer


It’s an obvious thing that you are not going to become a social media Influencer in a day. It surely needs patience and hard work along with some smart work. Try following the above tips and one more thing to get recognized and considered as an Influencer try attaching yourself with some influencers on any social media platform because every platform is some way or the other connected.

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So this is the end of the post How To Become A Social Media Influencer. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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