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Is Your Social media addiction good or bad?

Well, this depends on how we are using social media. Every person is on social media platforms nowadays even small kids have accounts on social media handled by their parents. There are numerous things one can on social media. So what you do on social media might be different from what I do on social media and on that basis, we can define whether it is a good addiction or a bad.

There are many types of People on Social media-


Influencers are people who use their accounts to influence people and earning money by posting blogs, tutorials and by collaborating with other influencers and brands, etc. So their addiction to social media is on the right path as they are enjoying while using their social media and also getting paid by brands and nothing is going wrong unless they are doing productive work on social media and not spreading negativity and showcasing a fake life on the gram making others feel inferior.

Influencers, Influencers on social media, Social Media Addiction And How To Control It

Business Accounts

Nowadays you will find a lot of startups joining and spreading the word through social media. As the reach of social media is very wide so people have started using social media platforms to market and promote their startups and businesses. By posting their products on social media they get many customers. This is a very positive and thoughtful use of social media

Business Accounts, sellers on social media, Social Media Addiction And How To Control It

The Memers

Memers are the people who usually troll celebrities in their posts in a funny way or randomly posting funny stuff. These are the creators of funny, entertaining content.  If their memes get approved they even get paid. So as their addiction to social media is getting them paid and people are getting entertainment this way of using social media is good.

The Ones Spreading And Gaining Knowledge

Some accounts on social media update people with the latest things happening all over the world. Posting every single update helps people stay up-to-date. This is a very good way of using social media by helping people in gaining knowledge,

general awareness

The Scrollers

Scrollers are the people who do nothing but scroll posts and videos on Social Media all day which does no good to them. They are just wasting their time and procrastinate their work. This addiction is definitely bad as they are not doing anything productive on social media.

The Chatters

These are the people who stay online all day – sending memes and chatting with friends for passing their time. They are doing no good with their life but wasting it on social media. This addiction makes them lazy and they end up leaving their work just to reply to texts. This addiction is very bad and should be stopped.


TikTok and Reels Watchers

Although TikTok and Instagram are just two of the most famous short video platforms where people creatively share all kinds of things, some people spend hours consuming this kind of content, which is very dangerous for them. This has become an addiction for many, and the need of the hour is to put a stop to this, or else it will be too late for those people ruining their lives with this behavior.

How to control the addiction to social media

Social media platforms are made to connect people and for promoting one’s talent or business and also for fun. But the way people are getting addicted needs to be addressed.  The question is how to control the bad addiction to social media?

Here is the answer-

  • Disable the notification of the social media apps, so that you will be able to concentrate on other important things.
  • Limit the usage of social media
  • Delete the app for a day and see what are you doing the whole day and you will realize that there are more important things to do in life rather than scrolling and chatting on social media and that is when you can discover what you want to do in life rather than wasting your time on social media.

How to control the addiction to social media

By- Charu Jain

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So this is the end of the post Social Media Addiction And How To Control It. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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