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We are all aware of this tug of war between science and commerce. There is no definite conclusion yet. While science is the intellectual and practical activity that comprises the systematic study and structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through experiments and observation, Commerce is a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from the producer to the final customers. In India, both the subjects Science and Commerce are studied widely, however, the science stream is higher than commerce because the students want to pursue engineering and medicine after class 12th so they had to order science after class 10th.

Benefits in choosing commerce

It doesn’t matter which industry you are choosing to work in, understanding Commerce is valuable for your career prospects. From the financial Markets and the Economics of the management practices, you will be studying commerce where it will offer you the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a successful career ahead. Mainly companies like KPOs and BPOs prefer employees who are from accounts and Finance backgrounds. Whether that is a recession or no recession, commerce will be a subject that will always be in demand unlike those from the engineering and the management background.

Commerce science

Benefits while choosing science

If a student chooses science after completion of class 10th he will get essential skills that will make them employable. After completion of class 12 students can opt for professional streams like medicine and Engineering. The student will also get an advantage to discover and invent new things, which will be beneficial for them and the society at large. In-stream science there will be subjects like biology which will teach us about living things, chemistry which will help you to gain various chemical processes and how they can be used, and physics which will give knowledge about the working of the universe.

Science or Commerce is equally easy and equally tough so this is very subjective. There is one student who can find studying Laws of Motion very easy and others can find doing accounts easily. So let’s break the common myth of science vs commerce which is easier by doing about the subjects which are taught to develop an interest in these streams.

Subjects in Commerce

Subjects like Mathematics, English, Hindi, information practices, and other languages are common in both streams. The subject you’re going to study in commerce is – accountancy, It is a Theory-based subject which has a lot of practical implications. To become good in accountancy you have to understand the principles of accounting as a fast learner. If you are a person who is interested in finding out Assets and liabilities then commerce is the right choice. Business studies, In this you will require the standing of concepts where you will be aware of the ideas of the administration in the world businesses. Economics, You will finally learn a lot about the economy of our country and how it Works from a micro and macro level. Understanding the concept of demand and supply, and a lot more.

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Subjects in science include

Physics, Hindi subjects you will be learning about the concept of mechanics heat radiation electricity, and sound. If you are a person who is interested in this then you can choose Science as your stream after completion of class 10th. Chemistry is the branch that is concerned with the study of matter and its interactions. It will also give the knowledge of the compositions and actions which are investigated in detail. Biology is a study of natural science where it will be concerned with everything which is around you in the form of living organisms.

Career opportunities in both streams

The career options in commerce are – economics, management, statistics, hotel management, CA, CS, Baking, accountant, financial planner, cost accountant, CFA, CPA, and many more. Science has options like – medicine, zoology, engineering, forensic science, and more.

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After going through all the details which are given above we can easily find out which career should be chosen. It is very easy for you to decide and choose a stream after going through all the subjects which are available in both streams. You can choose the stream according to your subject preferences and your interest in a particular field. Also, we can find out that there is nothing like science vs commerce in real life. Both the subjects are competitive and they have a lot of career opportunities.

By: Varsha Yadav

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