10 Tips for Effective Online Examination

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The examination is the most important phase of the student’s life. The examination proves the worth of a student and shows him his position and where he stands given that he/she has given the examination honestly. The examination can be Oral, Written, Presentation, or in the format of lab experiments. But the only restriction is that the student qualifies for the examination as per the cut-off marks given by the particular administration.

The examination tests the student’s capability whether they are eligible to move to the further classes or if they fail they repeat the class and learn again so that they excel with proper qualification and are eligible to move to the further class. The examination tests the student’s current knowledge, analytical skills, good memory, recalling power, and various other qualities. Many times it is said that the marks or the CGPA scored in the examination is the qualification criteria for the student for further studies.

The times have changed now; this is the era of Online classes and examinations. The examination which used to rely on the supervisors now relies on the Proctored method and is now the most opted method worldwide. The students now have to answer the Multiple Choice Question and Short Descriptive Questions and earlier they used to solve the whole paper which consisted of Numericals, Theory, Diagrams, Graphs, etc. The only thing here that remains the same is the efforts put in by the students.

While preparing for the Online Exams the student must have effective qualities such as Sheer Hard Work, Effective Analytical Skills, Patience, and skills to score better in the Online Exams. Besides these, a student needs some effective tips and tricks for an effective Online Education which are given as follows:-

1. First of all, make sure you take this exam as seriously as the offline exams and do not take it lightly since the pattern of online exams can invite more unwanted problems.

2. After the internet comes the light; make sure that you have plenty of sunlight in your room otherwise make arrangements for the same as the plenty of light is needed for the examiner to see your face otherwise he can either deduct marks or debar you.

3. Also, make sure that you have a good internet connection tested by a speed check website otherwise make sure you go to a place with a good internet speed and is also suitable for you to sit there comfortably and give your exam.

score good marks in the online examination, Online classes

4. Make sure that you are alone in the frame of the Camera and there is no hindrance because it can invite debarring from the exam. For this, you can lock yourself up in a room until the exam is completed.

5. Keep things like Calculator, Rough Paper, Graphs, and such requirements while giving the examination because moving your face or body during the examination can invite some major problems in your examination or you can lose marks.

6. Make sure that the device in which you are giving the online exam is working properly, to avoid fuss during the examination.

7. Also, keep an update on the Electricity connection in your locality as in the worst-case scenario you can lose the total paper of any particular exam which can be major or minor when operating on the computer and the electricity goes down.

score good marks in the online examination, Online classes

8. If your online exam is in the afternoon so make sure to have a balanced diet and you don’t overeat which will help avoid problems like Sleep, Drowsiness, and a Slow Rate of solving during the Exam.

9. These exams are like the regular exam which only has a change in the pattern so do not try to burn the midnight oil for this exam as doing so will surely make you fail in the Final Semester Examination or you will just pass the exam with minimal marks.

10. Make sure that you solve at least 5-6 sets of MCQ papers respective to your subject while preparing which will help you during the final exam to solve with greater pace and understanding.

score good marks in the online examination, Online classes

Wishing you Good Luck with your Online Exams!!

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