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TEENAGE is one the most interesting and important parts of one’s life. We have a feeling of being grown up and have a lot of time to explore and develop ourselves. Teenage can be defined as a transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. It is the time when we come across various important and new things in our life which also includes making decisions about our future independently. It is the time when you choose how to proceed and in what direction.

During teenage, we all experience various hormonal changes and it is reflected in our behavior and thinking. This is the time when sex hormones develop and we experience attraction towards others and that is the reason that many people experience their first love during their teenage.


Teenage is a very important age because it is during these years you move ahead towards adulthood and start working towards your career, these can be said as base years. Teenage starts from the age of 13 years i.e. approximately when you are in ninth or most probably tenth grade, as we all know it is the first time we appear for boards and also the very first step towards our career(choosing stream). Teenage lasts till the age of nineteen years i.e. when you probably are studying in college, this explains why these are termed as important years.

This time is also very crucial because as we are growing up, we disagree on many things from our parents. During this time, we don’t like anyone to tell us to do something as we have a sense of being an adult now, however it is not so and so there are many conflicts between teenagers and their parents. As relations with parents are not very good, we tend to hide many things from them which may lead to us getting distracted at this age like choosing the wrong path or distracting from our future.

Disagreement with parents may be due to many reasons and it doesn’t mean that either you are wrong or your parents are wrong, at this time everyone is right in their own way, as we are growing we feel that we are considered adults and treated like the same which is not wrong as per our thinking but for our parents, we are not big enough to take our decisions and this difference is mainly due to age gap.



As we talked about an uneasy relations with parents, teenagers are tend to feel alone with nobody to understand them because their thinking is different from their parents and since this same for almost every teenager, they try and find a companion in their friends, with whom their thoughts and thinking process matches and do not have to prove themselves. This is everyone have experience the feeling of liking someone in their teenage.

I Want To Become Good Better Best In Life


Well, this is something that purely depends on one’s thinking and understanding about teenage relationships.

If we consider this from parents’ point of view then it is definitely not the right thing to do. Why? Because they feel that their child may be completed off track after getting indulged in grown-ups stuff like being in a committed relationship. This thinking is not wrong because teenage is the time when a person is quite vulnerable and thus can be easily manipulated and can easily ruin their future by getting along with wrong people and so move on the wrong path.

college life

Especially for a teenage girl, they are easily attracted by elder boys (older than them) who can easily influence and manipulate them, as they are still not fully adult it is hard for them to judge that the other person can be trusted or not, which is the constant fear in parent’s mind and as a response to this fear they try to control their child which is again a reason for conflict between a teenager and their parents.


As we have already discussed that teenage is the career-building age. So how being involved in a relationship affects that.

One of the reasons that parents are not very happy about the teenage relationship is that although they feel they can handle both relationship and career, it is mostly quite difficult to manage at a small and developing age where you can’t tell what is good or bad for you.

They do get moral support from their companion/partner but there are emotional attachments at a young age and it’s a very new feeling (not experienced such feeling before) which makes it a little harder to focus on your studies or making a career. Sometimes, mainly when you are involved with someone older than you (not of your age) relationships tend to get toxic and that definitely affects your thinking and development.



To conclude I would say that being in a relationship is not something very bad till it’s a healthy and supportive relationship, not one in which you have compromise your future and their no space for individual growth, teenage relationships can be complicated, it may be your most beautiful experience but it can be the worst as well, so relationships may be temporary and you may get betrayed but your future and knowledge is something that stays with you forever. But in the end, the choice is always yours.

By-Nupur Bhagat

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