Why is Hostel Life Necessary For A Student’s Life?

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Being a part of the hostel is a dream for all the students today. This option fascinates them to such an extent that they prefer going to hostel mostly. What is a hostel, and how is it a very essential part of an individual’s life?

A hostel, better known as the second home to all the hostellers, is a place where safe, healthy, and home-like accommodation is provided to all the students irrespective of their caste, color, sex, creed, and religion. Many students from different boundaries of several nations reside together under one roof that builds an unexplainable bond among them. For the students who move to other places to get a high-class education, a hostel is a place, they admire the most as it imbibes many values in them apart from education.

By living in a hostel, you realize your responsibilities and tasks to complete on time without the assistance of your elders. It makes you self-reliant and independent, thereby prepares you for your future life. Also, a student learns the real meaning of teamwork, unity, and cooperation by spending some years of their life in the hostel. You can make the best out of yourself. At the same time, you start identifying your potentials by spending major time with your age-mates. 

So what might be the advantages and disadvantages of a hostel life? 

Firstly let’s talk about the advantages of hostel life that are mentioned below:

  • Except for studies, the students can enjoy their life in the hostel with their age-mates that are an added advantage for them. This motivates them for various activities like doing exercise, the morning walk, and many other fun activities. 
  • The students can clear all their doubts regarding studies by discussing them among themselves. So it will eradicate the existing confusion. 
  • He/she learns the value of self-reliance and independence when they live alone far away from their family. It makes them realize their responsibilities, from waking up early in the morning, having their meals timely to completing their homework and assignments on their own.
  • Since they share the room with other students, they learn to cooperate with others and cultivate the habit of sharing and caring not only among their family members but also among others. 
  • The hostel is the place where you develop a sense of competition among their classmates to excel not only in studies but also in other co-curricular activities.
  • The friends you make in the hostel are like friends for life as you have shared the entire days and nights with them. With time you develop lots of memories that you love to cherish in your future. 
  • In a hostel, every student works together to complete a particular task that brings a sense of unity among all and spread their wings to unite them by a single thread.

Disadvantages of hostel life can be:

  • Since students live away from their families. Sometimes they adopt habits that are unethical according to the Indian societies. They begin to smoke, drink or even gamble to which they consider living lavishly.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult for a child to concentrate on studies between all the fun activities and games going on among them. So they might go off-track from their studies. 
  • The food served in the hostel is not liked by students sometimes due to which they prefer to eat from outside or starve due to which they develop health issues and, ultimately there is a great impact on the studies, the main purpose they came for.
  • The sleeping cycle of the students gets affected due to which they do not concentrate in the class and their grades usually lower down.


We can say that hostel life is like a coin that has two sides called merits and demerits. We should appreciate the merits and do not get afraid of the demerits. Hostel life is a journey through which you learn unity and teamwork. It grooms your entire personality and prepares you for the challenges in the future ahead. So let your children grow with the age-mates that convert them into the best version of themselves. Don’t forget that the nights that turn into mornings with your friends are the beautiful part of your entire student life.


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