Top 5 Self-Study tips

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No matter how much school and coaching you join, but if you do not self-study then you can never be successful in your examination. Many times you must have seen that even those people get fewer marks who do coaching day and night and even when the teachers teach in the school, they study diligently.

This happens because they study but do not do self-study. What could be the reason for this, the simple reason for this is that they do not pay any attention to self-study? He is always busy with his coaching only. But now we try to understand here what is self-study. Then we will talk about how we should do self-study.

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We all study in school and coaching but we study there what we are taught but self-study is where we study according to our own. There is no one to stop or interrupt us here. Here we read the subject we want to study according to our own. And that too with complete discipline.

In this, we answer all those questions which we do not know. Do you know that only you are taught in school and coaching but if you want to memorize all these then you have to do self-study. So let’s know how you can do a better self-study. For this, we have some tips here which will make your self study better.

Choose the Best Time for Self-study

To do an efficient and productive self-study, you have to choose the best time for your study. That time could be anything. For example – at night, during the day, or in the morning – in the morning. You can select any time from these for self-study. But while selecting this time, you have to keep in mind that you have to select the time which is best for you to study.

It should not happen that if you are studying and you are feeling sleepy or you have other stuff to do then you will not be able to do an effective study, so you have to choose a time in which you do not have any work and you can keep yourself active.

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Make a Time Table

Whenever you have selected the time for self-study, then after that you should make a short timetable for your study. By selecting the time, you cannot go straight and read anything, nor should you know it absolutely right that at what time you have to study and whatnot.

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Today, whatever you want to study in self-study, you should know in advance otherwise it will happen that your time will be exhausted in selecting only what to study. Therefore it is important for you that you should make a timetable and do self-study accordingly.

Start Hard

You have to start self-study with difficult subjects. Because when you do this, your mind becomes so busy in understanding it that you will not even know how the time will pass. And your focus will never be less.


Take Breaks from Self-study

If you have the capacity to study for a long time like 3 to 4 hours continuously then it is ok, otherwise, you should prefer short breaks like 15 min or 10 min. Breaks in an hour of study.

If you continue to study then you will get bored at one level And also demotivated. And your willpower of reading will end. Therefore, while making the study timetable, you have to write all subjects accordingly that you want to study and also keep in mind the time gaps.

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In breaks, you can relax or go for a little walk. Here we are not telling you to relax means to sleep and watch mobile or TV, but you have to do some such work which will increase your willpower to study.

Self Control

When we start studying, our mind starts wandering here and there in small things. At present, the biggest reason for this is our mobile. Whenever we sit to study or say try to study, as soon as we hear the notification bell on our mobile, we immediately start watching it. Now for this, you should turn off your phone or put the phone on Flight Mode.

By- Sahil

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