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Even today scientist discuses about who has the more importance. People who are using technology? Our technology is using the people? Harvard Medical School advises last two to three hours before sleep to be technology-free and even better if you can read a book. But, unfortunately, phones are using us now. Life has become so much better with phones. But when people become compulsive and lose awareness, phones become a problem. In this digital age, our attention span has now dropped down to eight seconds. Studies show that large percent of teenager’s feel depressed have anxiety due to excessive use of social media.

Hidden psychological effects of phone

Mobile technology isn’t going anywhere, so we must become aware of these effects. So we can better use technology instead of letting it use. The reasons like peer pressure when someone doesn’t respond we feel pressure. To keep up, you make yourself more available online. Neurological says, just seeing your notification makes you feel good, your dopamine level increases and, thus, you keep checking your phone all the time.

How do you know if you are a phone addict?

We also see changes in brain patterns. This popular gadget is changing our body: spine, chronic pain, neck, eyes, posture, and brain, and all of us as a generation is changing. For example, when you are playing any game, you achieve small goals causing your brain to be rewarded with a little burst of dopamine. It will create a compulsion loop and, for this novelty-seeking, you will find it hard to put your phone down. And if you are always using your phone to avoid boredom, you are among 93% of people who are addicted.

Affects of the phone on mind and body

The exponential rise in radiation effects. That’s what scientists and medical doctors found. Students keep checking notifications, playing videos, watching videos. And these will cause distractions. Study shows people often wonder more, their productivity, presence of mind, brainpower, and attentiveness decrease and talking too much on the phone, shows a change in the way brain functions. It also disrupts our sleep and diminishing the time of deep sleep people find it harder to fall asleep.

It creates health problems damage to the reproductive system, which further increases with time. It also has side effects like memory loss, diabetes, and damage to the skin, cancer, eye vision problem, and obesity, etc. Also, a smartphone changes our ability to access information and, 7% of the American population is completely dependent on phones for access to the internet.

Science of addiction

Students are negatively impacted by phones. Everyone faces some problem in their daily life. Students feel study pressure, aspirants feel the pressure of finding a job. If you have a job, then the pressure of the work from the job. And for escaping from these problems people use their phone. People think by using a phone they can get relax and they use more phones. Instead of playing sports, reading a book, cooking, or having any constructive habit when you continue playing games and watch non-stop videos, this temporary escape becomes a destructive habit.

Shall we stop using a Smartphone?

The answer is no, but we need to use it in a more sensible, balanced, healthy, and productive way. A smartphone is integrated with our lives and will be more in the upcoming days. But the problem is not phones and, if your smartphone is making you unproductive, you can take few steps to use it a better way:

  • Replace the phone where it can. Or switch off when you are working on some important work.
  • Try to use grayscale mode.
  • Know your triggers when you use your mobile more. And replace your bad habits.
  • Use social media on PC rather than on phone. With a big screen, it will save you from eye problems.
  • Turn off the notifications of most of the applications. This simple trick will help you to save a lot of time and give you focus. The ability to focus will make you intellectual.
  • Remind yourself and track your usage by setting reminders.
  • Keep important apps on your home screen. And uninstall useless apps. It will psychologically help you from wasting your time.

Be productive using mobile

Technology has allowed us many benefits. You can waste your time or you can be productive with the help of a phone. Tools can be useful, but it depends on the individual. You can use apps on your phone for subject notes, topics summary, online studies, or reading newspapers, etc. Water drink reminder, Scribd, HealthifyMe, YouTube, YourHour, Google Tasks, Brainly, Canva, Cake, Inshorts, Notion are some good apps you can download from the play store.

:By- Priya Panwar

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