Teen relationships today and how that affects their career

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One of the most controversial topics in the society is the idea of teens getting involved in a romantic relationship. Teens are associated with a lot of work; they are the future soldiers of the society in training after all. one thing that the society thinks the teens should stay far away from is discover their romantic life. Society has this stereotype that romance can be a healthy and a real one only if it comes with the correct age and time. 

Therefore we are always expected to indulge into a relationship or discover the feeling of love or longing at a mature age when we are capable to take our own responsibility or gain a better stability in mood and life. But have you ever wondered that according to the increasing opportunities and needs of a person as they gain adolescence, he may develop a phase in life where the only thing important or interesting will be to gain a romantic partner?

So in a way the solution is not playing a cop and catching the teens, treating them like criminals. We as a society should now start accepting the romantic interests of the teens as a very normal phenomenon, a part of their lives. Once we accept that we can then understand that if relationships, handled quite properly and maturely with a proper understanding and proper environment, can actually prove to be quite advantageous.

There are a lot of ways that the relationships can affect the teens in a very deep way, maybe on a physical and mental level. The relationships that the teenagers develop or grow a need to develop can be physical, emotional, social or just a gap filling process.

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When a child is growing up, he or she may develop the need to expose themselves to different aspects of the society. Some may develop a knack for a social attention and therefore select relationship as a way to solve their own curiosity and also a process to gain a stronger and clearer hand in the society. Sometimes its different, some teenagers may develop an emotional void, they may want that intimacy and attachment, they may develop a desire to use romance as the means to solve their emotional longing and therefore achieve a better emotional environment.


 The way teenagers think and deduct their relationships or the type of partners they need in life is definitely complicated and sometimes unstable. But the society viewing their choice as a strict-no-no can actually affect the whole situation adversely. This somewhere encourages them to take matters completely on their own hands and therefore make them more vulnerable to emotional and other kinds of dangers.

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Therefore the way to accept it is making it a normal thing inside our minds and be there for the teenagers, especially the parents should encourage a proper and active communication process between the children and themselves so that they can be there and teach them to consider what matters and the points they should keep in mind while taking decisions related to this particular topic. Teenagers show a particular habit of using relationships as an ornament to make them look “cool” in the society. These kind of teenage relationships which is just a means without any intimacy or emotional connection can be toxic sometimes and can corrupt the true feelings hidden under that superficial desire.


Sometimes relationships can be a means for the teenagers to explore their sexual desires. They gain their adolescence and therefore want to share physical intimacy with their partners. But this can end up exposing to lot of risks if done without proper information and knowledge, this is where they need guidance and need to rely on knowledge and turn to the society for knowledge and help. the use of contraceptives and condoms is very important, nowadays the process of sex education classes are quite common and educative.

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But the real misconception is that the teenagers cannot grow an actual intimate relationship which can prove to be healthy in the long run. If actually they do develop a deep communication and an emotional affection towards their partner, things can work out in a real and healthy way by following the simple and basic aspect, which are the aspects of honesty and understanding. A proper relationship can be a fruit is a lot of values that the two respect and love in each other. But the most important of them all and one of the most important foundation values on which the whole relationship stands is the notion of mutual respect.

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Only love is not enough to build a healthy relationship, you have to respect the other in order stabilize that love and build it stronger and more powerful respect is important. Respect for the latter’s individuality and values, wishes and aspirations can help the two to be happy in the long run. There is no reason to think that this kind of a relationship can actually affect the child’s future, on the contrary it can actually help to better it. Relationship or more specifically love sometimes helps to fill the incomplete gap or the blank space which you need in life to find your calling or chase your aspirations.


Therefore a proper and healthy relationship can make you feel motivated and full of self-confidence. The very notion of someone there you want to make proud of you and proud of loving you, can actually act as an inspiration for teenagers. In many cases this idea has been proved when a student officially credited his partner for his successful results or his confidence in achieving success. 

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By: Srija Dutta

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