20 careers in Media production house

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Any production process has three stages namely pre-production, production, and post-production. These stages create several job opportunities.

Production manager

The job involves maintaining communication between different teams working on the film and working on the acceptable demands of them. Their job is running through all 3 phases of production. Yet, most work comes during the production stage.

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Production Coordinator

All paperwork, phone calls, scheduling, and office work are taken care of by the production coordinator. They work hard for the pre and production stages.

Assistant Director (AD)

All preparation before a shot is done by an assistant director. It includes communicating with the artist and fixing up the set with the production manager. A camera crew is in close association with them. They work only during the production stage.


Once the AD gets the shot ready, the director gets into the picture. They discuss the camera angle with the cinematographer and give direction in between shots. They ensure the quality of shots is maintained.

Art director

They work in close association with the director to maintain the aesthetics of the shoot. At the same time, they direct the set designer and lighting team. They are the ones who approve the outdoor location for the shoot.

Art Director


The eye of production would be a nice phrase for them. All the camera angles and shots are taken by them. They are directed by the director and at the same time, they can provide an additional suggestion, as they are the ones handling the camera. Their work is during the production period.

Foley artist

Foley refers to the sound effects you hear during a movie. Bone’s cracking, engine noise, close breathing, dishes, etc. All these sounds are recorded by a foley artist and submitted to the video editor. Foley artists can get creative in producing all the sounds and work in the post period.


Sound mixers

Sound mixers are people who will work on dubbing and music. They are active only during the music production. The recording of which depends on the house.


Gaffer is the chief of the team that works on the lights. The job is during the production period and their work with art directors and cinematographers.


Costume designer

Costume plays an important role. Dressing for the camera is different and needs to be done well. Costume designers work on costumes that will go with the character and suit the camera. Their job is active during the production period. Sometimes, they may even work during the promotion period.

Make-up artist

Make-up isn’t just to look pretty. Make-up defines the character the artist is playing. It needs to match the character as well as the camera. Just like costume designers, they work during the production period. They may work during the promotion period too.


Stuntman is people who replace the actors during dangerous stunts performed for the movie. The job is for few shots during the production process.


Dance training is a job that only Bollywood involves in it. As Bollywood involves a piece of music in their movies hence, it’s a compulsory dance video. Besides movies, there are other music videos on which choreographers work.

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Video editor

It is a post-production process. All videos shot are now given to an editor who compiles them to give the result. He/she is accompanied by a script supervisor and the executive producer who approve the final work.

Visual effects supervisor

They work during the production ad well as post-production period. All green screens and equipment that’s attached to the artist are fixed and put by them. During the post-production, the focus on those parts, giving shape and color to create the visual effects. A great example is the marvel cinematic universe.


Roto Artist

These manually through VFX add or remove objects in the frame to make the actions seem more realistic.

Location hunter

Their job is to find a location for an outdoor shoot. It’s a pre-production job. As per script requirements and the production manager, they hunt these locations and gain permission to shoot videos.

Script supervisor

They are responsible for maintaining continuity in the shooting process. They are aware of the script and break the scenes as per shoot schedules. They are also asked to work during the video editing to help the editor put the right sequence of scenes.


They work for TV series and make sure to manage the continuity of episodes for them.



The base of any video is based on its script. That itself defines the script writer’s job. They work in the pre-production process.

: By- Neha Pandey 

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