How can school and online conferences like MUN help your career

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Have you often pondered about the fact that why are teachers so encouraging about taking part in discussions and conferences during the years of school, its simply because this can actually have a very serious impact on the future aspects of your life. During school years participating in a conference might seem to be very boring and difficult but its really important to encourage your inner skills and let you understand some hidden areas you didn’t know about.

There are a lot of conferences when we are in school, there are debate conferences, discussion sessions, speech sessions and finally the most interesting one, the MUN conference. Nowadays the MUN conferences are being held at schools too as it has been proved that these conferences are really successful in developing the the personality of a student and also help her improve many of her aspects. Earlier it was limited to a separate club in the colleges, but with the spread of these conferences more and more school students get a chance of experiencing the complicated reasoning skills and diplomatic skills as they participate with the college students who can be inspirations and learning sources for them.

Right Skill = Bright Future

The MUN conference is held in a very peculiar way. The candidates are not given the permission to use their own names. They are assigned different countries which need to be represented in the committee chosen by the student, it can be the UN general assembly, security council or others but the student is referred to as the delegate of the country and are asked to follow the guidelines and address the others and the floor in a very professional way according to the actual UN guidelines.

It is really interesting to understand the culture and the thinking process of the country you are assigned with. It becomes very difficult to put all of the speeches and the points according to the foreign policy of the given country. the researching skills are very important to have accurate information.

Model Un Guide

 This conference monitors certain set of skills in a student, they are the leadership skills which is represented by your attitude towards the other countries and your active participation and initiating skills, the diplomacy skills which can be seen in your methods of negotiation and discussion with the other countries and the professional angle of it, your discipline by your rule abiding abilities and finally your communication and cooperation skills.

The MUN conference and all the other conference as a whole help you to develop better confidence, speaking skills and make you strong enough to represent an entire country while agreeing or disagreeing with students of different age and background. It sometimes gets very difficult as you can get in a situation where you may have to go against your own belief to justify what your assigned country believes in and give all the justifications.

Aslp Mun

This makes it hard and interesting at the same time. Popular and elite universities and colleges like Jadavpur University and NITs have been actively carrying out the MUN club and now many government and private schools have taken up the same approach to gift their students with some practical skills which can actually improve their future possibilities and make them a better version of themselves.

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By: Srija Dutta

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