Coronavirus has proven itself to be a world-threatening issue in a small period of time. It has spread itself from Wuhan in China to almost all corners of the world. Though curable, it has claimed many lives. Most of the educational institutions and workplaces are currently following many measures to keep its students and employees safe from coronavirus at the workplace. But still, as an employee, you can follow many measures on your own to avoid caching this curable yet deadly disease the best thing is to try to apply for work from home.

safe from Coronavirus at workplace

Follow the one-hour hand wash rule

While you may be confined to your cubicle or desk in your workplace and might feel that washing hands after every hour is a waste of time and water, it is not. Even when present on your desk, most employees have a constant inflow of people and things such as fills, reports and other documents. These things could always bring with themselves germs that they encountered on their route to you. So, the constant washing of hands every hour will allow you to get rid of these germs from your hands and not getting the coronavirus into your regulatory system.

Maintain pier distancing

In a modern-day workplace, communication is an important part of the system. This usually means employees having a chat during their coffee breaks or in meeting halls. While such communication is helpful in creativity, given the current rate at which the coronavirus is spreading, it is dangerous to follow. So, it is better to have your lunch and tea breaks at your own desk for the time being.

Try to apply for work from home

The given spread of the virus has already reached an epidemic state. Most of the nations have recognized this and doing their bit to resolve the issue. One of the things that they have come up with is suggesting all companies provide their employees with the option to work from home. This allows one to avoid contact with other human beings and any additional infected item, reducing the chance of getting infected. So, if you have a laptop and a good internet connection, it is time to put your papers for work from home.

Keep a check on the health of your own

Coronavirus, though detectable, doesn’t have any symptoms that are uniquely very different. It is associated with coughing and fever, which are often things that we ignore on a daily basis and continue with our work. While it can be just a seasonal cough and cold, it is better to get tested just for corona just as a precaution. The same goes with your colleagues, if you see them sick then it is better to keep your distance from them and suggest them to get checked and anyone including yourself who came in contact with them.

Avoid any traveling

Most of the nations are in a state of lockdown as they try to control the spread of coronavirus in them, but the travel inside and to certain other nations is still allowed. Traveling under the given spread of the virus is extremely dangerous, unlike the medium you choose. Traveling to any other nation is a no-no. So, keep clear of any business-related travel.

Keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times

No matter how much you keep trying to avoid contact, somewhere or the other you will keep getting in contact with various surfaces and the chance of it being infected is always present. So, while a hand-sanitizer is not as effective as a hand-wash, it is portable and can be used while you are traveling and in any other remote position and saves time of going to the washroom after some time just to sterilize one’s hands. So, it is about time to stock some in your desk to stay on the safer side.

safe from Coronavirus at workplace

Avoid using public transport services

Public transport is a major way a virus such as a corona can spread among the masses. Public transport witnesses hundreds of people use it daily and is not sterilized as regularly. This leaves it open to be a hub for the virus. So, it is better to avoid using metros and shared cabs to reach the workplace and instead use one’s own vehicle or non-shared cabs to the workplace to avoid the number of unknown contacts that you might face.

Avoid human touch as much as possible

One of the most dangerous methods that people are getting coronavirus currently is by coming in direct contact with an infected individual. People are in a state of panic and often even in an infected state are trying to avoid quarantine by running away. In the process, they are infecting everyone that they are coming in contact with. So it is better to remain isolated from people in the workplace as much as possible to keep oneself safe from coronavirus.

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy from this coronavirus at the workplace.

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