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Overview of UG Courses in Europe

A typical Bachelors Degree in Europe is about three-four years in duration for full time students. Many European countries make an effort to convince foreign graduates to stay after university years, as the chances are also high that you will get a job offer and stay for longer. Europe being so large it has much more to offer than it looks from so far. Compared to other countries like US, UK, Canada or Australia, the tuition fees in most universities in Europe are very low. In some European countries there aren’t even any tuition fees! There are a lot of scholarships opportunities and other options available for financial aid and assistance. Most universities in Europe now offer diverse programs and most of them are in English, which opens up all the more opportunities for international students to pursue their studies in Europe.

Requirements for UG Courses in Europe

  • Different Universities require students to have different marks. This can range from 60%-95%.

  • IELTS/TOEFL examination also needs to be taken to proof English Language proficiency.

  • Most applications of universities at the under graduation level is done through individual universities websites.
  • Foundations and Pathway programs are available for students who have secured below 60%

  • Students will have to submit their essays, LOR, Predicted grades & Mark sheets of previous classes.

Counsellors For UG Courses in Europe

Sakshi Mittal
Sakshi Mittal
An alumnus of University of Manchester and a Certified Career counsellor by UCLA, is spearheading the Study Abroad Division of CareerGuide.com
 Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi is an entrepreneur who is utilizing creativity, leadership and teamwork to design & execute CareerGuide.Com.
Aditya Sisodia
Aditya Sisodia
Aditya holds an MBA degree and is a Certified NLP practitioner. He utilizes Mentoring & Coaching approach in his conversation with participants.

Counselling Price for UG Courses in Europe


  • Profile Evaluation &Psychometric Test
  • University & Course Shortlisting
  • Application Review(No Creation and Submission)
  • SOP , Essay Review & Editing
  • LOR Review & Editing
  • Activity Resume Editing


  • Everything in Bronze
  • Essay Brain Storming
  • LOR, SOP & Essay Preperationfrom Scratch
  • SOP & LOR CustomizationUniversity Wise
  • Application Review, Filling & Submission
  • Resume Preperation from Scratch
  • Interview Preperation
  • Visa Application Creation,Filling & Submission
  • Scholarship Guidance


  • Everything in Silver
  • Guidance on Profile Enhancement & Activity Planning
  • Linkedin Profile Creation and Review
  • Guidance on Summer Schools &Extra-Courses
  • Counselling on Community Activity Services Indulgence
  • Connecting to Alumni of Top Universities
  • IELTS/TOEFL Preperation Tips

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