Dr. Jawahar Surisetti says by Career Counselling you can share the spectra of knowledge that you posses with a large audience that needs it

“The satisfaction gained by helping students is higher than any other work”

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti.

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti is an Educational Advisor appointed by Govt. Of India for 3 states and Central Govt. Department. He has been honoured with “Bharat Shiksha Ratna Samman” at 2008 by Govt. Of India. He has conducted 1200+ seminars across the globe on various education and corporate issues with leading media houses and the UNO. He speaks about his career and career counselling in an interview with Amarjeet.

Amarjeet Sharma (AS): Please brief us about your Educational background.

Dr. Jawahar: I have a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Washington and have been awarded a second honorary doctorate by Columbia University of New York (CUNY) for my exemplary research on thinking in learning.

AS: What has your time as a Career Counsellor meant to you personally and why?

Dr. Jawahar: It means that the spectra of knowledge that we possess could be shared with a large audience that needs it. This gives immense self satisfaction as guidance at the right time shapes careers of great people too.

AS: How did you get into Career Counselling? What interested you into Career Counselling?

Dr. Jawahar: I am aware of the need for it moreso in mofussil areas. In metros , there is no dearth of information, but the marketing deluge confuses the youth. In towns and rural areas, there is limited lack of awareness. Both need help. On a selfish note, the satisfaction gained by helping students is higher than any other work.

AS: Which tools do you use for guiding careers?

Dr. Jawahar: Aptitude tests, IQ tests, Personality tests and personal interviews.

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AS: Why do you think it’s important for students and parents to undergo Career Counselling together?

Dr. Jawahar: Till a particular stage, the parents tries to usurp the areas and thought processes of the student to dictate or impose his interests. It is therefore necessary that career counselling sessions be attended by parents too. Moreover, parents have a better understanding of the habits and attitudes of the child which may come in handy for the counsellor.

AS: What are the top 3-5 skills you should have to become an effective Career Counsellor?

Dr. Jawahar:

  • Extensive reading and upgradation of knowledge.
  • Understanding of child and teen psyche.
  • Patience.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Not being aggressive and good communicative skills of convincing.

AS: What is your advice for newbies, who are looking at building a career in Career Counselling industry?

Dr. Jawahar:

  • It’s a fantastic option . Do it for your passion.
  • Keep in touch with the beneficiaries.

AS: There are many new career options that have come up over the last decade which was not heard of before, how do you stay updated on the latest trends in Career?

Dr. Jawahar: There are many online magazines that need to be read. There are also books on careers. Just preaching names of careers is not enough, it has to fit the student in front of you. It’s like a menu card. There are a lot of items in the card but the waiter first asks the choice of veg/non veg, food/snacks and so on and then rumbles the choices.

AS: Which are the Career Information resources (i.e. newsletters/ blogs/ websites/ apps) you visit regularly?

Dr. Jawahar: Lots of them, CareerGuide.com being one of them.

AS: Share the names of 3 people you respect when it comes to Career Counselling?

Dr. Jawahar:

  • Parveen Malhotra
  • Zubin Malhotra
  • Usha Albuquerque

AS: Would you like to share few words/suggestions about the work we are doing at CareerGuide?

Dr. Jawahar: Great work. The more people we reach out to in the right time should be the effort.

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