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Career counselling event held by government of Jharkhand in one of its district for its government school to motivate and make students aware.

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It has been debated by several educationists about how we can improve our education system. Recently, many have been proposing that instead of focussing on physical facilities, there is a dire need of career counselling event. Academicians have argued that career counselling should be made an essential element of school curriculum so that all the students can gain benefits of it. It is quite common in India that students take up a career option looking at their peers instead of analyzing their fitness for that career option. The problem is more prevalent in rural areas where students follow the same career looking at others’ success in that field. Students, as well as parents, do not realise that all the students are different and all of them cannot succeed in the same career field. Many schools have started adopting career counselling for guiding their students. Even in many rural areas, schools have come forward to support the students and help them in making the right career decisions.

Career counselling event held by government of Jharkhand

One such school is Rajkiyakrit Chunnilal School. This is a secondary level all boys school in Lohardaga of Jharkhand. There are 615 students in the school from class 9-12. The school has always been trying its best to provide best educational facilities to the students even with limited funding. The school has a playground and computer lab facility as well. In the wake of efforts to provide the best services to its students, the school recently conducted a career counselling session for its students. It was held on 19-20th Jan 2017. The session was conducted in the school premises only and was aimed at informing students about their strengths and subsequently guide them about suitable career options for them.

Career counselling event held by government of Jharkhand

The career counselling started with a session by Ms. SurabhiDewra from on how to develop a career in a right direction. This was followed by an informative session on vocational choices and an awareness session about different career choices. Students were then asked to discover their interests and they were motivated about following their passions and goals. An activity for inspiring students was carried out and students were then helped by making their own career design map. Finally, all the students were given a psychometric test which could ideally help them in assessing their talents and skills. Based on psychometric test results, students were given a report which identified the best suitable career options for them. Students were also explained what the skill based test report meant and how they could use it. Finally, there was an open discussion session with the students, where students could ask any career-related question from the career counsellor.

Career counselling event held by government of Jharkhand

Along with the whole process of career counselling, a career booklet with 550 career options was distributed to the students. This is an interactive and easy to understand booklet specially designed by the team for the students in a colourful and graphical manner. Career options have been divided into different categories which make it easy for the students to understand it. Even then, all the students were explained how to use career booklet for a better understanding. Along with this, it was taken care that every student receives vocational career recommendation. Counsellors from team discussed with students about their preferences and choices. Vocational Career report was also given to them which could help the aspirants to understand and explore particular streams according to their skills. The career options that were suggested to the students ranged widely from aerospace and aviation to designing/ animation and Information Technology. All the students were guided about the optimum action plan that they should take.

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The event was greatly supported by the government and DC of the area, who is responsible for education matters, also visited the school and showed interest in understanding the reports distributed to the students and the action plan guided by the career counselling team. The agenda of the whole event proved to be successful since it helped the students to select a right career path according to their skills. The event inspired students to take an informative decision about their career and made them aware of the vocational courses.

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