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  • What is the scope for Arts (Humanities Study) in the Science dominated world?

    I would like to answer your question, but before that, I want to quote a line by Rabindranath Tagore, “We wrote, we sang, we acted, and we poured ourselves out on every side. There was tremendous excitement and cultural richness.” These lines were written by him in the 19th century. This will give you an idea how rich India was in terms of arts & creativity. You are right in every aspect when you said in science dominant world and it is quite actually true because this is the era of technology and science. Yet I have to say that the world is not just about science and technology alone. If you look back at our history, you will be amazed at the fact (or you might know it already) that the number of achievers in arts is way too much than that of science. Let me be very clear first of all that science have its own importance and dominance in the present world, but still, there is no parameter exists which can compare its importance with that of arts. Now, career aspirants encounter this question quite often, especially after their 12th class, science or arts? Let’s not be one-sided and just not compare both the streams. So, I am being on a safer side and let just see what the importance of arts stream are & why to select it as one’s major skill set.   Firstly, an art is an educational stream that functionalizes to transfer an attitude of creativity. The niches which are covered in the arts stream helps a person to understand society, its history, it's making, its design, or in a broader way, it can be said that it gives us a detailed knowledge of our society. Let me give you an overview what arts stream offers in our education system. Our education system recommends these guidelines to ensure proper experience in arts education. Primary educational stage---------------------------------------------I-V (As an integrated course) Upper Primary educational stage-----------------------------------VI-VIII (Integrated subject of all art forms) Secondary education stage-------------------------------------------IX-X (Subject covering specific art forms) Higher Secondary educational stage------------------------------XI-XII (Separate subjects for arts education) This guideline ensures that a proper basic aptitude for art stream is transferred to the student. The diverse nature of art stream came into view when one crosses the hurdles of Higher Secondary stages i.e., pass 12th and enter into the college life. Now you have many options to choose from either you make note of your attitude and then select the subject from arts stream or you just go for a subject and tries to adjust or build your aptitude and understanding accordingly. Let us have a look at what arts stream offers in graduation and after graduation which will help you to build your career and decision making to achieve your goal. In under graduation, the arts department offers avariety of courses out of which the major and common degree course is Bachelor of Arts. Now, this degree offers many subjects under his domain which varies from performing, visual, literature and crafts. A quick overview of undergraduate programs offered by arts stream (Subject wise)- History Geography Psychology Language (English, Hindi, Foreign languages etc.) Literature Fine arts Anthropology Architecture Journalism and mass communication Media studies Management Performing arts Economics Music Fashion Sociology Physical education Home science Education Many other are also available now to expand the viewpoint of the people in arts stream. If you are seeking acareer in law education, this stream can provide you the right ammo. Law education is available as an integrated degree course of 5 years. The two most chosen courses are- A + LL.B BBA + LL.B You can also opt for many courses to choose from if you are not looking for a degree course. Arts stream offers many certificates and diploma courses. To be frank you can choose from almost numerous categories which can match your choice of career. Some of the most common courses which are frequently chosen by many career aspirants like you are- Diploma in Retail management Diploma in Filmmaking& Video Editing Diploma in Event Management Diploma in T.V Broadcasting Diploma in Hotel Management Diploma in Education Technology Diploma in Creative writing Diploma in Media broadcasting & Corporate communication So, as you can see there are so many dishes in the plate. All you have to do is choose from this and propel yourself in the right direction. And trust me if you got the right direction with the right field, there are opportunities which are not only lucrative but also secure and long termed. Just a piece of advice before you select arts stream, please do have a deep observation on the career prospects available before selecting the field of arts stream. In the end I just want to tell you one thing which I think you should know, when you asked this question you quoted today’s era as the era of science, however with such diversity of topics offered by arts stream and the social importance of these topics we cannot say today’s era as just the era of science. We can say it as the era of arts & science. I hope this little information would be helpful to you and to your career decision-making process. .. read more

  • defence job after 12th at the age of 24

    Hello dear aspirant, A warm welcome to career guide .com Career in the defense sector is consider as one of the prestigious career.  Many students the aspire to make a career in the defense sector.  There are 3 areas in the defense field 1. Army 2. Navy  and Air force.  One can make a career in the any of these defense sectors.  You can taken entry in the defense filled after 12th std. through NDA Exam or can take an admission through the common defense services examination.  (CDSE) As you have mention your age is 24 you can not take an entry to defense sector through the NDA exam.  But you have an opportunity to take an entry in the defense sector through the CDSE  exam .  A person who has completed his or her graduation degree the can apply for the CDSE exam .  Through CDSE exam you get an opportunity to become an officer in the deference field.  You can visit to defense website for the examination notification and other details . CDSE exam is conducted by the UPSC. so you need to prepare very well for the exam and also need to meet the eligibility criteria as prescribed by them from time to time. If you are planning to go for the AIR force or Navy you need to be a student from the Science stream with the subjects Physics and Mathematics. For Army a candidate can be from any field.  I hope you find this information useful and helpful for you. Wish you good luck. Fill free to get in touch again. Thank you.                                   Warm regards, Prathmesh Kapote .. read more

  • What are the job opportunities for a 12th passed student?

    Hello dear aspirant, A warm welcome to career guide .com Thanks for writing us and proposing your query. As your have done your 12th but here not mentioned from which stern you have completed your 12th.  There are many job opportunities available after 12th for the student but the job opportunities do not provide great carrier in the future.  If you do a graduation and complete you education and after that if you look for the job that will be good for you to get a good financial stability in your life.  There are many carrier options available for you after 12th.  Once you complete you graduations you can also think of making a carrier in the government sector or in the privet sector.  As you have not mentioned from which field you have completed your 12th.  Its bit difficult to guide you what would be good career options available for you.  Still here I am mentioning some of the great career opportunities for you. You can do CA, CS, CWA, CFP, Financial accounting investment and banking, e commerce, Equity market and commodity.  From arts you can do psychology, foraging language, English literature, Fine arts, Fashion designing, Jewelry designing , Interior designing etc. If you are a science student then you can do engineering, medical, Biotechnology, etc. I hope you find this information useful and helpful for you. Wish you good luck. Fill free to get in touch again. Thank you.                                   Warm regards, Prathmesh Kapote .. read more

  • What are the requirements to get admission in NIFT? I am a BBA final year student and want to do masters in fashion designing

      Hello dear aspirant , A warm welcome to career guide .com Thanks for writing us and proposing your query. Fashion designing as career is one of the glamour’s career. Many students aspire to make career in the designing field.  Designing field is one of the glowing fields in the recent times.  There are many career opportunities in the designing field.  Like fashion designing Interior designing, jwelery designing, graphic designing etc.  As you have been planning to make a career in the fashion designing you easily get eligible for the fashion designing course.  As you have completed your BBA degree you can do your masters in the fashion designing and merchandising .  This will give you a great career opportunities not only India but also in the foreign countries.   As you want to take in admission for the NIFT you need to give an entrance examination which is conducted by NIFT and after clearing the NIFT entrance exam you can take and admission for the master degree.   You can also apply to other colleges which offer fashion designing courses in India.  You can apply to INIFD, pearl institute , DSK  design school, Dristi college etc.  For this colleges you need to given entrance examination conducted by the respective colleges. This are the requirements which you need to have to take and admission to the college. Graduation degree certificate S.C. Marksheet . I hope you find this information useful and helpful for you. Wish you good luck. Fill free to get in touch again. Thank you.                                   Worm regards, Prathmesh Kapote. .. read more

  • I have completed in electrical engineering, but I have 2 year exp. In telecom field. Now I am left my job. So please suggest me for my future

    Hello dear aspirant , A warm welcome to career guide .com Thanks for writing us and proposing your query. As you hold an electrical engineering degree along with the two years of work experience so you have left the job.  Whether you wish to make a shift in the career to the other industry you have not mention about it clearly in the career query.  I would like to no more about it.  It would be helpful for us if you wright us back on same the note. Still here i am providing you some of the career guide lines.  You have an option to go for the M. Tech degree in electrical engineering or can also go for an M.B.A. degree as per your choice.  While you also have other option to go for and take a degree in any other field of your choice like Interior designing,  Fashion designing , Jewelry designing , Mask communication and journalism , law , psychology, foreign language etc. So as you have a two years of work experience if you do an M.B.A. it will be one of the great career option for you. I hope you find this information useful and helpful. Feel free to get in touch again and write us back . Thank you, warm regards, Prathmesh Kapote. .. read more

  • I wanted help with my career path.Please help

    Hello Sudhato,  Interesting question. We are here to help you, but I would be able to guide you only if you had clearly specified what you currently doing.  Be specific as to what you are currently doing, stream, area of interest etc. Wish you good luck.... .. read more

  • Do 12th board marks have any importance in jee mains

    Dear Anshuman, 12th Standard marks are not relevant for rank in JEE main but as an eligibility criteria wherein you should have atleast 75% ( 65% for SC/ST). You could check the JEE Main 2017 Bulletin page number 12 for the exact details.  Website is: All the Best ! .. read more

  • How can i get top rank in jee main ?

    Hi, How to get top rank in JEE Main .... Let me tell you right in the begining that it is definitely more of your Passion and hard work over IQ to get a top rank. I am not sure you are at 11th or 12th or appearing for JEE Main 2017 ... Some points about JEE Main 1. It is conducted by CBSE 2. Syllabus is NCERT PCM XI-XII 3. Paper 1 is the main paper . Question are in objective format with Negative marking scheme. 4. Application based questions are asked. 5. Every year around 13L students compete for the top institutes. Now that you have known the important points you should prepare yourself accordingly. Let us see how to go about it. 1. Focus and Disciplined life is the most important thing across your 11-12th studies and preparation for JEE Main, JEE Advanced or any other engineering examinations. 2. Because Application based questions are asked in a negative format of marking scheme ... it is very clear that your understanding of concepts/fundamentals should be utterly clear and strong Rather than mugging-up . 3. Once you have understood the concepts an exhaustive problem solving session is required to check your concept understanding. Additionaly, doing 100-200 problems in each chapter will give you enough confidence to face the entrance examination. 4. You need to understand there are only 18k of NIT seats and if you aspire for IITs then you should try to come in 2L rank in JEE Min exam. Understand that you are competing with 13 Lakh students who are also preparing their best to get good ranks. 5. You need to have very good time management skills. Practice with Mocks papers will help you achieve it. Even shading the ovals in the OMR sheet should be done carefully because time is limited. You should have good amount of test practice done for it. So , Be on your toes and do exhaustive studies with practice.   Other then just studies some habbits does interfere with good performance. Like... 1. Have a habbit of sleeping early and getting up early - By this you are setting up your body rhythm which helps in the The day of the exam. 2. Never ever do your studies by putting in ear phone listening music... this is happening with many students I know personally ending into disaster. Study in your environment as the same environment you get to write the exam on that very day. 3. The day you go to give the exam alone or friends or with parents ... do not listen to music to stress out.... you will not be able to focus during exam because music will keep lingering on and on. This is one important point came from one of my student. In the end , It is all the hard work and the Passion for it that will give you the result. Getting a Good Mentor eases your journey for preparation. Try to get one.   All the Best !     .. read more

  • Which are the best countries to study MBA abroad?

    Dear Gautam,                USA is always be a better choice but for entering into top Universities in USA you have clear GMAT exam, should keep around 700plus score & 3 - 4 years of work experience. few of top universities like -  Standford University Wharton Business school Kellog Business school Harvard Business School Yale school of Management & so on.. if you want to do UK i would suggest you should try in London Business School, London.   thnx & regds Lambodar Rout .. read more