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  • I have already selected I a stream. Should I still take the stream selector test?

    Some people are naturally gifted with a strong character that helps them know exactly what they want to do after 10th. For them, the choice is easy. Some students go on a whim and select their streams. However, it is likely that they will feel like changing their stream in the future. Some students also choose their stream because of peer, pressure or what their friends want to do. They end up opting for the same stream as their friends. This is unhealthy for their future. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Stream Selector Test However, If you have already chosen what stream you want and is best in your interest, it is highly recommended that you take Stream Selector Assessment to further get an affirmative opinion. Ideally, if you have clarity and understanding on your stream choice, the test report will recommend stream which you have already decided upon. This is because the stream selector test allows you to measure your aptitude and interest by carefully examining in all the streams. It then analyses the stream selector test results according to the answers you give. After which, your results are formed depending upon what you scored best in. These answers determine what stream suits you the best according to your aptitude and interest. For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you! .. read more

  • I have done my 11th and 12th from science PCM and now i am pursuing Ba hons economics but i am still confused whether i have made a good decision or i should have opt bba. Pls help

    Hello Riya, You have started your career in a confused state and the confusion persists.   First of all, when you have already chosen BA Economics, now why do you think of BBA. Just stick to your options at the moment. The more you think you have made  a wrong decision the more troubled you will be and would not be able to perform well. At this moment switching to BBA, would mean starting from the base level and wasting a year. Thus it would be good if you continue with BBA. But incase if you are unable to cope with economics then shifting would be the right option.  After you complete graduation, you can then take a call whether you wish to pursue an MBA program or wish to pursue masters related to economics or banking etc.   Wish you good luck... .. read more

  • Sir, can you help me to start my coming career in CS !! Its admission process with its advantages.

    Hello Dipshi, Interesting. You wish to pursue CS.   Please note that a CS is also a professional course just like CA. And it is one of the most prestigious position one can think of. A Company Secretary is a link between the a organization, stakeholders and management.   A Company secretary is the one well versed with existing LAS and its impact on the organisations functioning. He is the one who sets policies according to the LAW and sees to it that it is followed on a regular basis. Apart from that he acts as a Compliance officer for the organization, who may provide legal advises in area related to Corporate Laws, Capital Market, Corporate Governance etc. He helps the company in issues related to taxation and budgeting and policy maker.   Studying CS Just like CA, CS is also governed by an Authority board, which decides its functioning.  The Institute of Company secretaries of India. Check: /   In terms of the steps to be followed, though I am listing it in short, would request you to check the website for a complete description in terms of the syllabus, modules and internships etc. Check:   A student can join CS course after completing his 12th any stream. Here the student would have to clear 3 stages, namely Foundation level, Executive level and Professional level.    A student who has completed his Graduation any stream has to pursue only 2 levels, namely Executive and Professional.     The Foundation Programme  is of eight months and can be pursued by a 12th pass student any stream (Except Fine Arts) Executive Programme can be pursued by any Graduate  except Fine Arts. Professional Programme can be pursued only after clearing the Executive Programme  ADMISSION TO THE CS COURSE is open throughout the year.  Examinations are held twice in a year in June & December.       Scope of CS: The CS has very wide scope in the industries now a days. Right from private organizations to multinationals to Government offices, consultant, independent practice and LAW firms too.     Wish you good luck.....         .. read more

  • Students feel burdened taking the exam so seriously. How to be cool and face the exam playfully?

    Hello Rohit,  Interesting question asked. Please note these are all mind games. The more you are able to control it, the more you are relaxed. It sounds easier said than done. Please note a little anxiety is needed for you to score well. Other than this, stop continuous discussions of exams, syllabus and how much you have prepared. Find time to divert into relaxing activities like taking a walk, cycling, reading a book etc. Try avoiding your school friends and even if you meet them no discussion on syllabus and exams. Keep fixed time for revisions. Do not try to learn the portion you have skipped. Revise what you have prepared for and stop thinking of left portion. One way of doing this is not leaving any part of the portion you have studied. If you skip any part then obviously you will worry and then try to focus on left part, which in turn will disturb your entire preparation. Try and relax but not by being on whatsapp because that would mean engaging in endless talks and will not let you get back to studies. No late night studies. Try not being lonely and with books all the time. Be confident of your preparations. Make future planning. At the end do not cheat yourself. Wish you good luck... .. read more

  • Procedure to join Navy after completion of B.Tech being a girl?

    Hello Myronmiranda, Thanks for writing to CareerGuide. Your question reflects that you are a B.Tech and interested to join the Indian Navy. Congrats for this brave choice.  Women  are being inducted as officers into the Law, ATC, Observers (Aviation), logistics, Naval Architecture & Education Branch as Short Service Commission officers.  Government has  approved Permanent Commission for women in Law, Education and Naval Architecture cadre. Candidates are asked to apply in response to advertisements in leading dailies/ employment news and short listed at Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence (Navy). The short listed candidates are sent for SSB interviews. Then, a merit list, comprising of qualified candidates, is prepared as per the availability of vacancies. Recruitment  is made through Service Selection Board interviews, which is a 5 day long testing schedule that includes WAT (word association test), SRT (situation reaction test), TAT (Thematic apperception test), Group discussion, group planning, individual obstacles, group task and many more activities.  You may kindly check the physical fitness requirements also, as after the SSB a detailed medical is also done (for those in merit list) to see if the candidate meets physical standards essential in the Navy. You may kindly visit the official website to know latest information and updates. You may like to know that women can also join Army, Air Force, Coast Guard etc and you might like to consider these options as well. In case of any queries feel free to write back. Will be glad to help. Best wishes for a bright future, Kalpana Yadav .. read more

  • Why you need to have alternative career option while preparing for Competitive Exams

    Hi We come across about the references to the exams such as UPSC-CSE/IAS, UGC-NET/JRF, SSB, etc. These are all Competitive Exams and we are here to know the importance of alternative career options while preparing for such competitive exams. The very term Competition implies the meaning. We see everywhere, a competition and no one can escape it. Take any field and you will easily come to realize the facts that Competition is inevitable. Right from the school education to the career life and everything which come in-between, these phases is nothing but a competition. But despite this inevitable completion, you can really make it happen in your life regarding your career life if you take some necessary and informed decisions.   For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test   What competitive is competitive A Neck to neck competition in every field is a common scene everywhere. No field is actually spared but they are overwhelmed with huge competition. If you need to reach your goal there will be some kind of competition for sure, be it any entrance exam or the pursuance for getting a job in the good company, completion is a new norm. What generally happens you know when there are a few vacancies or the seats to be filled up and the claims for these vacancies are too high then competing every other person is needed only to be in the list of chosen few. It happens in India – it happens everywhere! Current status of the Competitive Exams In India specially to be mentioned, Competitive exams have become a new hype. Everyone seems busy preparing for a couple of competitive exams in his or her academic and career life. It starts from right after school education when you prepare for various entrance exams like JEE, CAT, UGC-NET and SET to the various government exams like UPSC-CSE/IAS, CDS, NDA, SSB-CGL, IBPS and other such exams where government conducts exams. Lakhs of aspirants apply for these exams while there remain only very less number of vacancies. If we specifically talk about the UPSC-CSE then you must know that there will be only around thousand or even fewer seats available and the aspirants will be more than five lakhs. This is the real picture for every such entrance and competitive exams where you must prove yourself better comparatively to grab the desired seat eventually.   Need of Alternative Career Option: B-Plan is a must Going for only e predetermined path is good but it may have some setbacks and this is general one a situation. Owing to the very competition, obviously, everyone appearing for any exam or Interview will not be selected and that is the very reason why we insist you to have alternative career option as a B-Plan. This, an alternative career option should be seen as security and not as escapism because the very uncertainty in any competition may harm you in long run. Pursuing a single thing if not goes according to the plan may create helplessness. Any goal if not backed up properly by the possible alternative career options proves devastating sometimes as many factors matter – Age, Recourses, efforts, etc, to name a few. You might be having many responsibilities and to be on right track on right time you should have B-Plan so that there will be no any adverse consequences and everything will go in tandem. Few things you must be aware of There must be some kind of awareness about a few things while preparing for the competitive exam. Few things given bellow will help you. Think beyond the fixed paths: Competition is inevitable but you must think beyond any particular exam. Exam is not everything there are many things where you can excel in Have alternative career options: While preparing for Competitive exams like UPSC-CSE/IAS and other such exams you must prepare yourself for alternative career option simultaneously. Try hands on other similar fields: If you have already decided any particular field or any particular position as your dream job then there is no wrong in dedicating your whole efforts put for it but you must let yourself try hands on other similar jobs so that there will be no space for frustration. Give it a try: Let yourself try more than once and make sure that you are putting your best in place. Don’t be impatient. Be Social: It's good having isolation for some period of time as it will help you recoup yourself and learn thing faster but it’s not for long period and you must be social enough. Let your hobbies get your attention: Apart from the daily routine and the busy schedule in pursuance of career goals you should keep your hobbies. The hobbies help be cool and relaxed which gives you more strength and a new vigor. What we discussed just above is but a fact and everyone must be aware of to set well in any career at the earliest possible time. Focus on the goal and achieve it but if something goes wrong then have your hands tried on the B-Plan or alternative career option. Students preparing for public sector competitive exams should keep themselves prepared for doing the available job in private sector. This seems logical and apt too. The only purpose is to be secure early. For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you! .. read more

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Accommodation Operations & Management from pusa institute of hotel management, new delhi

    Hello Jay,   What exactly is your question? The website states that the eligibility is any graduate, with an English Background. It is a 1 year course.   Check the website:  As the name suggest, this course prepares the student to work as a supervisor in a hotel. Mainly they would be in-charge of the accommodation facility and taking charge that the required accommodation is available and provided to the customer as per their requirement.   Any other doubt, do write back.   Wish you good luck...... .. read more

  • What are the job offers available for BBA degree completed students in Abroad?

    Hello Amin, Good question asked.   Though I know BBA is a practical as well as theory course. But mind you it is at the end of the day, just a Graduate program. Please note, one is not allowed any specialization at this level. The curriculum focuses on general management studies. Thus you would be treated as any other Graduate. You could get jobs in the starting level like data entry jobs, back office, receptionists, assistant to the manager etc.  Wish you good luck.......   .. read more

  • What are the job openings for MBA in Trichy BHEL? What is the interview process?

    Hello Amisha,   Looks like you are interested in joining BHEL.   The best way to get this answer is by logging on to the website and checking the openings available in the organization and applying for the same.   Check: / As far as the profile of an MBA graduate is concerned, please note depending on your specilaization, you would be employed as a executive trainee in the concerned department. eg. If you are HR qualified, you would be employed as executive trainee in the HR or Admin department. But there must be vacancy in that department. As far as the interview is concerned, since it is a government job, once the notice is circulated and candidates apply, through an online form available only at their website ( you have to check the website on a regular basis), they conduct a screening test, which checks the empoloyees logical or analytical skills, communication skills and quantitaive and general skills. Once the test is cleared, you are called in for a interview. For the interview, prepare on the general basic questions asked like why should we hire you? why BHEL? how will you contribute etc? Wish you good luck....... .. read more