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  • What can I do after passing 12th with PCM without engineering?

    Hello there, Few options includes: Pharmacy Biotechnology Physics Astronomy Computer science BCA / B.Sc IT Statistics   Wish you good luck... .. read more

  • which job us best for undergraduates to work and graduate at the same time

    Dear Aspirant, Firstly there is nothing like "Best Jobs". If it was, then I would also have been into that instead of being here and helping you out. If there is a financial need situation, then only I would recommend you to work and earn simultaneously. Not otherwise. For such situation, as an under graduate you will get jobs in BPOs, clerical, office administration, etc. which require no additional technical skill sets. Doing a job and learning on the job is in a way good approach but is not applicable for all fields and for everyone. You have chosen the Engineering category to ask your question, so should I suppose that you are looking to do a job while doing your engineering studies? If the answer is yes, then I would suggest you to avoid working while doing your engineering. Completing your engineering with a good grade is important for your future career life and compromising on that will land you in a problem. Please prioritise your education, since then you will be working your whole life. Best wishes .. read more

  • What is the shortest job based course that I can pursue through an online program .

    Dear Aspirant, If there were an answer and a sure shot way to jobs this way, then everyone would have done that course, including me. It appears to me that you are over fantasising things and expect fast results. Doing a course should depend on your interests, aptitude and innate capabilities. Please let me know your education background till now. You have chosen the Management category to ask this question, so should I suppose that you wish to know about a short course which will enhance your management career? Best wishes .. read more

  • Was working in recruitment but due to targets and work pressure I left that job before I was working in a bank now am confused between payroll and banking career .

    Dear Aspirant, Why are you afraid of work pressure or targets. Company cannot give you free time and also give you salary in return for sitting or relaxing. Companies expect you to justify the salary they pay you every moment. Work pressures, work targets, less or more hectic schedule is a part of the job environment. Small or big, any organisation you join, these things will be there and cannot be avoided. Even if you get into your own business, then these things shall be there. Banking and Payroll / HR are two different career choices and fields. Please do not compare. Also do not have the apprehension that banking does not have work pressures or targets or work load.  I feel, you are too much expecting relaxation in your job and also money in return for that, which is not possible. Leaving your job is the mistake you did. Today there are thousands of candidates who do not get jobs and are ready to do a job which demands anything from them in terms of work and pressures, but you left the job so easily. Only solution I would suggest is to make yourself adaptable, flexible. Learning in the job, growing in the job and earning is the way you should resort to and not think about those things. Best wishes .. read more

  • how to become a electrical engineer

    Dear Aspirant, You can become an Electrical Engineer - one of the core engineering branches by the following ways: 1. Pursue a Diploma in Electrical Engineering in a polytechnic college in your city or anywhere in India after 10th. This is of three years duration. 2. Opt for Science stream after 10th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combination. Then appear for the JEE exam - Main and Advanced and  join the Degree course in Electricla Engineering. This is of four years duration. 3. If you join Diploma in Electrical Engineering after 10th, you can then join the degree course in electrical engineering by a direct admission to the second year of degree engineering. 4. After 10th, you can go for ITI courses in Electrical works and get trained in this trade. These are job oriented courses. However as a matter of caution and advice, choose the stream of engineering very carefully and based on your aptitude and interests. If you are confused or would like to check whether Electrical Engineering is the right choice or no, appear for the Engineering Branch Selector Test from Best wishes .. read more

  • fashion designing institute

    National Institute of Fashion Technology , Bengaluru , Bhopal , Bhubaneswar, Chennai , Gandhinagar , Hyderabad , Jodhpur , Kangra, Kannur, Kolkata, Mumbai , New Delhi , Patna and Shillong Pearl Academy of Fashion , New Delhi/ Jaipur/ Chennai South Delhi Polytechnic for women, New Delhi Institute of Apparel Management , Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai School of Fashion Technology , Pune SNDT Women's University National Institute of Design , Ahmedabad ( Apparel & Lifestyle Design) .. read more

  • Which engineering is in good demand and salary?

    Dear Aspirant, Again an approach to fail sure shot. Why don't you ask a question to yourself instead "Which engineering course I am suitable for in terms of aptitude, interests, innate qualities and capabilities?" Please do not make the same mistake which thousands of career aspirants make while choosing a career. Every career is good, it is important to know which career is suitable for you on the above parameters. Not every engineering which is giving high salary and in demand may be suitable to you as a person. The three core branches of engineering viz. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical are always in demand. Now which to choose amongst them is critical and should be a life time choice. Therefore I would also suggest the way Ms. Deepti has suggested. Take the Engineering Branch Selector Test from CareerGuide. This is a scientifically designed psychometric test which will judge your engineering aptitude, interests and innate qualities and capabilities which are the base for a career choice. Best wishes   .. read more

  • What should be the best option for me , B.E manufacturing engineering at BITS PILANI or B tech Computer engineering at THAPAR UNIVERSITY

    Dear Aspirant, I am surprised that you choose your career based on which Institute you are getting to study in and not on the basis of what is your interests and aptitude. Are you marrying to the Institute that you are choosing based on that parameter? Please remember and note that you are choosing a career and not a place to live or enjoy. Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Engineering are the two choices you are looking at and you are not able to decide which to choose. According to me, you should decide one of them on the basis of a psychometric test. Engineering Branch Selector Test is an ideal career test for you at this point of time before you make a mistake to choose a career course based on an invalid parameter of Institute. Manufacturing and Computers are way apart fields and they do not match or compare anywhere in terms of job profile, industry, salary, work culture, etc. Both institutes are very good and there is no doubt in that. Engineering Branch Selector Test will be the best test in order to make you realise your true potential by assessing your engineering aptitude, interests, innate qualities and capabilities, etc. These aspects are very important to be known before deciding on the course.  First decide the course which is suitable to you and then think of the Institute. Not the reverse. Best wishes .. read more

  • I did class 12 science without biology from cbse this year.but now I want to do mbbs .what to do now?

    Dear Aspirant, How did you decide that MBBS that is medicine field the suitable and apt career line for you? Was it on the basis of any scientific test like a psychometric test? For doing MBBS you definitely to have PCB as a combination for your 12th grade. Now that you did not have it tells me that you did not think properly while selecting the PCM combination in 11th std. Now you wish to go for medicine studies and you are ready to waste a year and appear for 12th again with PCB as the combination. I would too in a similar way of Ms. Meghana, recommend not to waste a year and go for PCB just to pursue MBBS. However, if you are determined and are also confident that you could clear the NEET exam with very good rank for medicine career, then you can go back and do PCB. But I would advice you this only if you have the full confidence and a promise to yourself that you will not later back track and say that you wish to pursue something else then. Best wishes always. .. read more