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  • dear sir,myself dhanya from ahmedabad..i want to know that what is admission procedure for counselling psychology since i have completed my BHMS last year 2016. what is the scope if i do diploma in counselling i get a better job?

    thank you mam but I also wanted to know about hospital management pgdhm and course pattern..whether itz scope good?? .. read more

  • Making A Career In Neuroscience

    Neuroscience is the study of how the nervous system develops, Neuroscience in today’s world has produced several Neuroscientists, and they focus on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions  For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test Neuroscience is the subdivision of Biology and is often referred as Neurosciences in Plural. The History of Neuroscience dates back to that of ancient Egyptian era. They would remove the brain, but leave the heart in the body. From 1960 onwards, the study in this field made huge advances, mainly because of the progress of science itself. Study of neuroscience produce the Neuroscientists and they study the development and function of the nervous system. They can specialize in one part of the nervous system or can focus their research on specific behavior. Neuroscientists can take part in publicly funded research projects at universities, research institutes, or government facilities. There are several branches of Neuroscience. Let's discuss a few of them: Major Branches Of Neuroscience: Behavioral Neuroscience: the study of biological behavior and how the brain works. Cellular Neuroscience: The study of neurons including their form. Molecular Neuroscience: the study of the role of individual molecules in the nervous system. Neuro-engineering: using engineering techniques to better understand, replace, repair, or improve neural systems. Duties of Neuroscientists: Neuroscientists perform their research at laboratories, some work in clinics and hospitals. Neuroscientists make use of antibodies to identify different components of the nervous system. Various tools and equipment are used to obtain the fruitful results. Neuroscientists are expected to complete a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree program. In order to treat patients, neuroscientists must also participate in a medical residency. In addition to neuroscience, graduates may choose advanced degree fields specifically in neurobiology or pharmacology. To choose Neuroscience as a subject to study further strong problem-solving skills and determination are more important than particular degree subject as neuroscience research requires a scope of controls and a flexibility of approach that can work on problems from multiple perspectives. Skills which may be required: Able to co-operate effectively with other members Adaptability Able to work independently Computer literate and familiar with using computerized databases. Able to analyze data. After studying Neuroscience you can treat behavioral problems and learning disabilities in children. Understanding how the brain responds to sensory input can be very important. You must require experience of working with older people and patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. It would be right to say that Human beings are utterly complicated animals, with absolutely convoluted perspectives. At last, notwithstanding, we are controlled by chemicals and electrical stimulation. There is also an area of Cognitive neuroscience; it is the study of human cognition, or understanding it’s identification with neuroscience or the organic elements of the human mind and sensory system.   There are many universities in India offering this elite course like National Brain Research Centre in Gurgaon, University of Madras and Sri Ramachandra University both in Chennai. The salary package is way too good for the beginners in this field. So if you want to study hard and make a career in Neuroscience then go for it.  For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you! .. read more

  • What should I select after 10

    Hi Shruti,   Try to ask yourself these questions, which job motivates me ? What kind of jobs that your Uncle or Aunt does that inspires you ... based on that you have to select your courses after your 10th.    If possible, take a psychometric test with a help of a counselor, or talk to your favourite teachers or elders, ask them about how they enjoy their job. Try to learn about different Jobs.. what they do everyday etc. That will help you to select from few of your interesting options.   This is the right age to learn about different career options and to get in to one stream. If you are fascinated by what software engineers do, then go for science maths related streams, if you are fascinated by biology related technologies, then take pure science stream with Physics/Chemistry/Biology .. If you are inspired by what Auditors do, then select commerce based stream.. but dont hurry, try to learn your inner interests first. Then slowly take your decision. Talk to your parents, teachers, friends, elders. Feel free to ask a lot of questions about various job opportunities available in India and abroad. Then choose based on your interests. You may have one to three strong interest areas. Identify that and then based on that, choose your education after 10th standard.    Good Luck Shruti in choosing your career stream! Ben   .. read more

  • How can one boost his/her career with the ILAM and how will the Logistics program help you in your career?

    ILAM is one of the leading institutes in the country that offer an education in Logistics and Aviation Management. The ever-growing field of Logistics and Aviation is one of those corporate fields that is in demand of skilled workforce as well as fresh graduates. The unique selling point of this industry is that there is a less amount of competition compared to the other mainstream fields in India. Also, the pay packages offered after graduation are some of the best around the country, making ILAM one of the institutes that you should strongly consider for your education. If you possess the following set of skills it is highly likely that you will succeed in the field of Logistics. The skills include, Communication skills Leadership skills Time-management skills Bargaining and market skills   Apart from these core skills, a street-smartness will ensure that you are amongst the top contenders in the field. What is Logistics? Before we find out how ILAM will ensure that you succeed in the field of Logistics, let us have a clear definition of Logistics. The textbook definition of logistics states that logistics is, “The detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation” A relatively easier definition of logistics followed by ILAM states that logistics is, “The process chain management of transport flow and the storage of goods and services from its origin to its consumption.” In simpler words, when a product is manufactured its lifespan begins. The life span ends when it is thrown out in the trash or is recycled. The process of how the manufactured product reaches the customers after being manufactured is what logistics take care of. The benefits of a Logistics Program ILAM provides one of the top logistics programs in the country which allows the students to efficiently participate in the logistics process, understand it deeply as well as strike at its heart in order to invoke efficiency and skill in the work he/she does. When a person enrolls in a logistics program he/she understands how the finished product is taken from the manufacturer to the customer. The logistic program allows the student to be a part of a trillion dollar industry that has the potential of changing the world overnight. Graduating from a logistics program will allow a student to work in some of the top industries in the world at some of the top positions. There are several industries that cater to the logistics needs of the other companies and this makes the logistics industry as a whole one of the most beneficial and progressive industry in the world. Being in the logistics industry will allow you to make contacts around the world efficiently and as we all know, making good contacts is the only way of surviving in this business oriented world nowadays. A secured career is another one of the reasons why you can join the logistics industry. The financial security and status that is associated with the jobs in the logistics industry allow students to consider joining the logistics industry to a great extent. Boosting career with ILAM As mentioned earlier, ILAM is one of the leading institutes in the country for training and education in the field of Aviation and Logistics Management. ILAM ensures that you secure a good job after your graduation in several ways, some of these ways include, An integrated internship program The integrated six-month internship program with ILAM will ensure that you are an industry-ready individual as soon as you step out of the institute. The integrated program will also ensure that you do not have to waste time learning the ways of the industry after you complete your graduation. Affordable fee structure The status of an institute allows ILAM to draft its own fee structure tailoring it to the needs of the students. Unlike other institutes where education loans are required to pay the fee, the fee structure of the ILAM will ensure that you do not spend the first few years of your career paying for the loan that you took while you were studying. ILAM being one of the top institutes in the country specifically tailored to suit the needs of the existing Logistics and Aviation Management market ensures that its graduates land the top positions of recruitment after graduation. Also, a strong infrastructure and a good supporting staff of teachers ensure that you achieve all your dreams in the particular field of Logistics and Aviation Management. Why ILAM ILAM is preparing you for the careers of tomorrow. Higher salary 4 to 7 lacs in starting & within 5 years its 10 to 12 lacs pa Additional certificate from CII in Logistics Frequent guest lecturers & Industry visits Additional certificate from Galileo in Aviation Teaching by pool of expert from XLRI &IIMA Placement with big brands Nation-wide campuses- Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore Opportunity in Aviation The travel and tourism industry contributed a total of 124.8 billion U.S. dollars to GDP in India in 2015 – this accounted for approximately six percent of India's total GDP • The industry directly providing more than 23.5 million jobs per year Approx 2.5-5 lacs jobs being created in the Indian Aviation Industry Aviation with different Industry: Aerospace • Airlines • Transportation • Courier & Mails • Food & Grocery • Forestry • Freight Forwarding • Government • Hotel & Hospitality • International Trade • Tourism (Health, Leisure, Medical, etc) • IT/ITES • Military & National Defense Shipment • Export/ Import • Domestic Transfer of Shipment • Pharmaceuticals • Retail • Logistics • Education • Research and Development • Air & Space Law Opportunity In Airline Management:  Aircraft Financing • Route Management • Fleet Management • Ground Handling • Customer Service • Crew Scheduling • Aircraft Engineering • Safety & Security • In-flight Service • Slot Allocation • Revenue Management   Area to be served in Aviation: Consultancies • Ground Handling Companies • Ticketing Companies • Forecasting • Customer Services • Strategic Planning • Medical Tourism • Hospitality • Logistics Companies • Strategic Planning Career Prospects Managers: Air Traffic Managers, Aviation Planners, Resource Manager, Purchase Manager, Analyst, Financial Analyst, Senior Staff Analyst, Operation Analyst Consultants, Astt. Manager (Warehouse of Airport, Airlines & Logistics Companies),Supervisors, Cargo Supervisors, Management Traine, Flight Dispatcher, Station Attendant / Information Representative, Crew Schedule Coordinator, Airlines Station Agent , Airline Flight Instructor Opportunity in Logistics:   Indian Logistics industry would need 28.4 million skilled people in the “Senior Resource Category” in warehouse management by 2022   Indian logistics industry is at an inflection point and will reach a market size of over $125 billion in coming years   MARKETING-Business Strategy, Brand Management, Product Development, Pricing & Commercial, Market Research   BD & SALES- Vertical Development, Route Development, Global Account Management, Consultative Selling,   CUSTOMER SERVICES- Direct Sales Relationship Management, Key Account Management, Operations, Co-ordination, Customer Co-ordination, BPO (Call Operations), Documentation   OPERATIONS- Procurement & Purchase, Forecasting & Analysis, Vendor Management, Inventory Management, Warehousing & Distribution, Air / Sea Port Operations, Solution Designing   OTHER SUPPORT FUNCTIONS- Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Business Process & Quality Control, Legal & Compliance Group, Business Administration, Facility Management   Campuses: Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai All programmes are fully residential.   University is spread over 45 acres of lush green land located very near to the Bengaluru International Airport & 52 acres in Delhi   The infrastructural pride of the University is its Library   Digital library with fully wi-fi enabled campus   University promotes celebration of several festivals and sports and cultural activities that encourage young minds to engage in an all round development   Classrooms are IT enabled   The Amphitheatre and the Open Air Theatre facilitate smooth conduct of all University wide group events.   Hostels are genuinely a home away from home. Providing a comfortable and safe environment to its students is the University’s top most priority. .. read more

  • What are the Career Prospects for the students from ICRI?

    ICRI stands for Institute of Clinical Research India. ICRI was established in the year 2004 and stands as the top research institute in the country since then. It is also the largest research institute in the country. Being government recognized, it is also well-supported by the government of India. If you are interested in changing the world at once just like Alexander Fleming did when he discovered the world’s first antibiotic, penicillin. The day penicillin was discovered the course of the world history was changed and the human life level was improved with life expectancy rising exponentially over the coming years. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1945. If you are one such enthusiast who wants to discover the wonders of medicine and want to change the world, ICRI is the place you can learn to do so. With the resources of ICRI it is possible to mass test a drug in human and animal trials, and also conducted the necessary four phase trials within the world government regulations. As mentioned earlier, ICRI is supported by the Indian government and hence the graduates from ICRI in any one of the courses will ensure a great placement opportunity in the governmental as well as non-governmental/private organizations. The courses offered at ICRI include several full-time as well as part-time courses. Some of them are mentioned here,   MSc in Clinical Research-2 year (UGC Recognized) D. in Clinical Research-2 year (UGC Recognized) MBA in Healthcare Management-2 year (UGC Recognized) PG Diploma in Advanced Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance MBA in Pharma Marketing & Management PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance   As it is evident, most of the courses at ICRI are aimed at students who want to pursue their post-graduate studies. So if you are a student who has a more research and educational oriented mindset, ICRI is the perfect place to pursue your post-graduate studies. Also, the choice of choosing from a part-time or a full-time course gives you a complete control over how long and what you want to study. Career Prospects for students of ICRI   As mentioned earlier, the graduates of ICRI have no problem in getting placed in governmental or non-governmental organizations. A special branch known as the corporate training ensures that the graduates of the ICRI have an industry-ready market and are well aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to the clinical drug testing around the world. Also, there are several training modules that ensure that students who want to participate in further studies outside the country, get a chance to enhance their SOPs and get great jobs and colleges out of the country. The ratio of students that get placed after graduating from the ICRI is staggeringly high. Also, these students get placed at high posts in well-recognized organizations. Some of the organizations that have the ICRI alumni as part of the elite crew include,   Fortis Research Center Excel Life Science Max Neeman International PACRA DHLI Astron Hospital and Research center BioXcel, and much more.   The ICRI has associated its name with over 2500+ different industry partners in various hospital and research related fields all over the world. This means that the students have a very good chance of national as well as international placement making ICRI as one of the top institutions that have great placement records in India. Specializing in post graduate courses often allows the student to have a better salary and perk package than the student who is just a graduate. The student is often awarded a package that is multiple folds of what he/she might have got in the case, he/she took a job directly after completion of the undergraduate degree. The top companies around the world often take the students of ICRI as their trainees and over 90 percent of these trainees end up securing a permanent job at these international companies. Some of the companies that come to ICRI to take several students for their training programs include, Ranbaxy, DR Reddy’s labs, Glaxo SmithKline, Novartis, etc. The major benefit of being ICRI student is that no other Indian institute comes close to the level of expertise and education in the teaching field to ICRI. Hence, the person graduating from ICRI has the maximum chance of being the preferred candidate for the job. Also, the exposure that the students receive via the means of conferences and international symposiums, allows the students of ICRI to be industry-oriented and ready to take the challenges of the corporate world head-on without any kind of problems. .. read more

  • Why choose ICRI for making a good career in Clinical Research?

    ICRI is one of the top premier institutes for educating postgraduate students from the various field about clinical research in and out of the country. The Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is one of the institutes within India that you can go to pursue your higher education in the field of conducting and monitoring clinical trials for medicine and drug testing. The institute has established its name among the top institutes around the country by providing global recruitment options as well as ensuring that its students do very well in the field directly after graduation. The ICRI hosts three different campuses around the country all of them being in the major metro cities, ICRI Delhi Campus ICRI Bangalore Campus ICRI Mumbai Campus After graduating from the institute a student can expect a placement or to be the part of the training program of some of the best pharmaceutical companies around the world. Companies like Ranbaxy, DR Reddy’s labs, Glaxo SmithKline andNovratis are some of the few names that the ICRI has gladly associated its name with. Apart from these companies, ICRI has over 2000 different industry partners that ensure that the students graduating after completion of their post-graduate courses are placed in the top governmental as well as non-governmental organizations and companies. Apart from this, being well-recognized by the government of India allows the student to apply for government sector jobs without any kind of problem. Being one research institute of its kind there is very less competition for the ICRI students making them top choices for companies from around the country. The institute also boosts the resumes and SOPs for the students who plan to go out of the country for higher education or for a job.  Why ICRI? There are several reasons why you can choose ICRI as the institute to pursue your higher education. Some of these are mentioned below, A large number of industry tie-ups As mentioned earlier, the ICRI has associated its name with over 2000 different companies in the hospital and research industry. This allows the students from the ICRI to be among the top choices for jobs as well as research programs as trainees. There are several international and national companies in this list of tie-ups which ensures that the students have a choice to pursue higher education or jobs within India as well as out of India.   A massive average salary package While the students after completing their undergraduate courses get an average salary package of 4 to 7 Lakh per annum, the average salary package is raised multiple folds after completion of the post graduate degrees. This is the reason why students from around the world now do not hesitate in choosing a postgraduate degree over a job and placement after completion of the undergraduate degree. The average salary package of a student from the ICRI can go from 15 lakh per annum to 25 lakhs per annum with a mere 5 years of experience period. The students who just have the undergraduate degree as part of the resume can never reach to these heights in such a small time period of experience. The growth of a student with a postgraduate degree can almost be considered to be exponential compared to the growth of a student with an undergraduate degree. Top national and international recruiters Another one of the major reasons why you should go for ICRI for the postgraduate studies is that the graduates of this institute have the option to apply for international recruiters very easily compared to other students. There is a very small competition for the students of the ICRI as no other Indian institute comes close to providing specialized training and education in the field of clinical research at postgraduate levels. This ensures that you are at the top of the priority list for the companies looking for fresh graduates for a job vacancy. The institute also claims that there are over 2.5 lac vacant positions in the field around the world making the ICRI an institute that can easily achieve its goal for 100 percent placement. Unique Features of ICRI: ICRI lets study for a variety of subjects in the field to equip students professionally and academically and trains them for the vast global job market. A unique curriculum of the ICRI combines practical and academic learning with its scheme of the internship with the global companies like DR Reddy’s labs, Ranbaxy, Novartis and Glaxo SmithKline to name a few. More than 90% of the trainees of the ICRI are picked up by the reputed companies for the permanent positions As a result of the courses which cover a wide variety of subjects, ICRI graduates are also hired by IT companies like WIPRO, TCS & HCS. ICRI boasts to have launched India’s first book on clinical research and pharmacovigilance. Major corporate training workshops have been conducted by the ICRI at companies such as Apollo hospital, Dr.Reddy’s, , IPCA LAB and Panacea Biotech. ICRI has partnered with leading organizations such as UKIERI, Singh health, DIA, and AHA, for various research and training initiatives. Most of the working professionals in clinical research & pharmacovigilance industry are ICRIians, therefore you will be the most preferred candidate for any top job in the field. ICRI has the distinction as it is the first such institute which has launched a D. in Clinical Research and the first national and international conference in clinical research in India.   Life at ICRI: All programmes are fully residential.   University is spread over 45 acres of lush green land located very near to the Bengaluru International Airport & 52 acres in Delhi   The infrastructural pride of the University is its Library The Library block holds an Information Centre with about 150 computers   University promotes celebration of several festivals and sports and cultural activities that encourage young minds to engage in an all round development   Classrooms are IT enabled   The Amphitheatre and the Open Air Theatre facilitate smooth conduct of all University wide group events.   Hostels are genuinely a home away from home. Providing a comfortable and safe environment to its students is the University’s top most priority. These were some of the reasons why ICRI is the top institute for clinical research in the country. There are several other reasons why you can choose ICRI to be the institute for completion of your post graduate courses such as a strong infrastructure, a well-staffed campus as well as regular international symposiums for students’ exposure to the current trends in the clinical research field around the world. .. read more