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  • What are the requirements of becoming licensed clinical psychologist in India?

    Dear Hemant, Rehabilitation council of India is the regulatory authority to grant licence to any psychologist and many other mental health professionals in India. There are two ways of doing it. The first is if you are studying in a RCI approved university or institute, after completion of your studies you automatically get registered with RCI. The second option is to apply to RCI after completion of appropriate educational qualification. Students after completion of post graduation in psychology from Indian universities are not entitled to practice as clinical psychologists.  They have to complete a two-year M.Phil program from RCI recognized universities to be eligible. Whereas students from foreign universities who wish to practice in India, can do it by passing an examination prescribed by RCI Hope this helps Happy Career Planning Preetha Ajit Career Planner   .. read more

  • I am confused btw science and humanities

    Dear Sanjla, If I read it right, you are confused about which stream to select between science and humanities in your +2 stream. If so, ask yourself, what do you like to do most, science related work or people related work. Introspect and try and find out your basic interests; are they science related or people related. Write down all the careers you know, from a plumber, to a maid, to a doctor, to a politician, to anything... How many are science related and how many are people related. If majority of your answers are people related, then humanities should be your option, if not then select science related. After all these also, if you are not able to arrive at a conclusion, it is better to take a psychometric assessment and zero down. Hope this helps Happy career planning Preetha Ajit Career Planner       .. read more

  • What are the top courses in the world for working in space agencies?

    Hello Arushi This question is posted in media section and it’s about space agencies. You haven’t specified your current academic qualification. Hence it’s difficult discuss about various courses. Can you please provide few more details like your academic qualification and the profile you would like to work on? For eg. There are many profiles at space agencies like language translators, social research officer, scientists, technical assistants, research fellows, etc. You may check the following link for better understanding of available profiles at ISRO ; Once you decide about the profile, it will be easy to discuss the career path for it accordingly. All the best .. read more

  • hello, i want to change my field i am a teacher but since there is no scope i want to study m.b.a. in h.r. but my age is 29 and also want to know the difference between distance learning and the regular classes..thanku..

    Hello Shrikant There are no details about your current academic qualification. Are you worried about monitory benefits? If you clear exams like NET or start own coaching classes then it won’t be a problem. Switching a career is only recommended if the candidate is interested and possesses skills related to the field. You shall join MBA HR course if you are interested in profiles related to recruitment, training, performance management, etc. Also, you must be good at communication, presentation and team work in order to be successful in this area. Pursuing a course through full time college is highly recommended over distance mode. All the best .. read more

  • Procedure to do summer internship between May-June?

    Dear MAnoj,   It would be helpful if you let me know your subject and place of study to plan your summer internship.   Good luck Preetha Ajit Career Planner .. read more

  • Procedure to get admission for Ph.D in European Country with scholarship?

    Dear Meenakshi, It is very nice to know that you want to pursue your Ph.D. Now to do your Ph.D from abroad, you need to excel in the general GRE and subject GRE. After which if you have an idea of the topic you wish to research in, inform the admission committee about the same. The GRE scores will be reviewed along with your application. When you join the Ph.D program, you would be a Ph.D student and then you become a Ph.D candidate. You also need to qualify your IELTS/TOFEL To get scholarship for Ph.D is not so easy. You should address your requirement to the admission committee, research institute, university department. There are also research charities, commonwealth scholarship plan, and also provision for supplementary funding and top-up grants.   Hope this helps Happy career planning Preetha Ajit Career planner      .. read more

  • Which course should I choose after completion of my 12th class in Commerce Stream?

    Hi Parth, Career options after commerce stream are very vast in terms of career options and growth as well. You can go for Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, BBA, BCA, BCom, Hospitality, Journalism, LAW and many more. I think if I tell you about these courses then it’s not fair as you should choose the career option as per your interest and aptitude. You should try out Commerce Career Selector Test at This test is specially designed for commerce students who want to discover their potential in the same field. This is a Psychometric Test and can be given by any student who is appearing in 11th or 12th class in commerce stream. This test report shares brief knowledge about all the available Commerce Careers both in financial and non-financial domain and provides you an answer to which career option of commerce you should choose in which you can perform better. The report of commerce career selector test helps in matching your activity choice, presence of mind, specific real life work situation’s choice and typical personality / image required as per different professional career of humanities and apart from this the report if very easy to understand and the displayed in the form of graphs and tables. .. read more

  • Which course or college should I choose after completion of my 12th class in Humanities Stream?

    Hi parth, I’m glad you asked this question in right time as you are in 12th class so you have lots of options available with you for graduation after Humanities Stream. You can go for Law, History, Psychology, Economics, Political Sc., etc. Career options after humanities are very vast so I would suggest you to take Humanities Career Selector Test at This test is an objective type test you do not have to prepare for it. The report of this test will provide you with an answer to which career option of Humanities you should select as your career in which you can perform better and provides you personalised detailed analysis of all the Humanities career clusters along with their wide diversity of available career options and work areas. The report of humanities career selector test helps in matching your activity choice, presence of mind, specific real life work situation’s choice and typical personality / image required as per different professional career of humanities and apart from this the report if very easy to understand and the displayed in the form of graphs and tables. You can also discuss this report with a career counsellor after giving the test as there are 1000+ career counsellors from all over India associated with CareerGuide. .. read more

  • which job us best for undergraduates to work and graduate at the same time

    Hi Alia The combination of working and studying at the same time is recommended only if there’s a financial crunch. You can go for a job that compliments your academic qualification. Eg. If you are pursuing BBA from marketing stream, you can go for jobs like SEO, content writer, etc. All the best .. read more