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  • What are the job opportunities in Public and Private sector on the basis of GATE score?

    Hello Anjali,           Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) as name suggest is basically admission test to M.E./M.Tech. programmes on scholarship. However some of the PSUs are using GATE score as screening criteria for selection of graduate engineering trainees(GET) and Executive Trainees. Private companies don't hire personnel using GATE score, however your performance in GATE can be an added benefit fir you to show in your resume and influence your private job recruiter. .. read more

  • Procedure for admission in diploma in electrical branch? What is the qualification required?

    Hello Krishna Nagar, Diploma in Engineering is 3 year duration programme run by Polytechnics. The eligibility for admission  to Diploma programme is 10th pass with minimum 45? aggregate marks and admission is offered through state level  screening test Pre-Poytechnic Test(PPT). The admission rules are framed by state directorate of technical education as applicable in your own state. Some state follow centralized online counseling procedure for allotment of college and branch based on merit rank in entrance examination viz PPT.You should visit state directorate of technical education for admission rules, list of colleges and intake seats ..There is large employment potential for Diploma engineering pass outs in state electricity boards, power plants and medium ang large scale industries.         .. read more

  • What to do after finishing Diploma in EEE.

    Dear V Aravindan,  The EEE branches of engineering both at Diploma and Undergraduate (B.E./B.Tech.) level offers unlimited career opportunities in terms of jobs, self-employement and higher studies.Power generation, transmission and distribution, maintenance of electrical drives and control are some the potential area of employment for EEE engineers.Non-conventional energy sector is also an promising area for you. You can pass examination to become certified  Energy Auditor and Energy Manager. Alternately you can undertake training in process automation and control engineering as your career option.Instrumentation including process and biomedical engineering is another area to enter into. Youcan join short  training programmes offered by Advanced Training Institutes /Electronic Process Instrumentation under DGET at Dehradun, Hyderabad, Banglore.     .. read more

  • How parents can perform a decisive role in their ward’s education and career thereafter?

    Hi, If we are to give the importance and assign a great role in student’s education and the Career thereafter, it is nobody else but the parents itself will be at the helm of affairs and who have potential to drive and shape the life of their wards or children. It is a well-known fact that there is no single move by students in terms of Education and Career which has not been impressed by the parents. But, for sure, we have ample and a lot of such examples that Parents always perform a lion’s share in the development of their wards. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test There are two sides we can ascribe to this topic as there may be a negative side too. Usually, as we consider, parents perform the role of motivator and inspire and support their children in their development toward career achievement. But sometimes, we may come across the circumstances where the parents had overshadowed their children’s freedom in decision-making thereby let them underperform in the field which has been forced to pursue by the parents. Let’s explore the facts and possibilities. Positive Role By The Parents Let’s discuss some of the aspects how parents can be decisive performing positive role in their children’s education and career. Choosing Education Streams: We know, in educational life, everyone is supposed to come across the time period when it comes to choosing the right stream after 10th as like in India. Up to 10th Level of academic education, there remains a common education pattern with no more differences than the medium of the teaching and learning and the education boards for conducting exams. Owing to the immaturity of the students at this level of education, parents can have a great and decisive role in choosing the right stream after 10th of their children. After students are supposed to opt for Arts, Commerce or Science or even direct vocational and professional education. Going randomly for streams may harm the career of the students in the future. Educated parents help their wards take informed decisions and go for the right   As a motivator: Who else can be a great motivator than the parents itself! Parents, right from the nursery education of their wards until they are about to step in the career chosen, will have been performing a role as a motivator. Parents would praise their children on every single achievement in academic years. When children come under stress due to any reason the parents will be there to relieve them off that very stress letting them have the insight of new possibilities. Thus the parent’s role is more significant owing to the importance of motivation and its good effects on the educational life of children.   Moral Support: Parents do become support and help for their children at moral level letting children have enough confidence to go further and excel in education. Children though we may feel it is not a big deal, have to go through many phases of decision making. At every small good decision, if they are backed by the parents morally, children will have their performance boosted at many fronts. The Parents role as a moral support to their children bears sweet fruits when the children, day by day gain confidence and ace in the chosen field of career.   As a Friend, Philosopher and Guide: The child who gets in parents a friend, philosopher, and guide, will always achieve more comparatively as the right guidance with the love and care has the potential to make things happen surprisingly. Educational life is nothing but the series of learning, trials, and errors where the parents can become great help as a friend, philosopher and guide in their ward’s educational and general life. The sense of security and an ample freedom in social are a few things which children need for a good reason and very easily get from their parents only to make advances in educational and career life. With a proper guidance, the awareness and an insight of the things and being a companion, parents perform the very significant role to make their children capable of succeeding in career life.   Negative Role By The Parents Yes, there may a negative side too and we cannot deny this fact that sometimes parents at some point of time in their children’s educational life may become troublesome or may overshadow their children’s decision making which is a kind of dominance and pressurization. It happens, and it happens with having bad implications on their ward’s career life. Students are sometimes not given enough freedom in choosing the educational streams. The decision-making power of the children would not be given an impetus. Frankly speaking, children have no say regarding their educational life and they end up opting for or yielded to the forced decisions and alternatives. This is actually not healthy a parenthood. It affects at large and even has the potential to shatter the very development of children in terms of educational life and career path. We are of the opinion that children must be given an ample space to grow and prosper according to their orientation and interest. Only doing this will be the children grow and prosper well in their educational and career life otherwise the frustration due to the forced decisions and pursuance will darken the children’s life in general. Psychometric Career Assessment Tests Can Be A Great Help The scientifically and designed Psychometric Career Assessment Tests will help students take informed decisions regarding choosing the right stream after 10th, Ideal career, selecting branches of engineering, humanities, etc. The parents must let their children go by their interests and aptitude the very work these Psychometric Career Tests by CareerGuide perform for students. Now just take these tests and find the best-suited career options and educational stream instantly along with the personalized and detailed report. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you! .. read more

  • I want to do Msc with animal physiology.. please tell me details of entrance exam and top universities

    Hello Mayna, Please note there is only one University in India providing an M.Sc in Animal Physiology.   Other Institutes provides different courses like Animal genetics, animal breeding etc.   Check: National Dairy Institute for more information. / Eligibility for the course is an entrance exam conducted by the Indian Council of Agricultural research. Check: The details of the entrance exam as in the dates for the same are mentioned on the site.   As far as the entrance exam is concerned, a general search reveals that your knowledge regarding physics and chemistry needs to be strong. As far as books are concerned, your Graduation books should be enough. But please note ICAR has an online library and few ebooks. Check them if they can be of any help. Best would be to contact your professors, who can guide you best.   Check:   Wish you good luck...........   .. read more

  • what career should i choose?? as i m pursing my BBA from lucknow university

    Hello Dipshi, Please note, after BBA, the only option one has in terms of further studies includes pursuing an MBA program. Pursuing an MBA, would help you in selecting a specialization and thereby joining the industry as a trainee in your area of specialization. Wish you good luck..... .. read more

  • What should I prefer after 10th - Commerce or Science ?

    Hi, This one particular seemed to be a common dilemma for the students when it comes to choosing the right stream after 10th. Whether to opt for Commerce or Science is not that new a question that arises in the minds of many students. Let’s discuss the whole scene in detail exploring the benefits and requirements of each of the mentioned streams in your query. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test Different Streams after 10th There are different streams available after 10th of which most common are Arts (Humanities), Commerce and Science. Some may prefer vocational courses but the here we have major three streams in which you can go further and set in a career. Yours is a query that asks only about the Commerce and Science from which one has to be preferred. The remaining one that is Arts/Humanities is a stream in which preferably study the subjects like, Economics, History, Sociology, Administration, etc. Science stream after 10th We often come across the saying that only talented and genius students go for Science stream after their 10th as there is a preset consideration that the Science is a difficult stream. Yes, we can say in that way that the Science is somewhat difficult with complexities if compared to the other streams but it is totally wrong that it has only been preferred by a very few talented and genius students. Every student who is ready to take effort can opt for Science stream. In the science stream, you will have been studying various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathemetics and Biology. In India, we have Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects and you can choose one as a third compulsory subject from the Mathematics and Biology as choosing between these two has great importance. If you choose Biology then you will be in the career field like Medical, Bio-technology, Agricultural Bio-technology, Geology, Zoology, Forensic Science, Microbiology and Food Technology etc. If you choose Mathematics then you would land in Engineering and Technology field. Apart from this discussed majors, you have an option to go for plain science degree where comes the B.Sc. and M.Sc. thereby you can opt for the particular subject in Science stream and excel in it. Benefits and advantages of choosing Science stream The technological development and the innovations is a new hallmark of the world today. The science stream will give you more opportunities to prosper. Science stream lets you become Smarter, progressive and intelligent. As you invariably study the subjects like Physics and Chemistry you will develop the scientific knowledge and theory and the understanding of the world with the causes and effects. Science has the potential of remarkable and progressive developments on many fronts which create infinite possibilities. You obviously become the part of this ever-growing chain of development. You will get much more opportunities to learn new things right from Human body to space to universe Science is all about discoveries which make you think creatively and lets posses the excellent problem-solving skills You get the knowledge which will be applicable in literally every field that will make you secure in terms of career, practical life. You can pursue your higher education from world class institutions in India like IITs, NITs, Commerce stream after 10th Commerce is a stream which has been considered as the ladder to a corporate and business world. The subjects taught in the stream have a direct relation with the finance and economic aspects. Economics and Accountancy which are among the subjects taught here will lead you toward the profession such as CA-Chartered Accountant, CS-Company Secretary, CFA-Charter Financial Analyst, as an Economist, and so on. The very business world is dependent on finance which is critical to every business the world over and the commerce will obviously take you to these lucrative professions. Generally, after 10th students have to prefer the stream for their Higher Secondary Education and Commerce is one of the streams to be opted for. Going forward in the Commerce stream there will be Bachelor degree and Master Degree in Commerce and even you can do research oriented doctorates. There are many professional courses like CA, Cs, CFA, etc.   Benefits and advantages of choosing Science stream As we have already discussed, the career in Commerce and Economic field is the opportunity to become the part of the businesses at its core because without finance there nothing will happen and you will be at the helm to manage it. The Economics as one of the subject in this stream consists of the relation between production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. You come to know how the Economies the world over run. In the Business Study subject, you will essentially learn the operations of the organization and modern business enterprises. In Accountancy, which contains some form of mathematics is actually related to the financial information about a business entity I hope, you by now might have come to know the very differences and the career scopes in above-mentioned streams. For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you! .. read more

  • Evolution of psychometric tests – Everything you need to know!

    Do you think that psychometric testing is a novel concept and has been in use for last few years? Well, many people do. There were some popular theories that were published in the late 1980s and 1990s which are mostly supposed to be the foundation of Psychometric tests, however, the concept is far too old. Some of the researchers claim that psychometric testing has prevalence as old as 2200 B.C. and it was first used by a Chinese emperor to select the right warriors for his army. It included personality assessments along with his talent assessment. Definitely, this field has evolved greatly since then and now there are many verified theories in this field which are being used across the world. The foundation of the current psychometric test is based on the theories that were given by Sir Francis Galton who lived from 1822-1911. In modern times, Sir Francis was the first person ever who stressed on assessing a person based on his personality traits in addition to knowledge. It was initially called ‘mental test’ by James Cattell in 1890s. It was after 15 years of him that psychometric testing actually got derived with the help of Alfred Binet. The use of psychometric tests began in the 20th century and it actually gained much popularity. Now, it is being used as a standard test to assess a person’s abilities, personality traits, skills, and aptitude.   Now psychometric tests are being used globally for purposes such as recruitment and education Although psychometric tests have been used in developed nations since the 20th century, in India, it came quite late i.e. in the beginning of 21st century only. In India, use of psychometric tests started with corporates. These companies started using psychometric tests for assessment of a candidate’s skills and personality. Every job opening is set with a minimum personality trait score and candidates are tested based on that. Soon, educational institutes also started using psychometric testing service for the purpose of career counselling. In India, career counselling started with some career experts starting their private services in metro cities such Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Career counselling gained popularity in 2010 when many individuals began stressing on taking professional help to decide career. Also, education sector saw some tremendous growth and foreign models began their implementation in different schools and Universities. One of the concepts was of career counselling which was readily adopted by teachers and educational institutes. Advancements in psychometric tests since the beginning Psychometric tests initially started as paper based tests. When these emerged in the 20th century, they mainly focussed on assessing the intelligence of the candidate. The test was designed by psychologists manually and they used to score the test manually according to the standards already set for the test. Even today, paper based tests are used at many places where there is no computer facility. In rural areas, paper based test is still the preferred way. With advancements in technology, now various tools have been made which have made psychometric test taking extremely easy and convenient. Now anybody can give a test even while sitting at home. There are online modes of tests available. Also, the good thing about these tests is that they give the results instantly. So, if a company is using the test, it does not need to wait for the results, they get results instantly and they can do their recruitment in a timely manner. Also, if it is being used by career counsellors, they can instantly use the tools to map the talents of students to the right career options. Now students rely on scientific methods and technology instead of knowledge of one career counsellor. How are psychometric tests designed? There are different kinds of psychometric testing methods which are being used for different aims. The tests are basically designed specifically for specific purposes. For example, if a company is using it to assess someone for a leadership position, the test will mainly focus on assessing leadership skills of the candidate. For educational purposes, the psychometric test is used in different formats. For example, at, different psychometric tests have been designed with the help of expert career counsellors and student psychologists. The tests can be helpful for a student to decide a stream after 10th class, select a career after graduation, explore skills by professionals etc. Are psychometric tests reliable? Many people consider that psychometric tests get impacted by the surrounding environment, stable mental peace and a calm composure. Definitely, this helps in receiving the most accurate results. Pressure may affect the results negatively. However, current psychometric are designed considering the fact that there could be a slight mismatch in the answers given by the candidate and there are multiple questions to assess a single personality trait. Psychometric tests have evolved to be more reliable over the years and thus are being used even for crucial job posts. In the education field, it is even considered as an essential element of studies since it can help the students to select their career and make an informative decision at the right time. The purpose of psychometric test is to analyze the personality traits of a person. This test does not comprise of any right or wrong answers but is more focused on assessing the personality of the person. There could be several strengths and weaknesses in a person that makes them suitable for a particular field and unsuitable for others. This test is focussed on highlighting those traits and makes the person giving the test realize his own traits which he can either develop or improvise according to his aspirations and dreams. For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you! .. read more

  • Now i'm doing bsc cbz 2nd year then i want to Msc animal physiology in CCS university hisar.. please provide me some details about entrance exam, best book of entrance exam ?

    Hello Mayna,   I have checked 2 institutes, / Both these Institutes do not have any M.Sc Animal Physiology course. Please be sure of the Institute and its course before you apply for a course.   As far as preparations are concerned, I would suggest, meet existing students and ask them about the books. Another way is ask your professors for the best book to help you prepare. At the sametime, there would be previous years question papers. Check with the Institute.   Hope this helps.   Wish you good luck...  .. read more