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  • I am doing my 10th from icse. I want to do something in maths, is it right for me to choose commerce after my 10th and do charted accountancy after it? Is it something for mathematicians? Please provide a written answer

    Hello Gurpreet. Yes of course pursuing CA is one option.   Other than this, if you are really interested in Math as such, you could opt for Actuaries study. They are the ones who use statistic tools in terms of setting insurance policy. To study Actuaries, a student needs minimum 90% in Math in 12th class. / Other than this, you could opt for a BCA course, whereby programming is something related to Math. Or a B.Sc in Math honors or Statistics honors.   Choice is yours.   Wish you good luck... .. read more

  • Currently done and want to apply for b.ed+m.ed integrated course what is the eligibility and admission process...

    Hello Afsha, The only advantage of pursuing an integrated B.Ed and M.Ed is that you save a year. So instead of 4 years, you become a teacher / professor in 3 years and because of having both the qualifications, you could opt for either schools or colleges. The eligibility is a masters degree in humanities or science or commerce with a minimum 55%. You would have to also clear an entrance exam conducted by the University you wish to apply for under NCTE guidelines.   For more details check: Wish you good luck... .. read more

  • Hi,I just now completed my 12th and I'm really confused about my future studies. I really like Fashion/artistic stream but I feel like i don't have the skills to do a good job and besides I'm afraid it doesn't have scope. Please help me

    Hello Kerene,   What gives you an idea that artistic fields like Fashion, interior ore painting etc has no scope. Please note, these are creative fields and goes on changing every moment. So one has to be in par with the current trend. At the sametime, one needs to be well known and must be clear as to the market one wishes to cater to. Please note, though we as middle class people have our own idea of fashion we would not fall a prey to a manish malhotra all the time. They are mostly fore the elite class. So to cater to the elite class, you need to be working undr someone at that level and slowly slowly build your name in the market.  As such, if you wish to target middle class people like us, you need to have a boutique at a centre where people can approach you, and at the same time you need to be on par with elite designer but at an affordable rate. Now coming to the skills part. yes if you do not have the skills, then creativity is not for you. But how do you judge this? If you have an interest in this field, then skills would follow. And please note, Institutes are there to nurture and polish your skills. You just need a good imaginative memory. Why dont you try a short term certification course right now during your break. But hurry, because to study fashion designing, you need to clear an entrance exam. I feel its too late now, because entrance exams dates are nearing. Best would be go ahead with the field of commerce, and in the meantime opt for a diploma or certificate course in fashion designing.   Wish you good luck.. .. read more


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