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  • 1)In science(maths) should i go for engineering science or computer science?

    Dear career aspirant, as per my experience you should go with computer science. as you have maths. This will give you better exposure in IT industry.   .. read more

  • What would be the best other option rather than chatered accountant

    Hello Shweta,  Just wish to add few lines to what the above counselor. I would say do not opt for a course because it is in demand. Rather choose a course because you are interested in it. Best is to do a self introspection. No one better than you can know yourself the best. Sit back and analyse your interest and then make a choice. Another way is getting an experience after graduating. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck... .. read more

  • want study Constitutional Law

    Dear Student,   Firstly if you are  12th class student than you have to clear Ballb programme that is for 5 years duration and than in Master degree LLM programme you can pursue your desire law domain .Accordingly you can make your career and get the knowledge .   If you have graduate  degree from any stream than you have to do LLB programme that is for 3 years duration and than you can pursue LLM programme.   If you have any further query feel free to post here. All the best .. read more