3 career counseling Secrets You Never Knew

You always envied those super successful people who had a high-profile corporate job complete with a happy family and lots of money to splurge on! Your idea of a perfect life, right? So what are you doing about your nascent dream? Cribbing about your current life or taking in the reigns in your hands and doing something about your career. Make things happen rather than waiting for it to happen. The best way to find the right path towards your career goal is would be to bank on an expert. As this is the most important decision you are going to take you might as well take a correct one, seek the services of a career counselor and start your journey!

Reaping the Benefits

If you have just started on your journey what are the things that you must know to get the maximum out of career counseling. Bamboozled? If there was a formula then someone or the other would have patented it and made pots of money out of it. Clearly there isn’t but what is there, we should grab with both hands, and try and follow the linear path which would inch you closer to the goal.


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  • Start Participating More

It’s like a weight loss program you long for instead of toiling hard, you just have to be in a machine and the machine would take care of your extra fat. Similarly, you enroll into a counseling office and you expect everything would be done for you and lo and behold! You’ll get a job! Not so easy my friend you have to participate actively and only then you would be able to reap the benefits. It’s best to have realistic goals as too many expectations can stifle your career journey. Taking the right path, doggedly pursuing your career goals with the help your career counselor can help you reach unimaginable heights. It would no longer be then the stuff that dreams are made of.  Success can be then a realistic possibility, albeit distant but a definite one.

  • Other than Goals

It is very necessary to have well-defined goals. As a candidate, we think that our journey towards out career goals would be fraught with obstacles and as soon as we seek a counselor’s help we would be sorted. Our goals would be accomplished in a jiffy. But it is not so beneath the façade there’s a lot of hard work and toil. The journey isn’t easy but by the end of the counseling journey, you probably would emerge a stronger person, with tons of confidence and prepared to accept defeat with a smile and strive back with renewed energy and force. So you never knew the fact that career counseling could help you turn into a complete personality, who is fearless and open to taking risks, confident to take on tough assignments, and strong enough to endure the immense work pressure. It’s definitely a huge benefit and accomplishes the immediate goal. But accomplishing more than the job you want so much. Career counseling throws a number of challenges for you to make you battle ready. The voyage ahead is not for the squeamish or the faint-hearted but for those who have the spirit to wage wars, however small, just not ready to kowtow to defeat.

  • More Surprises in the Offing

You thought that you knew yourself?! Well, think again you might be very clear about what you want to do in life and quite smug about your aspirations. But if you go for a psychometric test you might have a tete-a-tete with a completely different you. One whose career aspirations changes when he comes to know about new interests and aptitudes. It’s a fascinating journey to start with like a crime thriller which slowly unravels. Don’t lose your patience on the journey because it is a painstaking process where you have to answer some pertinent questions and answers to those questions would give you an inkling about your future prospects. Of course, you have to totally surrender yourself and put your faith in the counselor and be true to yourself. Yes, don’t lie, because lying to yourself wouldn’t get you the desired results. And that’s a crying shame because you are doing the entire thing for your own self, not being completely honest, or pretending to be somebody you are not would do you more harm than good. Remove the façade and reveal the true you and you are sure to reach places!

Have many questions about your career ?

Ask a Career Counsellor
Start going into the dynamic mode. Yes, thinking or introspection never won a war or never built an empire. Thinking or strategic planning helps you chart the defined course initially but all thinking and no action makes Jack an unsuccessful boy, said no one in particular but therein lays the crux of the matter.  Your counselor can do as much, the rest you have to accomplish on your own.  Difficult but not completely unattainable, with the newly discovered skills in your kitty you are a fighter, and whether you really cross the Rubicon or not, time and your perseverance will tell.