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Students should invest time on selecting the right college or University – Mr Lambodar Rout

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Selecting the right college or University - Mr Lambodar Rout

There is no country in the world where the students are free of their career queries. During school time, it is never difficult for the students to select an elective subject, they select whatever interests them. However, the same strategy does not work while selecting a career. A career cannot be changed times and again, but sticks by the student for almost whole of his life. Apart from interest, there are several other factors that are needed to be considered such as the skills of the student, scope of the said career, the admission procedure, eligibility in the Universities, counseling process of colleges and Universities, new trends in the given career option etc. For gathering information, in most of the cases, a student relies on his parents, friends, relatives and teachers. However, not anyone of them is an expert in this field and many students even after having performed as an above average student, fail to get admission in the colleges of their choice. Many students get confused while selecting the right Universities and many others do not have proper knowledge about the admission procedure in different colleges and Universities.

Having seen the same struggle, Mr. Lambodar Rout started EDUNOM to help out the students

The same situation was felt by Mr. Lambodar Rout during his education period and his struggle made him realize of the challenge that many students at this stage feel. To help such students, he started Edunom in 2009. Edunom is an education consulting institute that has been helping students to receive verified and genuine information regarding Indian educational institutes in the career fields of MBA, Engineering, MBBS, MD/MS, Pharmacy, Biotech, Architecture etc. Apart from providing information, Edunom helps students to select the right institute as per their caliber. This process not only prepares the student for the admission process but also guides them on how to excel in their field. Edunom is supported by a career counselor in the education field whose experience spans across different verticals.

Mr. Lambodar has done MBA after graduation and that gave them knowledge of various aspects of reaching out to the students and he has not yet left his learning steak and is pursuing Ph.D. from Noida International University. He is involved in the career counseling and guidance for more than 9 years now and since then has helps thousands of students to receive the right information and guidance. He initially worked in a corporate and started working as a career counselor as a hobby, however, he turned his hobby into full-time work on observing the need of the hour. He realized that there are millions of students who require the right information for admission and a proper guidance. To help all of them, he left his job and turned passion into the profession.

Right information is the need of the hour

Mr. Lambodar feels that providing the right information to the students and clearing all of their career related doubts is itself a work of satisfaction. He feels satisfied as well as happy on helping the students in making a clear decision of their career. He excitedly said that career counseling personally gives him confidence since he is working for a good cause and is giving his cents for the initiative that is being supported even by the government now.

On asking how he guides the students and what kind of tools he has been using for career counseling of the students, he said that he first uses psychometric tests that are designed for a different level of students and this gives a way for the physical counseling. Edunom has specific consultants in different areas of expertise and he takes support from them when a student has to be guided. Along with career counseling, emotional counseling of the student is done in the form of motivating the student, encouraging him and infusing a kind of confidence in the student. He sets up different examples in his physical counseling which boosts up the morale of the students and they get ready for the future challenges of the career they have selected. He often picks up examples from the same career field as that of the student and guides them accordingly.

Students should remain updated about the career trends in the areas of their interest

Parents should be there for career counseling of their children to increase their morale level

We asked him whether students be given career counseling in presence of parents or not. He explained it in his own way by saying that traditionally parents aspire to make their children doctors, engineers, pilot etc. but in modern times, with the availability of information, students are capable enough to make their own decisions. Also, there are several emerging career fields that have become the talk of the town these days. However, in spite of all this, parents need to be present with the students while their counseling is taking place. Parents should be ready to support the students in their decision and if there is any concern of the parents, that can also be solved at the same time of counseling session. In this competitive world, students definitely need lots of regular encouragement and motivation which a career counselor cannot provide after the counseling session. This support can only come from the children’s parents.

A career counselor should necessarily be knowledgeable, confident and positive

Regarding career counselors, he is very clear that a career counselor should be having an excellent knowledge and proper information regarding different career options. A lot many students rely on career counselors for the right information regarding career options and if career counselor himself has limited knowledge, then it can be highly negative for the students. Secondly, a career counselor should be having an amazing level of confidence. He can bring students into confidence only through his own confidence. A student can very easily guess if a career counselor is not available with straight forward answers to his queries. The third necessary point is to have a positive attitude. A Career counselor can encourage and motivate a student only through the positivity he himself is having. Most of the students that come for career counseling themselves are low in confidence and are confused and at this point, career counselor plays a major role through infusing them with self-confidence.

Students should remain updated about the career trends in the areas of their interest

Mr. Lambodar further suggests his students follow different magazines and websites so as to attain updated information regarding different career options and Universities. He suggests Times Magazine, Business Today, Outlook Magazine for the MBA students and asks them to remain updated of the industry on-goings. This can help them to understand what is happening in the industry and which sector is going to get an upward trend in the following years. Another website that he suggested is PagalGuy which has an interesting interactive forum for the students. For other career options, there are websites such as which are helping a large number of students through their blogs, college information, and admission procedures.

At the last, he added that Career Guide is doing a remarkable job by bringing all the career counselors across the nation on a single platform and increasing their reach to the students. However, he would like to see some information on Universities and colleges as well. At Career Guide, we take this suggestion very positively and will try our best to integrate this into our system at the earliest.

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