Arundhati Roy – An Inspirational Career Story

Introduction :

She is the Goddess of Small things in a big way. Arundhati Roy has been the pulse of the nation when it comes to social causes and a celebrated writer. This Booker Prize winner is among the choicest few who have succeeded in putting Indian Literature on the Global Forum.


  • B.Arch SPA New Delhi Won a scholarship to Italy to study monument restoration


  • Booker Prize for “ God of Small Things”
  • National Film Award for Best Screenplay
  • Lannan Foundation’s Cultural Freedom Award
  • Sydney Peace Prize
  • Sahitya Akademi Award


  • While she had pursued her education in Architecture, she had no interest in architecture. Arundhati Roy quit her profession, moved to Goa and spent 7 months baking and selling cakes in the beaches of Goa.
  • She Returned to Delhi and took up a job at the National Institute of Urban Affairs.
  • Director Pradeep Krishnen cast her for a role of a tribal girl for his movie “Massey Saab”.
  • She wrote screenplays for 2 TV films-“In Which Anne Gives it Those Ones” and “Electric Moon”
  • She wrote the screen play for the controversial film “Bandit Queen” by Shekhar Kapur.
  • She retired from screenplay writing and eventually would write her greatest work “God of Small things” which would win her the Booker Prize in 1997.
  • Arundhati Roy has returned to screenplay writing with Television Serial “Banyan Tree”(scrapped by Doordarshan) and DAM/AGE:A film with Arundhati Roy”.
  • Arundhati Roy has since concentrated on Political issues and social causes ranging from Narmada Dam Project, India’s Nuclear Weapons program to issues such as Enron Scandal and Anti Globalization.

Career As a Writer

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Do what you Love :

Arundhati Roy refused to continue in a career she derived no pleasure from, despite being an Architecture Student, Arundhati Roy decided to switch careers finding the profession she loves.

Find your true calling :

Arundhati Roy has explored many interesting professions, doing odd jobs to survive while she awaited destiny. It just goes to show not everyone finds their Ideal Profession immediately. Some have to find their true calling. In her case Arundhati Roy’s True calling came after the controversy of Bandit Queen when she retired and wrote the masterpiece that is “God of Small Things”. Lesson: Be patient and don’t settle, find your true calling.

Be a Voice for those who are unheard :

Arundhati Roy’s greatest achievement is not her book or the Booker Prize but the fact that through her works she brought to light pressing issues faced by the tribal people of the country, who are often if not always neglected. Just like several of Career Guide‘s Idols, she found a Cause to support and became a voice for people who are otherwise ignored.