Career Guidance have placed Aman at right place with right course, he is making his career in non-conventional field

Career Guidance has placed me at the right place with the right course, making my career in non-conventional field

Aman Sahdev

Interior Product Designing

Aman’s Career Query

  • Aman had always been interested in sketching and arty things. Taking this interest forward, he wanted to study non – traditional career after his 12th.
  • However, Aman was unsure about such career options. He feared that, if his interest could be made into a viable career option.
  • In order to make an informed and precise decision, he approached through a Google search for professional help

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Psychometric assessment further ensured that, Aman’s skills include being expressive, observing in nature and high grade of originality .This helped in discussion about career options within Art and Design sector.
  • While exploring multiple career options with his career guide; Interior product designing, draw Aman’s attention. He was provided with details like future prospects, courses and admission procedure in an extensive manner.
  • Currently, in the first year of Bachelors of Interior Designing at Pearl Academy he feels that; he is at the right place where he can give wings to his innovative side.

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