School topper Nilanjna, not sure about her next step, online career guidance assisted her to be confident about her dreams

Whatever a student scores in 12th standard, it is always confusing that what career option he should choose after that. Even if he wants to take up engineering, there are multiple branches among which he has to choose. This creates quite a confusion among the students since they are not aware of what holds in what branch. Most of the advice that they get from parents, teachers and friends is biased by their own experiences and is based on limited information. If a particular student does good in computer science, his parents and teachers start giving his examples to other students about his success and asking them to follow him. They forget that all the students are different and have different motivations to succeed. It is not possible for all the students to take admission in a same branch and succeed. At the stage of starting graduation, students need to understand their own aspirations and goals and try to match them with their skills so that they can choose an appropriate career option.

 I am plesed with my career choice and enjoying my journey to become a chemical engineer

Nilanjana Lahri

2nd Year Chemical Engineering, Student

Nilanjana Career Dilemma

  •  Nilanjana Lahri scored 95% in her 12th with PCM
  •  She faced career confusion right after her 12th.At this point, she was confused between multiple options in front of her. According to Nilanjana advises given by her seniors were biased and not based on facts
  •  she decided to go for a professional help and found out about CareerGuide while searching for career guidance websites

How Helped Her

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After securing 95% in 12th, it was difficult for Nilanjana to select a right career stream to realise her dreams

The Same confusion started with Nilanjana Lahri after 12th grade. She was a bright student who was among the toppers in her school. She scored 95% in her 12th standard from science stream with PCM combination. She had multiple options in front of her to choose from and she found herself in a dilemma since she had little awareness of her own talents and competencies. His seniors gave biased information and advice to her based on their own experiences and goals. She was unable to relate to them and was unable to decide on one career option for herself. At this point, she thought of taking professional help and her teachers advised her to take career counselling. While searching online career guidance websites, she landed up on’s website. She talked to the CareerGuide’s team and tried to understand what it meant and how it could help with her career confusions.

Ideal Career Test explored her inclination towards Engineering which was further explored through Engineering Branch Selector

She was assigned a career expert by the CareerGuide’s team. On having a discussion with Nilanjana, career expert advised her to take Ideal Career Test (Psychometric Assessment). This test helps a student to realize their potential and thus suitably select a career option. The report suggests the strengths and weaknesses of the student and map them to ideal career option based on their current study level. The results of Ideal Career Test highlighted her top interest fields and a clear bent was observed for engineering and technology. Followed by this, it was important to understand which engineering branch would be suitable for her. So, the career expert guided her to take Engineering Branch Selector. The results of the test indicated that chemical engineering and environmental studies would be best suited to her.

Now confident about her career choice in chemical engineering, Nilanjana is all set to make big in her future

The results gave much satisfaction to Nilanjana and she agreed that she was interested in doing these fields. Further, she was given personal counselling by the career expert who told her about the scope of both the engineering branches. She was given information about what her future can hold if she takes up one of those streams. She was also presented with job prospects in the above fields. She was advised about how much efforts are needed from her end and how she could be able to develop her skills to succeed in future. Nilanjana took the advice seriously and selected the first stream that was advised to her i.e. Chemical Engineering. Currently, she is studying Chemical Engineering course from Heritage Institute of Engineering, Kolkata. She is well satisfied with her current performance since she is a 9 pointer and is again among the top students of her branch. She is quite excited about her future and working hard to be successful in this field.

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