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Hello, If you aspire to make career in the Science Subject, you can prepare for the CSIR NET Exam.The NET Exam is the wonderful way to make career in the Research and in the Lectureship you can also become a scientist in the Science Field.Check out the CSIR NET Exam Date

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Dear Aspirant, Once there is a gap, then getting into technical field is difficult.  You need to choose a good career for you based on your interests and then you make up the lost years. I would suggest that you take the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide.com. Its a psychometric test which will judge your aptitude levels, interests, innate abilities, skills, attitude and suggest you a suitable career based on your performance in the test. It is online and MCQ based test. Best wishes

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You have to choose your career option as per your interest and your performance. But you should not be confused about your career option. Other than engineering and medical also there are lots of options. You may go for general B.Sc study with hons in a good subject in which you have more interest. If you like physics or chemistry subject then you may take any one of this subject in your graduation. There are good demand after studying graduation in this subject. There are so many government job after completion of graduation from any subject like Civil services, In Indian Railway, School teac

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You need to clarify about your doubts in detail then only you will get to know more about the career you want to pursue in future, if you are confused and your expectations are different from field you opted for, still there are many other options through which you will be able to fulfill your dream perspective. There are many companies who offer great deal to your field work but its all basically depends on your background. Moreover, individuals interest is also plays a pivotal role as we work efficiently, when work is of our interest and we got new opportunities to put all our skills to reac

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Some of the important merits of education are being listed below- (i) Education enables a person to know about his rights and duties;  (ii) It enables to know him about the impacts of his activities on environment;  (iii) It makes him know about different processes going on in the natural environment and their importance in keeping up the natural balance;  (iv) It is through education that a person becomes able to have the knowledge about the status of different natural resources, needs and modes of their conservation etc.; (v) Education enables a person know about various proce

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There are lots of opportunities in Environmental Sciences particularly in Professorship and Research field. If you are looking for a career in professorship or research after your M.Sc in Environmental Sciences than CBSE UGC NET will be the best option for you. By getting good marks in CBSE UGC NET you can join as Lecturers/Professors in many Govt as well private colleges and universities of India. If you want to do research in Environmental Sciences than also you can acquire a fellowship from the Govt depending upon your marks.But you have to complete your M.Sc in Environmental Sciences first

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Hi Riya, Interesting question and line of interests. But before I answer your question, would like to know, How environmentally conscious are you??? Do you think of ways of improving the environment??? Do you think health issues are linked via the environment??? Does Nature and its issues probe you to get into research for their improvement??? If answer to the above is " YES", then the field of Environmental studies is right for you. As the name suggests, Environmental Sciences are more related to living and working with the environment right from the grass root level to the sky. As an E

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Hi Environment is the source of life in the earth. Environmental science is a composite of both natural and social sciences. Environmental science graduates have multiple career options. They can work with different government departments and agencies like Forest and Environment, Pollution Control Boards, Urban planning, Industries, Water resources and Agriculture etc. Now NGOs working for environmental protection are a good option for environmental scientist.There are ample of institutes offering UG , PG and diploma courses in environmental science.Career in Environmental Science starts with

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Dear friend, thank you for your question. Your question is related to present day problem. We all know that our environment is degrading day by day, but we just discuss and do nothing. In this regard, I would like to appreciate you for your concern to the environment and you wish to make your career in environmental science. To pursue career in environmental science, you have to study, 10+2 in biology, physics and chemistry. The your graduation should be in environmental science (BSc or BTech),, if you cannot make it, then you can pursue your graduation in botany, [biotechnology][1], [microbio

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Yes, a great scope.  A Environmentalist may come from varieties of background-physics, biology, chemistry etc.-First you need to choose in which field you are desirous to work-in water body/climate/ocean/forest/atmosphere.In University level student needs to have good scientific background-then it is good to study Environment as a M.Phil student or do PhD/Research Project in it.Interest, aptitude are the word to consider before choosing your future subjects-so if you have skill to deal with the subject you can grow with the subject at your level best-may be you would be a pioneer of your

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An environemtalist usually conduct research in order to indentify  and eliminate pollutants and hazards to the envrionment or t the health of the poulation. THey are mainly resposnibile for collecting , analyzing , managing and reporting environmwental date such as pollution , emission measurements, meteorological and minerological information , atmospheric monitoring measurements and soil or water samples to interpret correlations between human activities and environmental effects. They are responsible for communicating scientific and technical information pertaining to envronment to med

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