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Career guidance for high school students is about fulfilling their dreams

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High school education is an underlay building block to determine the future of one’s career. Having lots of dreams in eyes and pressure for their bright future keeps all parents and children in a fix about what to do or not. In modern era, education system has changed a lot. Career expert seminars are held in schools itself for helping children to take their decisions by their own. These seminars play a vital role in guiding students to choose their expert choices whether it’s personal, academic or social aspects according to their interests and efficiency. Results from the study shows that students find a positive correlation between the career guidance provided by the expert counselor and its impact on students choice regarding their career is very deep. It makes students more confident about their career options. It has been recommended that schools provide frequent well informed sessions to their students with the help of career counseling seminars held by the expert.

Expert Formula for self-knowledge:

After having a healthy conversation with high school students, it is found that only few students can understand ‘what they want to do in their life?’ For such students certain courses can be provided for their development. But most of the students have no idea or in a fix about their career. They need to be encouraged for thinking and answering these simple questions: What do you like?” and “What are you good at?”

expert guidance for students is about fulfilling their dreams

Next, follow the formula:  Who + Why = What.

 Here, ‘who’ is nothing other than self-analysis. Ask your children about ‘what you like to do the most in your life?’ Next is, ‘why’; it’s all about questions like ‘why you like to do it? From where you get inspired? What all these things mean to you?’ The outcome of these two perspectives will be ‘what’; it’s like a blueprint in your hands related to your required skills, seeking as per your interests and the right direction about ‘From where you can create best option for a kick start.’

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Step towards positive approach:

Here, are the few points which need attention for helping students development and leading them towards the edge of success: 

  • Give students an early edge for focusing their talents, interests and moral values that can help them to identify themselves for their best career fit. One can invest some amount to provide career coaching for avoiding the wrong career choices and anxiety that can lead students go astray.
  • Try to deal the students who are low achieving, under achieving and high achieving separately. It’s important to make them prepare to face examinations fearlessly and to instill various skills related to their study habits including time and stress management.
  • It is important to identify the individual talent of the students and to help them for nurturing by improving their communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Help high school students by resolving their psychosocial issues like stress, loneliness, bullying, ragging, peer adjustments, parents and teachers pressure and don’t let them go in depression so that they don’t think about taking extreme decisions.
  • Teachers and school staff also need to deal all the students equally even after coming from diverse backgrounds. Try to identify their individual learning disabilities and work on their positive growth. Also understand the futility of corporal punishment and find ways to bring the best out of each and every student.

In India, various courses are offered oflate in private and government schools for making it an overall development of the students. Engaging students in various individual and group activities will work as a remedy to all the students for their positive approach and will provide a holistic development to all the students.

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