What “3 idiots” has taught us?

The movie 3 Idiots revealed the harsh realities of our education system. It used mockery and humor to display the dark life of Indian students. But inside that humor, it also gives us an opportunity to analyze the underlying issues that need reforms. Especially when it comes to deciding your career, there are so many lessons that movie teaches us. Let’s recollect the main highlights of the movie and see what all we can learn from it:

Lesson 1: Don’t plan a career about which you have no idea.

There’s a scene in the movie when Farhan’s father says at the time of his birth – “Mera beta Engineer Banega” – My son will become an engineer. That’s the kind of approach most parents use for their kids. It’s all right they care about their children, it’s all right they expect a well-paid job for their children, however, it’s not a good idea to tag your child a specific job without having the right information and without checking the suitability of child for that particular job. They might get a decent job, but in the long run, it may also lead to dissatisfaction.

Lesson 2: Don’t blindly follow the rat race.

The problem with the rat race is that even if you win the race, you are still a rat. It becomes increasingly important in today’s context where new career opportunities are emerging and which never existed before. At one point in the movie, Rancho (Aamir Khan) calls a person donkey, who has got a degree in Engineering, then MBA and then goes on to join a bank. Sadly this is a dream career for most of the students in India. They rarely think about their interests, and even if they think, they often lack the courage to pursue their interests. It may lead to unintended consequences as we saw in the movie- a student committing a suicide. These are serious issues and should be taken care of.

Lesson 3: The examination system is flawed.

The exams are never able to check the true potential of a student. And very often the results hurt them as they make direct comparisons with fellow students. This is especially important at growing stage when children have their own speed of learning different subjects. Weighing all of them on the same scale is not a good method at all. It can discourage them. We should always appreciate their efforts and guide them to improve upon their weaknesses.

Lesson 4: Learn with a purpose.

Rancho in one scene teaches how to teach. This is one problem that kills our school and colleges – the methodologies of teaching and learning. Most times we don’t understand the real purpose of learning – how it’s going to affect us and the people around us, how it will impact the existing knowledge. We tend to learn the things just for the sake of it. Cramming textbooks for exams will never have a value addition yet no one seems to be concerned about it. The way we define our learning has a huge impact on what we shall become in future.

Lesson 5: Chase excellence, success will follow.

Rancho repeatedly says this mantra in the movie – Don’t chase success, chase excellence. This is the most important lesson that our students need to learn. If you check the rankings of higher education institutes, most times they are rated on the basis of – average salaries and highest salaries offered. Rarely people talk about the number of research papers that got published from a particular institute. Why? Because we are often restricting ourselves by starting salaries and ignoring the importance of innovation in our education. Results? We are way behind when it comes to innovations and modern inventions.

We at CareerGuide.com are doing the same thing that Rancho taught us. Looking at your career from a fun perspective and not as a burden eventually gives you success and happiness. Please note that the idea of fun is important here because no matter how much effort you put into your job it won’t provide wonderful results unless you have the right inclination for that work. Equally important is to have the awareness and information so that you don’t choose a career out of ignorance. We consistently work on these parameters and provide the innovative solutions to design the successful career roadmaps for you.

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