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Bright career choices for education in 2017

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In upcoming years, along with traditional courses like medical, engineering, management etc, new opportunities are emerging with bright career options and attractive salary. Since last few years, career trend changed a lot. Students are coming forward to face challenges. Here are few bright sectors in which students can achieve better options for their future career:

Cyber Security Consultant:

After demonetization, due to increasing cashless transactions, cyber crime is at high risk. Keeping this in mind, cyber security consultants and ethical hackers are in high demand. The craze of such course is increasing among professionals. This certified course is done for using penetration testing techniques to access the security of computer systems.

Minimum Qualification:   graduation in any subject, degree of software engineering

Courses Options: It’s not necessary that you have an engineering degree for being ethical hackers. Various Indian institutes are providing post diploma course in ethical hacking. Some institutes also provide certificate program or long-term program related to cyber security. This certificate course is achieved either by self-study or by getting the training at an Accredited Training Center (ATC).

Career options:

You can apply for the job of cybersecurity consultant, cyber senior security consultant, cyber risk advisory, certified information system auditor, certified information system management, certified information system, certified ethical hacker etc.

Starting Package: 3-5 Lacs per annum

Financial Engineering:

Financial Engineering is a rising career and offers several opportunities. It involves financial theory along with the methods of engineering and tools of mathematics, followed by the practice of programming. It is attached with the implementation of professional financial rules related to the fields of corporate finance, portfolio management, Basel capital or liquidity requirements, and risk management. It requires skills related to applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, and economics. It plays a key role in customer-driven derivatives.

Minimum Qualification:   Bachelor Degree with Mathematics.

Courses Options: Several institutes are offering certificate, diploma and degree courses related to this field. Usually, for preparing financial models, one should have the expertise to analyze the market. It requires mathematics formulas, programming and engineering theories with it.

Career options:  After completing the course, banking, insurance, security trading, engineering consultancy, quantitative analyst and others financial areas such as computational finance, corporate finance, and mathematical finance.

 Starting Package: 6-14 Lacs per annum

Energy Engineering:

Nowadays, the government is focusing on solar wind energy. The light which comes from the sun is used in various fields. Energy systems engineering is a wide field of engineering dealing with energy efficiency, facility management, plant engineering, energy services, environmental compliance and various energy technologies. Solar parks are established at various places. Solar Energy Engineer will be in high demand among Gen-y. At present, several solar projects are established in Gujarat. Big companies are also taking initiatives to work for solar energy projects. It requires skills to develop the renewable sources of energy.

Minimum Qualification:   12th pass with non-medical subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

Courses Options: B.Tech, M.Tech, Economic and Environmental Engineering, Power Engineering. Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is providing a professional qualification in energy engineering. Except engineering, you can also get the qualification of Certified Engineering Manager (CEM) from AEE itself.

Career options: Climate change and global warming are making students aware towards energy engineering. There is a great scope in government as well as private sectors in this field. One can also choose a career in the field of oil and natural gas extraction.

Starting Package: 3-7 Lacs per annum as per your skills

Bright career options for education in 2017

App Development:

Mobile Application Development course is becoming popular among youngsters. One can set his career in this field having basic knowledge of IOS/JAVA to write a programming language. For application writing, it requires C, C++, Objective-C, HTML5, CSS, Javascript and more. For Programming, trend IT professionals are highly recommended. For development, mobile user interface (UI) design is essential for an understandable and user-friendly interface.

Minimum Qualification:   Bachelor degree in Computer Science, B.E. / degree course

Courses Options: Some institutes provide certified short-term or Diploma Course followed by 2-3 months Advance course for training.

Career options:  One can work as a Mobile UI Designer and an expert user experience and accessibility. Except this, one can also get the job related to engineer and mobile architect. One can get the post of Android App Developer, Mobile App Development Consultant, Mobile App Tester, Mobile App Development, personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, Application development framework software developer.

Starting Package: Minimum 4 Lacs per annum based on your skills.

Management Consultant:

In the contemporary era, management consultant has a valuable contribution to the development of the organization. It helps in making plans for the developments of organizations along with the analysis of recent problems faced by the organization. The work of management consultant is to bring his own proprietary methods or frameworks to identify the problems and serve the organization for more effective and efficient ways of performing various tasks.

Minimum Qualification:   M.B.A from an affiliated university.

Courses Options: One can have good exposure in this field. After MBA, one can apply for the senior posts like an associative or senior consultant. It requires expert communication skills so that you can easily convince clients effectively. It’s important that one should listen to the clients and give guidance to them.

Career options:  Information technology consulting, human resource consulting, virtual management consulting and others

Starting Package:  5-8 Lacs per annum.

Packaging and Printing:

Packaging is the technology of enclosing products for distribution, storage, sale, and use securely. It refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages. It is applicable to packaging and printing companies that ‘What is visible, sells’. Customer will buy only those products which are good in packing. In India, packaging industries are advanced with gratifying speed. That’s why related people are in high demand. Package labeling includes written, electronic, or graphic communication on the package on a separate but associated label. Packaging and printing are completely integrated into all of the government, industrial, business, institutional and personal use. In the modern era, packaging can be done using three processes: tinning, canning, and paper-based packaging.

Minimum Qualification:   12th pass, graduation in science, technology, engineering and allied fields.

Courses Options: Indian institute of packaging is offering various courses such as 3 months certificate course(ITC) in programming and packaging, 2years full-time post-graduate diploma(PGDP), and 18 months course for diploma under Distance Education Program in Packaging (DEP) on annual basis, one week Executive Development Programmes (EDP). It requires skills related to packaging design and development, printing and packaging machine, quality control etc. You can also do various courses from SIES-school of packaging.

Career options:  You can choose a career in FMCG companies, export house and printing companies etc for the post of a consultant, supervisor or manager.

Starting Package: More than 3 Lacs annual package



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Bright career options for education in 2017


Due to high rise in e-commerce, logistics is in high demand. All e-commerce companies such as Amazon. Flipkart, Snapdeal etc need logistics to book their products, for packaging and shipping them safely to the customer. The responsibility of logistics involves the integration of information flow, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and sometimes security. In military science, logistics is about maintaining army supply lines. Logistics management is the part of supply chain management. According to KPMG professionals, there will be a tremendous rise in jobs related to e-commerce, e-relation, logistics, warehousing and other technical areas. In India, logistics are needed for all types of companies.

Minimum Qualification:   12th pass for under graduation, graduate for post-graduation courses

Courses Options: Various institutes provide several graduate and post-graduate courses for logistics. 2 Years MBA course is also offered by the affiliated institutes oflate.

Career options:  You can easily get a job in schools, hospitals, banks, retail companies and financial institutions. You can get a job for the post of secretary to director based on your skills.

Starting Package: 1-2 Lacs per annum

Fashion Styling:

Fashion stylist or wardrobe stylist is a new concept in our country and is an emerging profession worldwide. Over the years, people become crazy about the fashion which makes a good scope in this field. It’s up to you that how creative you are and how effectively you can apply your own marketing strategies. Along with this, you should have knowledge about new trends in the fashion world. It’s not only about clothing but all about a creative team assembled by the clients, collaborating with the fashion designers, photographers, directors, hair stylists and makeup artists.

Minimum Qualification:   Senior-Secondary (12th pass)

Courses Options: Various institutes such as NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Indian school of design and innovation (ISDI) etc are offering foundation course, short term courses, 1-year diploma course, 3 years graduate and post graduate programs.

Career options:  You can apply in the fields like a fashion house, ad agency, film industry, event management companies etc as a fashion stylist, fashion editor, celebrity stylist and more. High-level stylists can collaborate with celebrities and editorials.

Starting Package: Fashion stylists can earn starting package of 2-3 lacs per annum or they can work on an hourly basis depending on the required services.

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