Career guidance gave Manoj a way in to better future through knowledge of vocational courses, he can now support his family at an early stage

Career guidance told Me about  vocational courses, it gave me better hope to earn my family

Manoj Mauraya

12th Passed

Manoj’s Career Dilemma

  •  Manoj belongs to an uneducated financially unstable family of a backward village situated near Lucknow, he being different from others scored distinction in his 12th (PCM)
  • Lack of resources & awareness made him enroll in B.A course from correspondence and he had no clarity what future awaits for him.
  •  USA based Mr. Raj Tripathi decided to sponsor Manoj and first thing he did was to get him professional career guidance. He came across CareerGuide after inquiring from JustDial.

How Helped Him

  • Assessment and Guidance highlighted that technology is the right field for Manoj,.
  •  He was guided to take up vocational course in hardware and networking which will make him a certified hardware and networking engineerwith a job readiness.
  •  Manoj acted on this career plan and enrolled himself in the diploma for the same.
  • He sets an example for his school friends who due to lack of awareness gets stuck in .

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