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Need of career guidance for different age groups

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In an era of demonetization and uncertainty of jobs, it has become a herculean task to find the best fit for your career. One needs to bring creativity and flexibility in skills so that he or she can be differentiated and appreciated among all others. You have to take initiatives on your own for leading towards success. If you don’t, then no other will do on your behalf. You have to bring high potential in yourself. Career guidance is needed in all age groups whether you are a student, a job seeker or an adult. All of them have their own concerns and requirements according to their own interests and situations. Let’s see how career counselors may help you in exploring the perfect career option for you.

Need of career guidance for different age groups

Different age groups:

Career counselors will tune into one’s natural skills and capabilities regardless of any stage or age for boosting them towards the choice of their own. A career can be divided into mainly four spectrums depending upon the age. These are:

The Exploratory seekers

The 30’s Transition candidates

The Mid-life aspirants

The Pre-Retirement and Retirement followers

The exploratory seekers are the people aging between 17 and 27. This age group includes senior secondary students, graduates and post-graduates as well. These are basically the ones who are seeking their career option at an initial stage and are trying to gain experiences from the first steps they took in their jobs. This age group usually seems in a fix about where to go and what to choose for their career. Career guidance will help them to identify their ideal career option. Career counselors will also provide seminars and webinars which will help you in gaining knowledge about various fields and various options for you. They will open a window for you from where you can easily monitor your job career as per your own interests and satisfaction. The main concern is about learning at such an initial stage and to negotiate the possibly wrong decisions that can ruin one’s career.

The 30’s transition candidates fall into the age group between 28 and 39. These people are already a part of the job world. Some of them may have start their career and are involved in the trial and hire challenges of the job. Many of these may be floundering for seeking the better career options. While few of them may indulge to stabilize their career from the early stage towards the intermediate level of gaining experiences. At times, candidates may feel that they want transition in their job and are seeking the promotions for higher post and pay scale at the middle of their work profile. In that situation, it seems difficult to them to make both ends meet and to fulfill their family and society expectations. At that time, career guidance is needed to help them for getting myriad possibilities to choose from for further options for their jobs.

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The Mid-life aspirants are the people usually in the stage between age 39 and 52. Their experience is far enough and they become masters in their fields. At this stage, they are trying to change their career paths as they may no longer want to fulfill expectations of the society and start seeking the internal sense of self. They are now trying to teach others what they have learned so far. The bossy behavior may imbibe them at this stage. They may feel stagnated in their fields and try to come out for big challenges. Career guidance will help in transforming their lives in a new direction towards modernization. Career counselors will also bridge the gap between two generations for working with new technologies.

The Pre-Retirement and Retirement followers are the people between age 52 and 75. They start thinking about ending up their business or working years. They usually seem to be in the sense of despair and dread. All of their hopes and possibilities may seem to go around the corner. They are no more interested in job process and are seeking better options for their retirements. They are seeking that how will they keep themselves busy towards positivity. Career guidance will support them like a new plant on an old land. It will aware the aspirants about the latest technologies and help them for various last stage career options.

In such way, career guidance will play a key role in everyone’s life for positive growth and upcoming betterments. It will provide a broad plan based on one’s interests so that they can be utilized in future and throughout their lives.

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