Commerce student Sonia makes her way towards Supreme Court after career guidance

Career Guidance should become compulsory in education  system I wish that I would have approached much earlier

Sonia Bharaj

Sonia’s Career Dilemma

  •  Sonia Bharaj has done her masters in commerce .
  • sonia’s was not able to clear her C.A final exam even after multiple attempts .she end up becoming agitated and de- motivated.
  • At this stage she started questioning her ability and decided to go for career guidance,came acrossCareerGude while searching on internet .

How Helped Her

  •  communication , verbal, argumentative skills and advisory came out as her strong area in career assessment.
  •  She examined her career problem under the guidance of her career expert in multiple session figuring out her interest towards law and order . Sonia went forward with pursuing law from National School of Law, Delhi
  •  During her law internship she got an opportunity of working with the lawyers at the high court and the supreme court where she was appreciated for her work
  •  Inspired Sonia extensively communicates the importance of career guidance to ever body around her
  •  Sonia is now working at Law Firm which has given her career a new meaning.

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