How career guidance improved the performance of Swati from 50% in 12th to 85% in graduation

It is a famous saying that if you judge a fish’s intellect by its ability to climb trees, you will fail to know its real potential. This saying points to the thousands of students in the country who are studying courses which are not right for them and are being labelled as underachievers. Until the grade 10, all the students study the same set of courses which is a combination of different subjects. Till this age, a student is supposed to well aware of his interests and skills and thus giving knowledge in all the subjects makes him understand which subject he would like to pursue for future. However, most of these students are pushed by their teachers and parents towards few specific subjects without considering the fact that student could be interested or skilled in some other course. This impacts the performance of the student as well.

How career guidance improved the performance of Swati from 50% in 12th to 85% in graduation

Swati Zende

Sangli , Maharashtra

Swati ’s Career Dilemma

  •  Swati passed her 12th from science stream scoring an average marks , She was exploring and researching about different career options, got interested in a few, but could not decide what to opt for.
  • Swati Decided to go for an expert advice because she wanted to make an informed decision. She found out about CareerGuide while Googling

How CareerGuide Helped Her

  •  Psychometric Assessment highlighted her investigative skills, research skills & skills related to critical dissection. These skills mapped towards specialization in biotechnology.
  • With the help of CareerGuide website she discovered more about Biotechnology, courses, job scope, pay scale, higher education and career pathway.

Swati was performing just average and was in need of expert advice on career selection

The same thing happened with Swati Zende who belongs to Sangli, Maharashtra. Swati had opted for science stream in her secondary level studies but got average marks of only 50%. She was aware that she was not pursuing the right career stream and she had to find out her skills so that she could perform better. She researched about different career options which could be suitable for her. She got interested in some of the career streams but with limited information, she was not able to take a strong decision and got confused with different streams. At this point of time, she decided to take an expert help in the matter so that she could gain awareness and make the right decision. After having talks with her friends and relatives, she came to know about career counselling. Further internet research led her to Career Guide.

Having inclination towards research and critical dissection, Swati was guided to take Biotechnology

She approached Career Guide and received initial guidance on how the whole procedure will take place. Having convinced that she needed the right career guidance at that time, she talked to a career counsellor at Career Guide who guided her to first take a psychometric test. Her results from psychometric test revealed her investigative skills, research skills and skills related to critical dissection. When further studied, her skills and talents mapped towards the specialisation in Biotechnology. After seeing her report, she further investigated about the career in biotechnology. She used Career guide’s website and discovered more about different courses in biotechnology, job scope and kinds of jobs that are available in this field, the pay scale for different jobs and specialisations, higher education and research options and about different career pathways that she could opt for in this field.

Right career guidance did wonders for Swati and she achieved 85% in graduation

She followed the results of Psychometric test and took admission in a course of Biotechnology for graduation. She found the course fulfilling her aims and goals and found it to be appropriate for her interests. Her success spoke when she acquired 85% marks in the first year of her graduation. She further aspires to continue with research work in the field of biotechnology and make a mark in this field. Her aware and informed decision helped her to take the right career decision at the right time in her career which is now proving to be fruitful and rewarding to her.

Career Guide wishes Swati the best in all her endeavors and promises to be on her side whenever she needs any guidance in her career.

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