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A Biotechnologist applies his / her scientific knowledge on plants, animals, chemistry, genetics etc and helps in finding the right solutions for existing problems and they focus on developing new products. A biotechnologist works in varied areas such as the agricultural industry, food industry or medical industry. To be a biotechnologist, one must possess high problem solving abilities and techniques. A biotechnologist must hold a degree in biotechnology or related fields. Biotechnologists have to work in laboratories and wearing of a coat and safety glasses is part of the work. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Biotechnologist answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Biotechnologist

Typical day of a biologist is very interesting for a lay man but seems to be very fragile and monotonus both according to the requirement of experiment for a day.Though following DO'S AND DONT'S are there as thumbrules which every biotechnologist follow in day to day practice and routine work:1. Puntuality / discipline is the key for a successful day, so they set the experiment keeoing variable factors in mind and then follow the research2. Before setting the experiment certain common things are imoprtant for all:     a. Daily entry into the log book of each instrument what

Dear aspirant I appreciate your interest in becoming a Biological scientist and for this very high ambition it is required to reach studying to a doctorate level in Biology. There are many ways that you can do to become a biological scientist in future. As you are just 10th class completed you have two options to choose in 11th and 12th. You should get above 60% overall in both 10th and 12th.   6283613_orig.jpg972x250 104 KB   First is the PCB Physics chemistry and biology stream. This stream will give you options to study BSc degrees like the Bsc Biology, Bsc chemistry, Bsc Bioche

To become a BIO Technologist, Take a science in a high school: You have successfully completion of 10+2 in science After you can opt the graduation course like Btech or B.Sc I want to become a Bio Technologist there are many course you can go with like CAREER PATHS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY:     Agricultural and Food ScientistAgricultural EngineerAnimal ScientistBiochemist and BiophysicistBiomedical EngineerEpidemiologistSoil and Plant ScientistMicrobiologistFood Scientist and TechnologistResearchScientist Exam Related to biotechnology:   GATE BT/XLRegistration Starts from : September-Oc

Dear Student, To identify whether you have right interest and aptitude to be a biotechnologist, you are advised to get your psychometric assessment done. The psychometric assessment involves assessing the aptitude, interest and personality of the student using the standardized psychological tests. It takes approximately 60-75 minutes to complete the assessment which can either be given online or offline. The assessment is thoroughly assessed by a trained psychologist and a unique career plan is generated. The career plan highlights the main aptitude & interest areas , personality att

Hello Very nice to see your interest in biotechnology subject. I am glad you have chosen this life sciences subject and so want to talk to counsellors at Mera career guide. I can certainly give you the top university ranking list for biotechnology subject worldwide. Before that I want to tell you that, when you see world ranking you should see two things. One overall faculty ranking and the other one is subject ranking. As studying a subject of your choice, you automatically come under the faculty, it is important to see the ranking of both. So to know the ranking please visit QS wor

Hello friend, Thanks for approaching us at!!! First of all I wish you good luck for your MSc Biotechnology admission. Yes you are eligible to take admission in MSc Biotechnology. The most of the colleges and university in Maharashtra offer MSc Biotechnology, you may choose any college or university of your choice. I am wirting some colleges / universities for your information: Department of Biotechnology, North Maharashtra University, Umavi Nagar (   Department of Biotechnology, Amrawati University ( )   Centre for Biotechnology,

Hello,Thanks for Asking..!!Firstly, you can go for higher studies like - Master's Degree or PhD, to make career in Lectureship or Research career.You have other career options also available like - Fashion Designing Biotechnology Hotel Management Forensic Science Architecture To get a good job, you can also prepare for competitive exams like - IBPS PO IBPS clerk IBPS RRB SSC CGL RRB NTPC UPSC Exams I hope it will help you. Best of Luck :)

Hi Siniya, Thanks for your query with career guide. All the three fields you mentioned are relatively more specialized areas of engineering, and the choice of the program especially depends on your career aspirations and interests. All the degrees related to biomedical, biotechnology and bioinformatics engineering has some biology courses taught included but if you are considering engineering degree it is always important to have your basic fundamentals in mathematics as well. Thanks and Best Wishes, Nishil Mohammed

Hello, there are many career options are available for Bio Technology Students. Like - You can apply for laboratory Assistant. You can apply for Clinical Research Associate. You can apply for Production Engineer. You can also pursue your career as an Assistant Professor or a Junior Research Fellow. For this you have to apply for CSIR NET Exam. You can try for Consultant work in private companies like TCS, Wipro etc.   To plan a perfect career in Bio Technology, you have to work from the starting.Like you have to study at the 10+2 level must primarily include PCM or PCB.Then continue y

Dear Aspirant, If you are aiming to do MSc Maths then it is highly commendable. With MSc Maths you stand a great chance of getting into the corporate world. However that will depend on your interest in joining companies. With MSC Maths, you can enter into teaching field. Apart from that you can have a wonderful career in the below fields: Actuarial Science Economics Chartered Financial Analysts Banking Insurance Finance Operations Stock Brokers Mutual Funds Financial Planning Financial Economics Portfolio Management Market Research You also go into the IT industry. You can choose to do a cou

Dear Aspirant, BioTechnology courses are now booming up in India however the economic, research and business environment in India is still not ripe for BioTechnology fully. Doing MTech in BioTechnology is a good idea if you are sure that you like the domain and would like to continue in that for entire career life. You can go ahead with the MTech however I would also suggest that you should also search for a job outside India where there is much more scope in BioTechnology. Your BioTechnology in India will be definitely relevant abroad. BioTechnology career abroad can give you opportunities in

Biotechnologists use their understanding of living organisms and create new animal/plant-based products like improved pharmaceuticals or pest-resistant crops. By continuous research and by performing experiments they discover and develop new and advanced materials in laboratories that are useful in improving the lives of people. Biotechnologists can also be engaged as biochemists/biophysicists or medical scientists and employment in this field can be found across several industries. A Biotechnologist is expected to put to use their scientific and technical knowledge of plants, animals, microor

Dear Aspirant, What is the reason for no open job options? Ensure that you have the job skills apart from the domain skills.  Having a gap of three years is a negative aspect in your resume definitely. Hope you have a valid justification for this years gap since this will be asked in a job interview. You cannot make up the wasted now since you cannot bring back the years lost. Therefore I would suggest that on priority you should search for a job and get into employment with minimum expectations and negotiations.  Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, After Zoology, you are now thinking for BioTechnology or Human Resource MBA? It definitely suggests that you chose your graduation degree without any thinking or under some wrong information and advices from some unrelated people. It is clear that you do not see any future in Zoology as a career. Comparing Biotechnology and HR is like comparing oranges with apples, where both are good and nutritious. Why are you comparing such courses where they are not related to each other. BioTech and Human Resource are both good options, but it is important in your case specifically that you

Dear Aspirant, You can go for other medical related courses on the basis of Biology knowledge of 12th. Science and Research also has tremendous scope and you will have to study BSc and MSc and then PhD is recommended. I would recommend the below courses based on Biology: Dentist Dermatologist Dietician Nutritionist ENT Specialist Food Technologist Pharmacy Medicine – Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Veterinary Botany Biologist BioTechnology Microbiology / Horticulture Forestry Para-Medical – Nursing, Physiotherapy, Lab Technician Agriculture / Fishery Life Sciences (Genetics) Bes

Dear Aspirant, BioDiversity and BioTechnology are like Oranges and Apples. They cannot be compared as to which is good and which is not good. I feel, choosing from these two options is difficult for me as a counsellor too. And therefore I would suggest, as I always suggest to aspirants, that please choose any one based on your interests, aptitude and inter personal abilities. One cannot be good at all courses and all jobs. Always remember that every career is good however it is more important to know whether you are suitable for that particular career or no. Good career is an ambitio

Dear Aspirant, Firstly, you need to improve your english language proficiency. Just having an engineering degree qualification is not essential today for getting a good job. What is your stream in engineering? After BTech, if you have scored good percentages, it is recommended that you search for a job. If you are interested in studying further, you may do MTech. You may do some short term courses in computers, IT, etc. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, With Microbiology as a specialisation, you can get jobs in pharmaceutical companies, winery companies, research labs, agriculture, etc. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, You can give competitive exams like IAS, other UPSC exams which are announced for departments where they require Environmetal Science or BioTechnology candidates. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Biotechnology is a very promising and upcoming field for career. This is a science stream career which combines biology and technology. Jobs are available in pharmaceutical, microbiology, clinical research, research labs, agriculture. The pay scales are quite good. You can pursue Biotechnology courses in under graduate as well as post graduate level - BSc/MSc BioTechnology and BE BioTechnology. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Biotechnology is an upcoming career option requiring interest and aptitude in Biology, Chemistry. With BioTechnology, you can get jobs in pharmaceutical companies, agri businesses, biology labs, etc. Best wishes