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A Biotechnologist applies his / her scientific knowledge on plants, animals, chemistry, genetics etc and helps in finding the right solutions for existing problems and they focus on developing new products. A biotechnologist works in varied areas such as the agricultural industry, food industry or medical industry. To be a biotechnologist, one must possess high problem solving abilities and techniques. A biotechnologist must hold a degree in biotechnology or related fields. Biotechnologists have to work in laboratories and wearing of a coat and safety glasses is part of the work. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Biotechnologist answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Biotechnologist

Typical day of a biologist is very interesting for a lay man but seems to be very fragile and monotonus both according to the requirement of experiment for a day.Though following DO'S AND DONT'S are there as thumbrules which every biotechnologist follow in day to day practice and routine work:1. Puntuality / discipline is the key for a successful day, so they set the experiment keeoing variable factors in mind and then follow the research2. Before setting the experiment certain common things are imoprtant for all:     a. Daily entry into the log book of each instrument what

Dear aspirant I appreciate your interest in becoming a Biological scientist and for this very high ambition it is required to reach studying to a doctorate level in Biology. There are many ways that you can do to become a biological scientist in future. As you are just 10th class completed you have two options to choose in 11th and 12th. You should get above 60% overall in both 10th and 12th.   6283613_orig.jpg972x250 104 KB   First is the PCB Physics chemistry and biology stream. This stream will give you options to study BSc degrees like the Bsc Biology, Bsc chemistry, Bsc Bioche

Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at I appreciate your step to talk to us for your family member. First of all i would advice you to talk to your family member to know if he/she really likes studying biotechnology. Because as a counsellor or even as a parent i always feel that every child should explore their interest and analyse themselves what they like or what will suit them. I will advice on careers for Biotechnology and the possible routes but before that please go on this mera career website and ask your family member to take the psychometric asses

To become a BIO Technologist, Take a science in a high school: You have successfully completion of 10+2 in science After you can opt the graduation course like Btech or B.Sc I want to become a Bio Technologist there are many course you can go with like CAREER PATHS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY:     Agricultural and Food ScientistAgricultural EngineerAnimal ScientistBiochemist and BiophysicistBiomedical EngineerEpidemiologistSoil and Plant ScientistMicrobiologistFood Scientist and TechnologistResearchScientist Exam Related to biotechnology:   GATE BT/XLRegistration Starts from : September-Oc

Hello Very nice to see your interest in biotechnology subject. I am glad you have chosen this life sciences subject and so want to talk to counsellors at Mera career guide. I can certainly give you the top university ranking list for biotechnology subject worldwide. Before that I want to tell you that, when you see world ranking you should see two things. One overall faculty ranking and the other one is subject ranking. As studying a subject of your choice, you automatically come under the faculty, it is important to see the ranking of both. So to know the ranking please visit QS wor

Dear Student, To identify whether you have right interest and aptitude to be a biotechnologist, you are advised to get your psychometric assessment done. The psychometric assessment involves assessing the aptitude, interest and personality of the student using the standardized psychological tests. It takes approximately 60-75 minutes to complete the assessment which can either be given online or offline. The assessment is thoroughly assessed by a trained psychologist and a unique career plan is generated. The career plan highlights the main aptitude & interest areas , personality att

Hello Aswathy, There are various job opportunity for the Bio technologist. you can make various field related to drugs & medicines, food processing, Waste management can make career in the following fields: Drug and pharmaceutical research Public funded laboratories Chemicals Environment control Waste management Energy Food processing Bio-processing industries The Bio technology is used in wast no. of fields like: Agriculture Animal Husbandry Environment Conservation Genetic Engineering Health Care Medicine Industrial Research & development etc. Apart from above option, if

If you are not sure what to choose for the career, then you should opt the PCMB strea. The PCMB means Physics Chemistry Mathematics and Biology. Through this exam you will able to appear in both NEET and IIT JEE exam if your scores are good enough. So, if you are confused in between JEE Mains and NEET exam, then you must go for the PCMB branch. In this, it will be your choice whether to choose Biology as an optional subject or Mathematics as an optional subject. You can choose whatever depending upon your interest. All the best..!!

Hi Padhan good evening, Ph.D is the best choice to proceed. Since already you are a post graduate proceeding with Ph.D (4 -5years) will be fine. And you also have an other option of choosing M.Phil ( 1-2years). If you wish to become a lecturer, that would be a right choice. Think accordingly and select . Choice is all yours. If you wish to discuss more, feel free to ping me back. Thank you.   All the very best for your future.  

Hi Upadhyay good evening, As per our conversation I have sent you the list of companies link below  / All the very best for your future. Thank you.

Hi Petkar good evening, according to me both streams has equal weitage and has its own advantage. If you take chemistry, as name says everything you will read in detail of chemical reactions , chemical bonding etc. Biotechnology is all about gene expression, DNA, RNA, microbes etc and it also has certain chemical reaction etc . So the choice is all depends upon your interest. You choose which stream interest you more n best for you. All the very best for your future. Thank you.

Hello Radha Krishna, There is a dream of everyone to complete their post-graduation form IITs. But it’s never so easy. You must have to qualify in IIT JAM (Joint Admission Test for M.Sc.) to get the admission in one of the institutes. As per IIT JAM 2018 Eligibility criteria, it’s necessary for having science as a subject in your under-graduation and in board exams. After completion of your B.Sc. form Biotechnology you can appear in JAM Examination.

Hi Kumari good morning, can you please give me some more details like ( after how many years you are back, Were you studying any other course in between, Now you are doing your bachelors or masters etc) . Such details will hep me in elaborating more on job opportunities. Thank you.

Hi Venkatesan good evening, Here i have sent you the link of top colleges which offer bioinformatics. . Msc drug design offering colleges :- 1.BPHE Society's Ahmednagar college   2.Padmashri Vikhe Patil Arts , Science and Commerce College 3.North Maharashtra University 4. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marsthwada University. You can take up post such as  Computational chemist, chemical data scientist, consultant, technical editor etc. If you need some more information, feel free to ping me back. All the best for your future Thank you.