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My dear Student, It is a fact that no study goes waste.Education has no limit and no age bar.You should not go against your interest.You should take Science subjects.I happy to note that you have a goal to fulfill your interest.After completion of  graduation in any stream you should appear for competitive exam and take admission in Law College in Pvt.or in Govt.College under University.You will be on track and do well with all sincerity.Also interact with students,faculty of Law College,advocates to get best of guidance and advice. Best wishes. 

Dear Mohit, Thanks for writing to careerguide.com! I am sure that responses from other career experts have been helpful to you. I am sharing my perspective on your query that may be helpful for taking informed decision. To be straight  forward, I am providing you the immediate career path and key information about marine biology. 1. Career Path Eligibility to become a Marine Biologist is Bachelor of Science. However, most preferred is a Masters degree in Marine biology. For research and university teaching positions, PhD in Marine biology is required. After 10, you need to take PCB or P

Dear Swati, Thanks for writing to us your query! Very good question. Well, future course after CA depends on you career goal. You can work as an independent consultant or full time employee with consultancy firm or corporates or in academia. Also, you need to determine area of work: accounting, taxation, costing, and corporate law Based on your interest, you can do Cost Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), IFRS, MBA and also do PhD without doing any masters course.  If you are interested in academics or research, you

Dear Aryan, Why do you want to reappear and improve on your percentage? Do you have some specific course or college in mind where a higher percentage is required to study? I think first you should try to understand why you scored less marks. Are you interested in the subjects you are studying? What are your interests and in which field would you like to work once you complete your studies are all questions that require your thoughtful consideration before deciding on any course of action. There are many career streams and study programs where a less percentage of marks in 12th may not be a hin

Hello Ashwin, Nowadays in this competitive world creativity is very important for everyone and in every profession. By being creative you can make a boring and regular dish very interesting,attractive,delicious and nutritious by the skills,equipment and knowledge you possess. Creativity is a must have in the profession of chef as the responsibility lies on his/her shoulders in making every usual dish look different ,tasty , type of different accompaniment/s served .The point is that by his/her creativity he/she has to win the hearts of the customers and to maintain the reputation of the r

Earlier ,students who has good communication skills with literature background use to apply for J&mass communication degree, but in this competitive world before opting this subject do the self-analysis of your creativity, reading abilities , knowledge regarding current affairs and news , communication skills, should have articulation  skills about the most complex of issues ,how to handle delicate news , presentation skills and a great deal of patience.. So once the students is meeting above qualities can opt for this subject..

Hi, This one particular seemed to be a common dilemma for the students when it comes to choosing the right stream after 10th. Whether to opt for Commerce or Science is not that new a question that arises in the minds of many students. Let’s discuss the whole scene in detail exploring the benefits and requirements of each of the mentioned streams in your query. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test Different Streams after 10th There are different streams available after 10th of which most common ar

Do you think that psychometric testing is a novel concept and has been in use for last few years? Well, many people do. There were some popular theories that were published in the late 1980s and 1990s which are mostly supposed to be the foundation of Psychometric tests, however, the concept is far too old. Some of the researchers claim that psychometric testing has prevalence as old as 2200 B.C. and it was first used by a Chinese emperor to select the right warriors for his army. It included personality assessments along with his talent assessment. Definitely, this field has evolved greatly si

Hello Arun, The straight and Simple answer to your question is "NO". For pursuing Automobile engineering, apart from Math, one needs good understanding of Physics, that is how the machines interact and their mechanism. Which is possible only if one has studied Physics in the 12th class. Hence only a science student (PCM combination) is eligible for Automobile engineering. But please note, there are few Institutes that provide diploma programs for 10th and 12th pass students, that exposes them towards maintenance and repair work of Automobiles. They then learn the technical aspects of automobil

Hello Ali, Good that you wish to do an MBA, but my question to you is why? Think about your reason, before you opt for the course. Or else it would mean running behind the rat-race only. Anyways, your question is not clear, do you wish to know the procedure to pursue an MBA or why you should do an MBA? Procedure: Please note any Graduate, any stream, with a minimum 50% is eligible to pursue an MBA program. But the student needs to first clear an entrance exam, either All India Level (CAT) or State level (CET) or private Institutes own exams like XAT for Xaviers Institute, NMAT for NMIMS or SAT

India is one of the fastest economies in the world and is progressing at a rapid rate. With digitization and advancements in technology, there are high expectations from the country on a global stage. With expectations, increases the opportunities. In past one year, India’s economy has seen several ups and downs in different industries which lead to the emergence of several new fields which were never so popular earlier. This has opened wide scope for young students in the country. They can explore their talents and can opt for a career which is interesting as per their own skills, talen

Hi, Have you ever complained to your friends that you have lost interest in your job? Have your ever thought that you were not a right fit for the work that you are doing? I meet many friends of mine on daily basis most of whom are doing jobs in multinational companies. Since they spend a majority of their weeks’ time at work, they are mostly involved with their stories at work even on off days. Mostly, I listen to stories such as- ‘I don’t like this job but I have no other option’, ‘I want to do something more meaningful in my life’ etc. And this is not a s

There are many parents and students who think that there is a specific age for taking career counselling. A student should be at a crucial stage of decision making when they receive career counselling. Some even say that if career counselling is taken at a wrong time then it would confuse the students of what is wrong and what is right. There are many more myths circulating around regarding the right age for career counselling. I have heard some parents say that if career counselling is given to young students, it will convert all of them to sportsmen or artists who will have no struggle for a

Healthcare Management is the upcoming rising sector, having importance nationwide and globally too. There will be huge opportunities and bright career scope in this field, unlike any other IT or business companies. It is seen that there is constant growth in the healthcare industry. Students and professionals are getting aware of this field and they find new job opportunities in the field such as hospitals, insurance companies and accounts in various private and government sectors. The only requirement is to develop skills related to healthcare management by pursuing an undergraduate or a grad

Hi, Nursing is a profession in which unconditional love and care is required to serve the patients, society and the nation. This is because; nursing is always appreciated as a noble profession. It is necessary to encourage nursing students to come forward and maintain the holistic standards of this profession. One should inculcate the sense of maturity, empathy, devotion, dedication, commitments, courage and medical knowledge for pursuing this field. The government has become a great help for the economically backward aspiring students by giving scholarships for the student’s education a

Hi, UPSC-CSE/IAS examination is the toughest examination in the nation due to its widely elaborated and grand selection criteria and performance metrics and plays an equal importance. Every year the number of applications for these exams are getting high and high which is making the competition tougher than ever. And to create a better impact and in order to perform good, and in the least competition, it is important to study with a definite approach. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test   Here are

Hi, Central Armed Police Forces examination is the exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) for the position of Assistant Commandants in the armed police forces. This examination is completely conducted under the organizational structure of UPSC and the Indian Government and hence making this examination as one of the toughest and most competitive one to crack. Since most of the graduates from each and every stream and different career lines will be applying for this examination. The number of people applying for the limited positions will be more and more every year and hence

Hello Goransh,  One of the most important decision one needs to make.  This decision I would suggest, be made on the basis of your interest, your liking, your potentials etc. Here I would suggest, an Aptitude test or career counseling test also available with Mera career. The test would reveal your aptitude, your potentials and interest and would help you make a determined choice. Do not choose on the basis of your percentage or score, friends or family or the most wanted career  Wish you good luck...