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Dear Aspirant, Thanks for writing to CareerGuide.com A student having PCM in 12th standard can pursue his further study in engineering & technology, pharmacy, architecture, law, management, fashion, textile, social work, library science and all art and humanities group fields.     1. Engineering Engineering is one of the sought after career by science students. Graduate course is of the four years. Following are degree courses in various branches of engineering • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanic

Hello, thanks for writing to us counsellors. Having interest in Biology alone will not help you [to lead a career in science stream][1]. Biology too includes Chemistry and you will realise this later when you go into degree level. For example, when you study body reactions, you will have to study more on chemistry, bio chemistry and bio-organic chemistry. So discarding chemistry will not help you to get into a Science career in future. Even for Biology sake, if you choose to study Nutrition and Dietics course at BA/ BSc level, it does bring in some amount of chemistry into this degree. So I wo

Hello Thank you for contacting counsellors at CareerGuide.com . I am happy to help you today with your question regarding further study options in Medical field. I see that you are currently a BSc Medical student. Can you say the full name of the BSc degree program that you are currently studying? You only said BSc Medical but I am not sure if it is a technology based or laboratory practice based. Because there are courses like BSc Medical technology and BSc Laboratory technology and they have different further education or career path. I am not sure what is your current subject so I can guide

My dear Student, It is a fact that no study goes waste.Education has no limit and no age bar.You should not go against your interest.You should take Science subjects.I happy to note that you have a goal to fulfill your interest.After completion of  graduation in any stream you should appear for competitive exam and take admission in Law College in Pvt.or in Govt.College under University.You will be on track and do well with all sincerity.Also interact with students,faculty of Law College,advocates to get best of guidance and advice. Best wishes. 

Hi,   CA (Chartered Accountant) is considered one of the best career paths and has been pursued by the students who find themselves comfortable at numbers. I would really like to talk on this topic and discuss the things in detail in terms of what it comprises of, what are all the all steps to reach the final stage and pass the CA Final successfully and how to maintain tempo and be persistence in the study and reach your dream goal.   For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test ICAI, The Institute of Chartered Acco

Dear Mohit, Thanks for writing to careerguide.com! I am sure that responses from other career experts have been helpful to you. I am sharing my perspective on your query that may be helpful for taking informed decision. To be straight  forward, I am providing you the immediate career path and key information about marine biology. 1. Career Path Eligibility to become a Marine Biologist is Bachelor of Science. However, most preferred is a Masters degree in Marine biology. For research and university teaching positions, PhD in Marine biology is required. After 10, you need to take PCB or P

Girl also have all type of opportunity ..for work...n same has boy..girl can do everything

Professional courses after 12th for Bio Maths students Best Courses after 12th bio maths : Biomaths Bio Maths are the finest combo because they open up a wide range of education options, from medicine to engineering. After 12 biomaths You can look for Giving JEE mains and jee advance and you will have various courses If you want to study Engineering Field After Bio Maths Table Contents 1.         About Bio Maths 2.         Engineering Field 3.          Top IIT and Nit

An illustrative answer to your question. You will find most of the option written in this image

hello After 10th the courses available in any stream are not so good.If you complete 12th and then look for courses is a good idea. Click here --> Take Stream Suggestor to Know Right Streams But you can go for various olympiads and scholarship exams that will help you in your further education. For example if you are a single girl child then you can go for UDAAN Scholarship that is conducted by CBSE which helps girl students with there Engineering education. If you want to move outside India for education you can go and prepare for Scholastic Aptitude Test, IELTS and TOEFL.You can also give

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Morning: Check email, review the day's schedule, and prioritize tasks.  - Attend any meetings or morning briefings to discuss projects, ongoing issues, and upcoming deadlines. - Spend most of your day designing and developing electronic systems, circuits, and communications equipment.  - Conduct various tests and trials to ensure the functionality and performance of the designed systems.  - Prepare technical reports, presentations and documents for stakeholders, customers or management. This also depends on different environments Best regards Crossy Road [url= road[/url] <a h

Creativity is the most important factor for a web designer. You need to be able to think of unique and new ideas to create eye-catching websites that attract users. Great  Quick Draw website designers often have unique design thinking and the ability to create fresh looks.  

Hello, I am happy to advise you on your career choice after graduating from grade 12. This is an important decision and I understand that you are considering many aspects. First of all, I want to say that pursuing literature is completely reasonable if that is your passion and interest papa louie games. Literature is a vast and diverse field, encompassing many career possibilities such as writing, editing, teaching, research, communications, publishing and more. If you feel interested and passionate about literature, then this could be a great choice for you.     However, you sh

Entering the field of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) involves a combination of education, practical experience, and staying up to date with trends. See if you already have it boxing random                  

Yes, airline pilots do experience social interactions. Here’s a simplified explanation: With Crew Members: Pilots regularly interact with flight attendants and other crew members. They work as a team to ensure the flight runs smoothly and safely. With Passengers: Pilots may occasionally interact with passengers, especially during boarding or disembarking, or when making announcements during the flight.   With Air Traffic Control: Pilots communicate with air traffic controllers throughout the flight for instructions on navigation and safety. With Ground Staff: Before and a

Your situation resonates with many MBA graduates facing career challenges. It's commendable that you're seeking advice. For tailored career guidance and a boost in job applications, consider exploring this valuable CV Folks Best CV Help service. They specialize in crafting impactful resumes that highlight your potential despite a lack of work experience. Best of luck in your career journey!  

Pursuing further studies abroad and obtaining a double degree can open a range of job opportunities, depending on various factors such as the field of study, the countries involved, pokerogue game and your personal career goals .   

Obtaining a greater percentage will provide you an advantage over other applicants, even if 60% is the minimal need for PCM . Furthermore, it will demonstrate your intellectual prowess and aptitude for the Merchant Navy.   slope game

As compared to other video editing tools which gives watermark, Wink Mod APK VIP Unlocked comes without a watermark.

I saw a question on CareerGuide about becoming a video game maker. It's a wild ride, filled with creativity and tech wizardry! If you’re diving into game development, make sure to embrace the journey with love and patience.And if you're looking to unwind after a busy day of coding and designing, why not try something chill like Keno on  It's a fun way to relax and let your mind wander. Keep creating and stay groovy!  

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Dragging and dropping toppings at the Toppings Station requires precision. Papa's Pizzeria   really tests your skills in even distribution

On the other hand, I do know someone in the diagnostics industry, so I can give you a ballpark estimate: a new hire may expect to make between 20,000 and 25,000 USD. geometry dash breeze

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A typical day for a financial planner involves a mix of client interaction, financial analysis, and strategic planning. Here’s an overview of what their day might look like: Morning Client Meetings: Begin with scheduled meetings to discuss clients’ financial goals, review their portfolios, and provide updates on their financial plans. Market Research: Analyze market trends, financial news, and economic indicators to stay informed about factors that could impact clients' investments. Midday Portfolio Management: Review and manage clients’ investment portfolios, making neces


Your blog is a treasure trove of knowledge. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. 

I don't think any student can learn programming in 10 minutes. Lots of skills is required for a programming career so you should learn basic steps and then work with yourself. I hope this website to them for your academic work .