Your choice of streams post your 10th class would greatly determine how your career pan out. Many of the students realize later in life that they have made a blunder of a choice and are stuck with the options available or redo everything from the very start. So this decision becomes the most important decision of your life.

We at CareerGuide have come up with a Psychometric test specifically designed and scientifically proven to provide you answers the question – "What to do after 10th?" This career test assesses your aptitude and personality to determine the most suitable stream for you after your class 10. The test is meticulously designed by a panel of psychologists, academic counselors and experienced psychiatrists helps you in your first important decisions.

Stream Selector™ Test is the scientific way to know your right stream after 10th class. Discover your potential - Interest and Aptitude!

Insight of Your Stream Selector Report

Best Streams

Get Your Stream Recommendations list on basis of scientific data and 5 parameters. These are Motivators, Personality, Aptitude and Interests and your potential

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Knowing your self and your motivators can help decide the
kind of careers which will keep us excited and motivated
Know all different kinds of motivators and get charged
for your career place.

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How Stream Selector Test Cleared the Doubts of the Students


Aparna Agarwal





How does Stream Selector™ work?

This Stream Selector™ career test categorizes your aptitude and interest into 4 segments namely Mathematics, Biology, Commerce and Humanities (Arts). After this it aligns the same in order of 1-4 where 1 being the most favorable and 4 being the least.

Stream Selector™ measures your verbal, numerical, clerical, spatial and reasoning aptitude and your interest as per RIASEC theory. The Stream Selector™ have 76 objective questions out of which 36 questions measure interest and 40 questions measure aptitude in various streams and takes roughly and hour to complete.

  • Aptitude section neither test knowledge nor does it calculate your academic potential. Aptitude calculates your strength and weaknesses to determine abilities required to study any of the four subject streams. Aptitude targets logical reasoning with the help of verbal, numerical, clerical & spatial questions.
  • Interest test is to find out about your feeling of wanting to know or learn about something. The Test is designed in such a way that there is no choice of right and wrong answer, it’s perform analysis on your preference of answers.

Sample Stream Selector™ Report