Shikar a B-Tech drop out made a successful brand new start after his Career Guidance

There are several students in the country who find themselves trapped in the wrong career choices made by them at young age. When a child is in 10-12 grade, he is mostly influenced by his peer, teachers and parents. Many times, parents put their own aspirations on to their children and children don’t even realise it at that age. Limited knowledge about different career options is one of the reasons behind this. The same story took place with Shikhar Bhragava. He took science in his secondary level studies and followed what his friends were doing. He opted for a course of B.Tech. However, as the studies started, he realised that it was not his cup of tea. Shikhar soon started feeling stressed for not being able to cope up with the demands of the course and finally dropped out of the course in the second year.

Being a B-Tech drop out career guidance boosted up my confidence to take a fresh start with BBA

Shikhar Bhragava

BBA Student

Shikhar’s Career Dilemma

  •  Shikhar was unable to cope up with the stress and demand of B.Tech course. After dragging himself to 2nd year he finally decided to drop out.
  •  Doubting his caliber and potential he saw himself on the crossroad of his life. At this point he discovered the gateway of guidance through Google, online search brought him to page.

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • He came in as a lost student who was not sure if he should continue studying. Career Expert talked to him about his strengths and weakness with the help of Psychometric Assessment.
  •  Managerial, Administrative & Analyzing skills got reflected which made him consider Business and Management. Next, he enrolled in Business Administration course.

Totally lost in the path, Shikhar found a ray of hope in career counselling

At this point of stage, he found himself totally lost career-wise. He had no idea what he would be doing as a next step. He was not confident of himself and doubted his own potential and skills. He used to spend a lot of time on net surfing and one day, while searching about online career advice, he landed up on Career Guide’s website. He read about the stories of students who had taken career counselling and have seen the results themselves. He also searched other websites to understand what was career counselling. He was confident then that career counselling could help him find the right path of career and to know more about the procedure he talked to one of the representative of Career guide. Career Guide team guided him about the whole procedure and also told him how it could be beneficial in giving shape to his career.

Psychometric test revealed Shikhar’s strengths for the field of Business and Management

Feeling convinced, Shikhar decided to take professional career advice from Career Guide. He came in as a lost student who was not even sure whether he should continue studying or not. He talked to a career expert who talked to him about his strengths and weaknesses. Followed by this discussion, Shikhar was guided to take a psychometric test so as to understand his talents and strengths. The test was a way out to understand the areas where he could find a right fit into. The test clearly stated his strengths and intelligence in the areas of management, administration and analysis. This made the career counsellor suggest him to consider an option of a course in Business and Management. Shikhar was also guided about the further scope in this field and also the procedure of admission in colleges giving such courses.

Shikhar took the career advice seriously and implemented it. Currently, he is in his second year of studies and he is doing a Business Administration course from a reputed college. The great thing about this is that he has received distinction in the first year of his studies. He finds himself at ease and is very confident of the choice that he made. He is now giving his complete sincerity and dedication to his course and even looking for doing post graduate course of MBA in this field.

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