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CRB Tech Review: It’s Not Just Jobs, It’s About Your Career!

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CRB tech is an established name in the training and placement domain. They are functional in this domain for quite a while now. We would like to present to you, a review on CRB Tech. Prior to that, we would like to give you a deeper insight into the factors you need to check out before joining any training institute. Post that, as a part of CRB Tech review, we will check out as to where does it stand with respect to the factors under discussion.

Be it any kind of training institute you are thinking of joining, you cannot just join blindly. After all, it is the question of your career. If your career stands on a strong foundation, it can take you places. Else, nowhere.

In that case, what are the things that you need to watch out for before joining any training institute?


CRB Tech Review: It's Not Just Jobs, It's About Your Career!

Well, let’s try to list them out one by one,

  • Placements:

This turns out to be the numero uno factor to consider before joining any training programme. Especially, if you happen to be a fresher or a recent pass out. After all, job is the thing everyone is looking for. The main purpose of undergoing a training programme is getting placement. While some of the institutes provide a job/placement assistance, a few like CRB provide 100% placement guarantee. This is evident from the numerous CRB candidate reviews. Obviously, the latter sounds better in terms of getting a job.

  • Quality Training:

Questions like, is quality training provided? What about the trainers/faculty? Do they have industry experience? How many students in one class? Etc. need to be answered in order to know the quality of training provided.

If the trainers are industry experienced, their experience will come in handy while teaching the students. Along with theory, if there is equal emphasis on practical training, then it would be useful for students in the real-time job environment. Likewise, the number of individuals in every session will rely upon how much consideration you get.

With smaller gatherings, there is a better chance of getting significantly more hands on attention, and turn out to be a part of a group where in a larger class, you are not going to get a similar level of attention.

After all, it is the quality of training that would materialize into getting a good job.

  • Project Experience:

While some training facilitators provide you with a chance to get hands on experience on live projects; others might not. Getting a chance to work on such projects gives you a feel of how real-time projects are handled and executed. This is an important aspect of any training programme, as it is the projects on which you are going to work day in day out, post entering the industry.

  • Communication Skills & Other Add-ons:

Communication skill forms an integral part of the interview process as well as the corporate life. In today’s times, communication/soft skills hold great importance. In fact, if you are a bit weaker in the technical aspect, you can cover it up with your communication skills. However, not vice versa.

The sad truth of our education system is that, not much emphasis is given to the development of communication skills. That’s where most students are found lacking.

Therefore, when you are looking for a specialized training programme, it becomes necessary to find out whether they are training you on the communication skills part. Especially, if you feel that you lack in this department.

Similarly, interview training also comes in handy. That includes Group Discussion (GD) training, Aptitude training, Personal Interview (PI) grooming and so on. If you are getting this, well and good.

Till now, we have looked at some of the important factors that one needs to consider before opting for a training course.

On the pretext of these points, we will carry out a review of CRB tech and see what it has to offer in terms of training and placement.

  • As far as placements are concerned, CRB tech is known for providing a 100% placement guarantee to its candidates. That too in Mid Level Companies (MLCs) and Multi National Companies (MNCs). So, as far as the placement factor is concerned, CRB seems to score over here.  In the numerous feedbacks of CRB Tech students, they have written about how they benefited from this.
  • CRB Tech has designed a comprehensive customized + advance training programme based on the industrial requirements of varied domains. Along with theoretical classes, practical training is also given emphasis. That helps trainees in becoming job ready and prepared for carrying out their job responsibilities, right from the first day!

To add to this, CRB is known to have an in-house industry experienced faculty that conducts training sessions. Their knowledge and industry experience proves to be valuable to the trainees in terms of how should they carry themselves in the corporate world, along with other aspects. If you go through the CRB tech reviews of candidates, many have praised the trainers over there.

  • CRB tech students are provided with project guidance on latest technologies. Through this, they can get the much-needed project experience which would count going ahead. Freshers would benefit from this. Working on projects also gives them a chance to implement their theoretical knowledge in a practical manner. This would also result into better understanding and clearing the concepts to the core.
  • Last but definitely not the least, comes the communication skills part. At CRB, students are provided with soft skills training that teaches you life skills and ensures your overall personality development. English communication forms the core of soft skills training at CRB tech. Many CRB tech student feedbacks reveal how this helped in increasing their confidence.Along with this, students are also provided coaching in foreign language like German.

Interview training is also a part of the training programme at CRB tech. It covers aspects such as mock interview sessions, practice sessions for the technical rounds, technical GD sessions, GD-PI preparatory sessions, practice aptitude tests and confidence building sessions. This ensures that all the bases with regards to interview are covered.

After seeing what’s on offer at CRB, it won’t be surprising if it becomes the first choice of students who are looking to build their career.

Many CRB students in fact have expressed their opinions in the form of feedback on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc. You can check them out.



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