Story of Malvika who took an informed decision with the help of career counselling

There are thousands of students in the country who are bright enough to achieve more than 90% marks in the 10th and 12 but are still unable to decide what career can be suitable for Malvika. The reason behind this is limited information and lack of awareness. In most of the cases, students are aware of only a few courses and the information that they receive is from their teachers and parents only. This creates a gap of information which could have been filled with the help of expert guidance. This lack of awareness leads many bright students of the country to the careers which are not suitable for them and these students, even after being good at studies until school level, fail to make a mark in future. The reason is simple, had they been guided to take up a course according to their skills, they could have performed much better and might have contributed to the field through their acumen.

Story of Malvika who took an informed decision with the help of career counselling

Malvika Chokhany


Malvika ’s Career Dilemma

  •  Malvika scored 96% in her 12th and had two options in mind BBA and for her further studies.
  •  However she had limited access to information, on careers and future scopes that would match to BBA and B.Com
  •  That’s when she found out about CareerGuide through online search and reached out to for professional guidance.

How CareerGuide Helped Her

  •  Career Expert guided her towards factual exploration of both and BBA, which brought clarity to her about future scope and job prospects of the two.
  •  CareerGuide reflected on her strengths which was more towards leadership oriented, managerial aspirations.
  •  Malvika, now is in her final year of Business administration and is a batch topper with many extra curricula’s on her CV.

Having scored 96% in 12, Malvika was confident that could perform good in BBA and B.Com, but could not decide between the two

However, with the changing times, these students are becoming more aware of taking right career decision and one such student is Malvika Chokhany from Kolkata. She had always been a good scorer throughout her school life and she scored 96% in 12 standard. She had a vague idea of what she wanted from her career but was not very sure of the options available. She was interested in exploring the fields of BBA and B.Com. she talked to her teachers and friends and she got mixed opinions about these courses. This made her unable to take any decision with certainty. Then, she got to know about career counselling from one of her acquaintance and started exploring more on how it can help her decide her career.

Career Counsellor helped Malvika to explore factual differences between the two courses selected by her

She carried out an online research for the right career counseling provider and found out about Career Guide. She reached out to the team for professional guidance and understanding how the whole procedure will work. She was convinced that career counselling would be an answer to her career questions and she would be able to make a right career decision after this. She was then connected to a career counsellor by the Career Guide team who guided her towards the factual exploration of both BBA and B.Com. this brought clarity to Malvika about differences in both the courses and what she could expect from them. She was also guided about the job prospects in the above fields which made her more determined about which course she wanted to pursue. Career counsellor reflected on her strengths which were more towards leadership oriented and managerial aspirations.

Being a batch topper, Malvika feels that right career guidance helped her excel in the field

Career counselling helped Malvika to select the right career and she opted for business administration. She is currently in the final year of her graduation and is a batch topper. Not only this, she has many more extra-curricular credentials on her CV. Her interests and skills in the field were augmented with the complete information made her aware of how she could make a mark in the field. Now she aspires to do higher education in the same field and contribute to the field through her efforts.

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