Chetna approached career expert and discovered her new zeal in banking sector

There are stages of a career when a student may feel depressed or helpless about their career choices and they have no awareness how to turn their career choices to be the right ones. During graduation or after it, many students give certain exams which are required for their further success, however, not all the students can clear them. It would be wrong to say that the students who could not clear were having less aptitude but the fact is they need to find out the areas where they can use their aptitude. Students need to understand that they can’t be perfect in all the fields and they have to intelligently select their career options and should understand their own aptitude for particular career options. This realization can help them to know what career options are suitable for them and where they should spend their time into.

Career guide helped Me in gaining knowledge about whole new career sector based on my skills

Chetna Agarwal

Final Year Student

Chetna Career Dilemma

  •  Chetna Agrawal has done her graduation in
  • Was unable to clear IPCC-CA 2ND Level in two attempts, after which she became more anxious about her career
  •  M.Com & C.S seems like the only option to Chetna with commerce back ground but she was inquisitive of exploring alternative.
  • Career guidance is what she needed now , Chetna was guided towards CareerGuide by her cousin.

How Helped Her

  •  She was taken through career assessment which reflected her bent towards accounting and number crunching job
  •  With the help of her career guide Chetna explored about BFSI careers. She learnt about possibilities, scope and job orientation by pursuing options in BFSI over M.Com
  •  Chetna is now preparing herself for banking careers and is confident, motivated and assertive to make acareer in banking sector. She is thankful for mapping an ideal career plan for herself without wasting more of her crucial time.

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Having been unsuccessful at IPCC-Ca exam, Chetna was quite demotivated and wanted to explore alternatives in her field

A student named Chetna Agarwal came to with the same story. She was quite fazed with her career choice and was not sure whether she was doing the right career or not. She had done her graduation in B.Com. She liked her subjects in graduation and was interested in continuing further in same sector. She opted for CA after B.Com. and made attempts in the exams. However, she was unable to clear IPCC-CA 2nd level exams for which she had already made two attempts. This made her quite anxious about her future and she was bothered about what to do next. She had only two other options in her mind- M.Com. and C.S. but at the same time, she was quite inquisitive of exploring alternative options with her commerce background. She discussed it with her friends and teachers but could not find any satisfactory answer. Then, one of her cousins told her about career counseling and asked her to take it from an expert so as to understand more options in her career stream. assessed her aptitude and skills and advised her to take a career path in BFSI sector

Her cousin also advised her to take career counseling from After having good reviews from her cousin, she was convinced that she needed a career counseling session to explore her options in the right direction. At, she was assigned a dedicated career expert who could listen to her aspirations and guide her after analysing her skills. Career expert first advised her to take a Career Assessment test. The test was taken to see her aptitude inclination which revealed that she was good accounting and number crunching jobs. Then, career expert discussed with her about her career aspirations and advised her to take up a career in BFSI sector. She was advised about the career scope and possibilities available to her in the sector. She was advised to do M.Com. in BFSI sector and was given a clear idea of what her career can be after this course. She was advised about job prospects, the hard work she needed to do, the skills she needed to develop and the potential challenge she could face. Chetna seemed to be quite happy about this career options which she had almost neglected earlier. She found it to be in accordance to her aptitude.

Chetna followed the career map given by to her and is currently preparing for banking careers. She is highly confident and motivated right now and she is certain that she will be able to get success in this field. She thinks that her studies are now not a burden to her and she finds it quite in sync with her own interest and calibre. She is highly thankful to CareerGuide’s team to show her the right direction at the right time and now she can follow up the path of success without wasting her crucial time.

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