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How to Match Your Personality to Your Career?

by Pratibha singh
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RE: How to Match Your Personality to Your Career?

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Dear Pratibha,


Each individual reaches a point in their life, where they stop at a crossroad. For many, it’s when they complete college, for some, it’s after high school results, and for few, it’s after several years of leading a life that doesn’t excite them anymore. Whenever it comes, it brings along a lot of questions, about the future, the present and also our existence at large. We always wonder, the sole meaning or motive of our presence in this beautiful world, many times. We ask, what direction will our career take from where we stand right now? If we took the right decision then or if we still have time to make one? Only a few lucky ones, get the answer without much contemplation, their meaning of waking up each day and doing what they love is already clear to them.

Well, we are born with a personality that we develop along, and that becomes our uniqueness to separates us from millions in this world. Our career is our bread winning source and thus the job where we spend the most of our day’s time our main motive of life. Away from family and leisure, we spend our day working in our sphere, be it a cubicle or an open sky. But do we all love our job? Do we get lingering thoughts about being somewhere else? Can we do this all our life? How do we decide which job or career prospect suits us the best?

So many questions and time so less for them to be explored right now. However, few factors do decide and help us eventually to answer them. If you are among those, lately asking yourself how to crack your dream career, then you have landed at the right place. Below given points will surely explain to you how to reach your ultimate goal and thus choose a career that matches your personality.


  1. Do not go by what others say - This is the first step. DO NOT go by what others are doing and how successful they became in a short span. Do not try to copy someone else’s career path, only because it is a sure short success scheme. Choose your direction, where you find it pulling you in its direction. In fact, what you can take from them is- if you do what you love, nothing is impossible or a far fetched dream for you. So, stop thinking about other’s success and concentrate on yours.
  2. Know yourself- One should first know thyself and then their career path. A person’s personality has many facets which can lead a lot of openings in many directions when it comes to choosing one. But what helps the best is to know yourself inside out. What makes you, you is the real question. How will you justify your career when you can’t describe yourself in your own eyes? So, take some time, meditate, exercise, go on a solo trip, meet strangers, and whatever it takes, but find yourself.

  1. Find your Calling- We all love to do something or the other. Be it to paint, sing, and dance or just talk a lot. We know we can do it even if not asked for. It just gives us a pure pleasure and we love to do it unfailingly with the same zeal each time. And that’s your calling. So, we should find what calls us each time without getting bored or exhausted. Sit with yourself and ask if there is anything you purely love to do by yourself.
  2. Where do you see yourself in next 10 years- This is one question one should surely ask before taking that stepping stone mark in one’s career. We should surely weigh the pros and cons, the future prospects of the career path and questions on similar lines. Everything is always easy in the beginning, but as the journey moves forward, the going gets tough. Therefore, we must have a clear vision from the very start of the career, if can reach the ultimate goal after 5 or 10 years on the passage we have chosen.
  3. Test Yourself to end the confusion- Many times, after several attempts, the answer seems to be found nowhere. And then comes the time to test. This means you can get a glimpse of a few selected career options by putting yourself in each domain and then testing your skills accordingly. This comes out as a great help to many. Getting your hands dirty always gives a knack of what can come your way if you move in the same direction and thus you can decide if you are ready to take that particular path or not.
  4. Take a personality test- Lastly; there are several personality tests based on psychological and aptitude for the human mind. One can take these tests from various online sites and thus analyze where they fit the best. However, one should not totally depend on their decision based on them; after all, the heart also plays a vital role in the making which is not calculated in the process.

Keeping each point in mind, an individual can test himself or herself to acknowledge their abilities and thus make a final decision. As it is never easy to make such an important stand in life, at the same time, one should try to risk it all for something they truly believe in for once. No matter on what stage of life we stand, it’s never too late to look what to that one path we always wanted to take. So, if you have found yours already, jump a little high and breakthrough the barriers to meet your destination with open hands. Make this life count and reach for the sky with all your heart and dreams.

RE: How to Match Your Personality to Your Career?

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