Dropping out became a sensible decision for Disha after career guidance helped her identify her interest for Journalism

Dropping out became a sensible decision after career guidance helped Me identify My interest for Journalism

Disha Munoth


Disha’s career dilemma

  •  Disha was pursuing her Bachelor’s in Architecture, which she randomly chose. However, she become uninterested in the subject and thus decided to drop out in her first year.
  •  Afterwards, she did not want to make the same mistake of randomly choosing a course without consulting expert guidance.
  •  At this point, Disha, along with her father, contacted CareerGuide through social network.

How CareerGuide.com helped him

  • The career expert gave Disha assurance that once she can find a course matching her interests, she would perform well in it. She then took the Ideal Career Test, which highlighted her fascination in Media and Journalism.
  •  Under the guidance of her career guide, she explored the field of journalism and acquired details about admission, courses and future employment packages.
  • Currently in her second year studying Bachelors of Journalism, she is looking forward to becoming a part of the practical media world.
  • CareerGuide wishes her the best in her future.

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