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Things to consider before joining any Media institute

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With the internet and social media becoming increasingly relevant, the importance of credible journalism has become the need of the hour. Further, the emergence of various social mediums, blogs, interactive picture formats like gifs, infographics has pushed publishers to look at journalism in an entirely new way. However, the essence of journalism remains intact – credible and valuable news. By taking an example of newly launched Pearl Academy’s School of Media and Journalism, we would like to mention key factors the aspiring journalist to look at while choosing a college.

College Faculty: An institution/university will stand as good as its teachers and professors are. Faculty comprising of industry people will always help you learn to newer techniques and the relevant trade scenarios. Always look for the faculty that comes from varied backgrounds like Print, Electronic & Digital media or the mix of every niche. The vast the experience they have from the field the more they will able to share the practical experiences.


Things to consider before joining any Media institute

Industry Collaborations/internship structures: The only way to learn better is to get exposure to an industry internship/ exchange programs. One should always check the type of industry associations the Institute has. Many institutes promise the best at the point of admission but end up with the false promises. Keep in mind that an internship will give you exposure and will help you establish industry contacts. Also, since the internships are for limited time, remember to grasp as much as you can in the limited option.

Course Structure: Always look out for what is innovative in the course structure and how it differentiates from the regular run-of-the-mill offerings by similar universities.  Somehow every media and journalism school follows the same course structure – eventually making the students redundant in the industry. The course must be innovative, invigorating and should rely on new-age techniques like digital journalism and social media marketing along with incorporating tools and technology of the new age of journalism.

Infrastructure/Facilities: Apart from the course structure, what the infrastructure & facilities offer should be factored in. Industry internship will be of one or two months, but you will spend most of your time in the Institute – hence, making it the biggest contributor to your learning process. Always check what kind of technology the Institute is using for practical exposure. Look for new-age facilities like digital news room, new-age tools, a three camera setup newsroom, photography lab with high-end cameras, an editing suite, etc. This kind of infrastructure will help you gear up for the ever evolving field of journalism.

Type of courses: Before joining any institute look for the most relevant course for you. There are many types of courses available, which can make it a tad bit difficult to choose the one best suited for you. To start with, look for a full-time course which is a long one though but will impart an in-depth knowledge of the industry and journalism works in principle. This type, of course, starts from Print to Electronic and then Digital. Then the small duration diploma courses are also available. Apart from this, look for the course that offers co-blended learning where you finish your course partly in one country and the rest in another. Doing so will help you understand the tips and tricks of both the worlds.



Why consider Pearl Academy?

Pearl Academy’s School of Journalism and Media is one such school that provides state of the art facilities that will help you gear up to become the future journalist. An in-house newsroom and availability of new age tools would help aspiring journalists to get practical know-how of what it feels like to be in a new-age newsroom setting. Also, a healthy mix of faculty from the renowned institutes and journalism backgrounds would help impart the best of both worlds – something that aspiring students should consider before joining any journalism school. Another important aspect that ambitious students should consider is the course structure on offer. It is imperative that the course structure of new age journalism is lucrative and insightful with the changing times of journalism. Apart from this, Pearl Academy also offers blended courses where one can finish the course partly in one country and the rest in another.




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