Career guidance made Jeesha’s father understand the value of her dream to be a fashion designer

There are many students who have deep interest in creative fields but what they are suggested by most of the people is that there is no stable career in creative fields. There are many who struggle to become actors, designers, fashion designers etc. but they are mostly neglected or are suggested to take up a field which can provide them a corporate job. Even after so much advancements in different career fields, most of them people have a thinking that corporate jobs can provide a better life. They even ignore the talent and skills that a student might have. A student might be interested and naturally skilled in different fields and they can give their best shot in the career options which they find encouraging.

Career guidance made father understand the value of My dream to be a fashion designer

Jeesha Chowdhary

Jeesha’s Career Dilemma

  • Jeesha has always been interested in Fashion and Media, but she had a difficult time convincing her father
  • She studied commerce in 12th because of her father’s wishes; but she wasn’t interested in those subjects to pursue them further.After her school, she decided to pursue her interest in fashion
  • She along with her father approached for professional guidance, through classified.

How CareerGuide Helped Her.

  • Designing was her highlighted career preferences in the Ideal Career Report. CareerGuide discussed the possibility of her having a successful future in the fashion design industry.
  • Interest and skill underlined clearly proved that she will perform well in her chosen career.
  • Jeesha has been accepted into the Asia School of Media studies in fashion designing course. She and her father are both completely convinced with her choice.

Jeesha was pursuing commerce as was suggested to her by her family even though she was interested in fashion and designing

Jeesha Chowdhary was one such student who was creatively gifted but was never encouraged to pursue her career in designing or anything creative. She was always a bright student and was also good at mathematics. Observing this, her father suggested her to take up commerce which she had to since she had no clear knowledge regarding subjects in designing. Even though she was interested in subjects of Media and Fashion, she had a difficult time convincing her father who thought commerce can give her a good future. She never liked the subjects that were taught in the field of commerce since she thought it was not what she wanted to do. After her time in school, she decided that she should give a try to a career in fashion and designing.

Jeesha took career counselling from along with her father that helped both of them to understand her aspirations and skills

After reading a classified of in a career magazine, she was eager to take proper guidance in how to shape his career further. She along with her father then approached and discussed her situation with the career counsellor. Career counsellor discussed the issue separately with her and her father and also tried to understand both point of view. To clarify the situation, Jeesha was advised to take an Ideal Career Test. The test indicated her talent towards designing courses. After looking at her results, career counsellor discussed the possibility of her having a successful career in fashion designing. Her Ideal Career test and 1:1 career counselling indicated that she had skills that could be helpful in making a great future in this industry.

Jeesha got selected in Asia School of Media and this was all due to her hard work and dedication

After taking career counselling, Jeesha found herself more confident to take her career forward in the direction of fashion designing. She prepared herself for the entrance examinations and also understood the career scope and difficulties she would be facing in the stream. Career counsellors also advised her about the possible challenges that would have come because of her schooling in the field of commerce instead of arts. This made her prepared and positively encouraged. Her hard work paid rewards when she was accepted into the Asia School of Media Studies for the course of fashion designing. Now, she and her father are both convinced about the career choice she made with the help of career counselling.

Currently, she is doing extremely well in her studies. She has participated in several competitions, fashion events and fashion shows. She has won several prizes for her creative inclination in the field. She has been appreciated by judges and visitors in fashion shows that she has participated in. CareerGuide’s team wishes her all the success in her selected career field.

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