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Professional Career Counsellors can support people with career-related challenges. Through their expertise in career development and labour markets, they guide people to choose a wise career path. The counsellors are experts from various specialty fields like: Commerce, Arts and Management, Law, Civil Service, Hospitality, Medicine, Engineering and Alternative Careers. Through aptitude tests and discussions, they analyse and assess the capabilities of people and guide them accordingly to make a correct career decision

Hello , Sorry, i had to choose homeopathy as your career option ,as there was nothing closer to it on record. However i would first have to tell you which field of science you are fit for , and for that i have to have your past exam results , a one to one counseling session with you , so as to get to know your persona and its suitability to one of these 3 options that you have mentioned . thereafter i shall tell you which institute abroad will provide the best suited low budget course as complete your admission formalities with that university . Mo

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Hi  Thanks for approaching Mera career  There is no retirement for education. I really appreciate your further thirst for education. Counselor Halima Sadiya have suggested you some already. We have many colleges that gives you distance learning. Iam not sure you belong to which place. Annalamai university offers you Post graduate diploma in guidance and counseling which you can do distance and it does invlove some practical PCP classes. Also You can get a certification course which is one year course from Banjara academy from Bangalore, classes are two days in a week a

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Hi Uttam, Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns. to become a career counselor first you need to identify your target audience who do you want to counsel and guide.  Once your target audience is clear for example is it school children/students/college students/working professionals. You need then identify the areas your target audience require guidance/counseling on accordingly, you can identify the source of information and also make a structure of your delivery style that is best suited as per your and your participation. Will it be group counseling, 1-1, online vs of

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Hi There, I see excellent answer given by both the counselors above but they are mainly pertaining to Career counseling. Just would like to share my view point in terms of Personal counseling. In case if you wish to be a Personal counselor whereby you wish to handle general issues of clients, you need to be a Counselor by profession. By counselor I mean, you need to have a Masters degree either in Clinical Psychology or Masters in Counseling psychology. You can pursue a masters degree, once you have cleared your Graduation in Psychology. As a Psychologists you would be well versed with

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Hello Career counselling is vast and the counselling varies upon the stage and qualification you are in your career. For example the counselling gets different for school goers, college students, graduates, further study aspirants and finally experienced candidates. So developing oneself in career requires in-depth analysis of ones strength, weakness, interests and resources. No matter at what stage of your life you are in, you can always sketch your career plans by listing out the above parameters. Ideally when I was at school, we had a career counsellor, who was extremely supportiv

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Dear Aspirant, To be an Education Counselor, you need to be very proficient in communication, presentation skills. Education Counselor needs to be aware of each and every happening in the education field, which gives him the confidence to tackle the queries of the students. You can become an Education Counselor preferably after working in the industry and gaining good qualifications. Best wishes

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Dear Mr. Rajoria, Welcome to thank you for sharing your concerns. Our customer team support from career guide will call you and guide you through the process to initiate the career counseling process for the children of JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd employee. regards Aditya Sisodia  

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HI Shyam, Welcome to can you please elaborate what you would like answers to, so we can accordingly guide you in a better manner. Our team of experts will guide you on best-suited answers. You can also go through the previous question under various categories and accordingly choose the expert and also read the answers which help you with your concerns and confusion to get a better clarity of thoughts. Regards Aditya

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Hi Syed, You may ask a question Or call. Best wishes, Himanshu

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Hi Deepak   There are various certificate courses available that claim on placing you as a school career counselor . However you must go for Indian Institute of Counseling which is the most trusted institution.There you have a diploma in Vocational Counseling which is a distance learning course.However this kind of profile requires profound experience that should start at the basic level. I would advise you to start working as a trainee counselor any any top career counseling institute and then go for a certification. A very important skill of a high school career counselor would be to be

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Mr. Deepak   You already have a B.Tech degree and hence if you are passionate about being career counsellor in schools , you must research the master's course in career counselling (specific course on career counselling or psychology). there are also certification programs associated with different universities that you can opt for and follow your passion also as part timer. You can find career guidance firms that also provide certifications by offerring trainings on their frameworks which could help you run your own small business if you wish to. Please note career counselling is not jus

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  Find it here. Nominal charges, full credibility.   Best wishes, Himanshu

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Better take it here:  It is well designed and scientific. There is no validity of the tests freely available on Google. Best wishes, Himanshu

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Counseling is emerging as one of the most demanding career paths, as there are many areas in one’s life, where making a decision or understanding a problem becomes way too much stressing, and we begin to seek an expert to whom we can express our thoughts, feelings, fears, insecurities or just simply could take an advice from to clear out confusions. This is where the need of a counselor kicks in. A counselor could help people in a lot of personal matters ranging from marriage, education, retrieving mental health, get over a trauma, family issue etc. They help people to keep moving forwar

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Which can pay you better in the times to come. Whats your D.O.B.? Let's look at it from Numerology point of view. BEst wishes, Himanshu

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Take one of the assessment tests on this website, or any other that you find suitable. Meet a career counselor with the results of the test, for a detailed discussion of options available.

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go to for better information ask your question there.

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Candidate should have scored at least 40 percent marks in the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) and, Candidate should have passed Qualifying Examination i.e 10+2 or 10+3 years Diploma recognized by the Central/State governments or Diploma and or other test with Mathematics or Statistics or Business Mathematics as one of the subject with minimum 50% aggregate marks.

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