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Professional Career Counsellors can support people with career-related challenges. Through their expertise in career development and labour markets, they guide people to choose a wise career path. The counsellors are experts from various specialty fields like: Commerce, Arts and Management, Law, Civil Service, Hospitality, Medicine, Engineering and Alternative Careers. Through aptitude tests and discussions, they analyse and assess the capabilities of people and guide them accordingly to make a correct career decision

Hello , Sorry, i had to choose homeopathy as your career option ,as there was nothing closer to it on record. However i would first have to tell you which field of science you are fit for , and for that i have to have your past exam results , a one to one counseling session with you , so as to get to know your persona and its suitability to one of these 3 options that you have mentioned . thereafter i shall tell you which institute abroad will provide the best suited low budget course as complete your admission formalities with that university . Mo

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Hi Uttam, Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns. to become a career counselor first you need to identify your target audience who do you want to counsel and guide.  Once your target audience is clear for example is it school children/students/college students/working professionals. You need then identify the areas your target audience require guidance/counseling on accordingly, you can identify the source of information and also make a structure of your delivery style that is best suited as per your and your participation. Will it be group counseling, 1-1, online vs of

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Hi  Thanks for approaching Mera career  There is no retirement for education. I really appreciate your further thirst for education. Counselor Halima Sadiya have suggested you some already. We have many colleges that gives you distance learning. Iam not sure you belong to which place. Annalamai university offers you Post graduate diploma in guidance and counseling which you can do distance and it does invlove some practical PCP classes. Also You can get a certification course which is one year course from Banjara academy from Bangalore, classes are two days in a week a

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Hi There, I see excellent answer given by both the counselors above but they are mainly pertaining to Career counseling. Just would like to share my view point in terms of Personal counseling. In case if you wish to be a Personal counselor whereby you wish to handle general issues of clients, you need to be a Counselor by profession. By counselor I mean, you need to have a Masters degree either in Clinical Psychology or Masters in Counseling psychology. You can pursue a masters degree, once you have cleared your Graduation in Psychology. As a Psychologists you would be well versed with

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Hello Career counselling is vast and the counselling varies upon the stage and qualification you are in your career. For example the counselling gets different for school goers, college students, graduates, further study aspirants and finally experienced candidates. So developing oneself in career requires in-depth analysis of ones strength, weakness, interests and resources. No matter at what stage of your life you are in, you can always sketch your career plans by listing out the above parameters. Ideally when I was at school, we had a career counsellor, who was extremely supportiv

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Dear Aspirant, To be an Education Counselor, you need to be very proficient in communication, presentation skills. Education Counselor needs to be aware of each and every happening in the education field, which gives him the confidence to tackle the queries of the students. You can become an Education Counselor preferably after working in the industry and gaining good qualifications. Best wishes

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Neuroscience is the study of how the nervous system develops, Neuroscience in today’s world has produced several Neuroscientists, and they focus on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions  For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test Neuroscience is the subdivision of Biology and is often referred as Neurosciences in Plural. The History of Neuroscience dates back to that of ancient Egyptian era. They would remove the brain, but leave the heart in the body. From 1960 onwards, the

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A large number of school students drop-out after high-school for different reasons. Some don’t find it pacifying to their life goals and others are not able to balance their economic condition and studies. Although, it has been observed that school dropout rate at primary level has reduced from 5.6% in 2012-13 to 4.3% in 2014-15. However, if we go by numbers as per UNESCO report, 47 million youth drop-out by 10th grade. Enrolment in the higher grades also declines significantly. This problem is not only prevalent in rural areas, but also in urban areas. Even students from well to do fami

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There is a common misconception among parents as well as children that career counselling is suitable either for the students which are not very well academically inclined or whose parents are not well informed. Many parents think that if they can easily search over the internet and tell a student about different career options, it is enough for career counselling. In fact, many parents have argued that career counselling is only necessary when a student is doubtful about different career options. It has been considered by several parents as well as teachers as an additional element of educati

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India is one of the fastest economies in the world and is progressing at a rapid rate. With digitization and advancements in technology, there are high expectations from the country on a global stage. With expectations, increases the opportunities. In past one year, India’s economy has seen several ups and downs in different industries which lead to the emergence of several new fields which were never so popular earlier. This has opened wide scope for young students in the country. They can explore their talents and can opt for a career which is interesting as per their own skills, talen

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Hi, Have you ever complained to your friends that you have lost interest in your job? Have your ever thought that you were not a right fit for the work that you are doing? I meet many friends of mine on daily basis most of whom are doing jobs in multinational companies. Since they spend a majority of their weeks’ time at work, they are mostly involved with their stories at work even on off days. Mostly, I listen to stories such as- ‘I don’t like this job but I have no other option’, ‘I want to do something more meaningful in my life’ etc. And this is not a s

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There are many parents and students who think that there is a specific age for taking career counselling. A student should be at a crucial stage of decision making when they receive career counselling. Some even say that if career counselling is taken at a wrong time then it would confuse the students of what is wrong and what is right. There are many more myths circulating around regarding the right age for career counselling. I have heard some parents say that if career counselling is given to young students, it will convert all of them to sportsmen or artists who will have no struggle for a

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Every child is special and requires special attention from the school for being polished as a successful person. At the secondary stage, all students have dreams in their eyes and have Morales to do something different in their life. They just need a perfect career guidance and support to fulfil their dreams. At first, they require a perfect analysis of their own about their skills, potential, interests, education, physical and mental abilities, behaviour and more. This is not a single person's job, it includes a mutual concern of parents, teachers, school, students, and career counsellors as

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These days there are multiple options available to students after school. Graduation in India or Overseas? Which colleges are best for the student's chosen subjects? What are the entry requirements? Questions like these and may more are on every student's mind, especially fro Grade 11 onwards. In such a scenario it is essential to have dedicated career counselling in schools which shall help students in knowing their options and thus make up their minds. The ideal time to start career counselling is in Grade 10, especially with regards subject choices and the careers available for students aft

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Hi Pooja, Thanks for writing and asking a very important question, the trends and terms pertaining to career counseling are not the same that were few years back, below is Evolution of Career Services From vocational studies to teacher guidances to job placement to career counseling to Professional networking to Connections and communities. Today communities are all about building a sustainable ecosystem that will ensure that participants have knowledge sharing and exchange medium.  The network is an interactive process and community building initiative, smartphones, with apps such

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Hello Dear,   So Many ERPs like SAP, Oracle apps, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dyanmic & many  more... e.g. If Want to make career in SAP, your future is bright. procedure to make career in SAP - Ist you have take coaching in Siemens, JKTech, ATOS then you have to give examination SAP Certification online from Germany, if you qualify then you will surley get a chance in one of the TOP Software company in the world in SAP ERP Domain.   

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Choosing a career is a herculean task for all the novice student. After passing matriculation exams, choosing stream in secondary level is the first step towards career. Choosing graduation and post- graduation subjects again lead us in a fix. After completion of the studies,there comes a turn for job hunting.In modern era, due to cut-throat competition, it’s a difficult task to get the job. Choosing a career and getting a head start is the base for future success. Here are the points that can help you keep afloat.   Self-analysis: The first thing you have to do is to analyze yourse

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to see that you have realised your potential and would like to choose a career based on that. For being into counselling (of any type) and also looking at your interest in being a trainer, I would suggest you to go for MA Psychology. If you are interested in the above fields, then doing an MBA HR would not be of any use. MA Psychology and a specialisation of your choice like in Child Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, etc. you will then be able to get into counselling formally and also then you can begin your motivational trainership too. If you are sure

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Dear Aspirant, The best way to know about the career which suits you is to take a scientific method and a career counsellor appointment. There fore, instead of choosing randomly, you can take the Ideal Career Test from This is a unique designed online MCQ based psychometric test which does not only test your aptitude but also tests and gives consideration for your interests, inclination, innate abilities and skills. It help you assess and know your real potential. There are plenty of career options, but out of those, you should be able to decide which is the best for you inste

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Dear Aspirant, Yes, there are variety of career options. Therefore, it is confusing for many about how to and what to choose among those plenty of options. Here, the most important part is to first know about yourself in terms of aptitude level, interests, innate skills, abilities, emotional quotient, etc. Without knowing these and selecting a career option not regarding these aspects is very risky and maximum times it is the reason for failure. Depending on your level of education you are currently in, I would suggest you to take the Psychometric Test available with CareerGuide. This test wil

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to know your interest in travel industry and you wish to have a job in that domain. Hope you have some background to get into the travel industry. Are you a fresher, if yes, then doing a course related to travel and tourism is recommended. does not provide or help you in getting jobs, but can guide you about the industry and you can surely ask us any of your doubts about the travel and tourism industry. Travel & Tourism has a good scope in India where Indian Government has been extensively promoting it. There are jobs available which are of offline

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Dear Aspirant, You can definitely call us anytime, since is the only forum where you can get to speak to Counsellor Experts on Demand. Therefore you need not take an appointment. You can select the Career Advisor as per your choice and as per the domain related and give us a call. We will solve and help you online through telephone call or through this forum where you can post your question. I would suggest that you also post your career concern here, so that I can reply to it and guide you appropriately. You can complete rely on this system. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, First of all, there are no equations for having a successful career. Therefore the answer to your question of tips is very apt in that way. Only tips, advises and suggestions can be given however they would be based on experience and knowledge. I would list some of the tips for successful career planning: 1. Choose careers and not courses. Traditionally, students and parents first look at the courses and then choose careers, which is incorrect. Once you decide your career option, then look for courses which can help you get into that career and job subsequently. 2. Get

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Dear Aspirant, We are definitely willing to help you in your career. However we will require complete details as to what is your exact concern in your career. I understand that you are having a problem in career stability and you wish to have financial security. Both these aspects are demanded by all career aspirants. However what is your particular problem is what I would like to know. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, You have not mentioned any further details. Please write more about your concern or questions about your career or education. You can also give me a phone call through this system and we can discuss in detail. Best wishes

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