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Ideal Careers for People Interested in Design

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Creativity is the reason you’re able to enjoy the many gadgets, devices, structures, and developments around you today. As it is said, everything first begins with a thought or idea and then becomes something tangible with a plan. If you have a knack for designing things, then perhaps you want to make a living out of doing so. When it comes to design, there are endless possibilities in terms of paths that you can take to fulfill your passion whether it be in formal employment or as a freelancer. Here are ideal career options for people interested in design on that note.

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Graphic Design

For those who are drawn to the more graphic side of things, perhaps consider becoming a graphic designer. This is a very promising career to have, especially with how essential digital marketing is becoming. The world of graphic design is so eclectic which means that you have a range of niche areas to choose from.

To become a graphic designer, you’re going to need a combination of both IT and drawing skills. In terms of education, most graphic designers at least have a foundation degree, HND, or degree in graphic design or related subjects.

As a graphic designer, you may decide you want to work in a fortune 500 company or on the other hand, perhaps you want to become your own boss. With the right skills and experience, either option is possible, so think about what you see yourself doing every day and set clear goals so you can make this your reality.

Civil Engineering

A more technical career path that you could follow if you’re interested in design is becoming a civil engineer. This would require far more education and training because of the nature of the work you’d be engaging in.

In case you don’t know what a civil engineer does, they essentially deal with the design, construction, as well as maintenance of the physical environment. In the real world, this would look like helping with the construction of roads, bridges, canals, airports, railways and much more.

In order to begin life as a civil engineer, you’d need first to get qualified. You could begin by getting a degree in civil engineering or related STEM subjects. Once you complete your degree, getting an internship in civil engineering will help you put theory to practice. After this, go on to choose your niche and submit applications to companies you’d like to work with. To further your career, you could also get your masters in civil engineering online.


For those who want to dive all the way into the creative world, you could do something unconventional such as becoming an artist. However, it is important that you have the resilience and talent needed to make it as an artist if you choose this path.

You don’t need formal education to become an artist, but it can help you learn a lot about the science as well as the history behind art. It also creates an opportunity to develop your skills while working alongside professionals.

One important thing to note about being an artist is that many work as freelancers which means you’ll have to work hard to make a consistent income. However, there are creative ways to generate income whether you decide to create commercial pieces or are commissioned to create wall art in cities.

Website Design

Designing websites is another option for the design lover. As mentioned with graphic design, web design is another highly sought-after skill because of the number of people trying to create a presence online. Web designers focus on the design and visual layout of a site focusing on things like typesetting, color, use of space and user experience.

Becoming a web designer requires that you develop the skills needed to design a functional and attractive site for clients or an employer. Some skills that you need if you want to excel in the world of web design include visual design, UX, design software, HTML and CSS amongst others.

You could also decide to become a web developer and focus more on using web languages and software tools to develop both the design and functionality of a site.

Interior Design

Some people have a natural talent for being able to put together the visual elements of a home just by viewing an empty space. If that’s you, then maybe you should be exploring the possibility of interior design. This is another relevant profession that can be fun and require you to use your creative abilities. You’ll need an inborn flair for textiles, architectural design, spatial arrangement and color if you want to do well in this field.

To pursue a career as an interior designer, note that you’ll need an accredited education which includes either an associate or bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Once you’ve gotten your education, be sure to develop your portfolio as that is what will get you noticed and land you opportunities.


Being able to capture the perfect moment is another gift that requires design and you can make a living from. Becoming a photographer requires that you master your craft and set yourself apart from the steep competition. Most professional photographers have gotten some type of education whether a college or university course, however, you can become a successful photographer without one. Think about whether you want to work with a company or be entirely freelance before beginning your journey too.

Fashion Designer

Another aspect of design that could be turned into a career is fashion design. This is ideal if you happen to be good at putting clothes together and find it’s something you’re passionate about. Although a competitive industry, if you’ve got talent and skill, you could go very far. Skills you’ll need as a fashion designer are an ability to draw, good eye for detail, communication and interpersonal as well as an ability to visualize.

You could decide to take the formal route into fashion design which is getting an education and then choosing your niche area or create a path of your own.

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