From engineering to economics- A story of finding the right career: Prakhar Srivastava

To whichever region you go to in India, you will find people who will ask your 10th grade percentage and if it is more than 80%, they will simply suggest you to take engineering or medical science. These people include relatives, friends as well as parents. And they guide you as if they are expert in this field. Most of the students get trapped in this dilemma and end up taking engineering or medical science for which they have no passion. Some students realise it several years later. This is one of the reason that many students pursue different career options after doing graduation in some field of engineering. This is due to the reason that they understand very late that their passion and studies are not in sync. However, there are very few students who are fortunate enough to realise it in time and are able to give their career a strong and focused direction.

GOLD Medallist in My first year! Career Guidance helped Me make the perfect choice

Prakhar Srivastva


Prakhar’s Career Dilemma

  • Since his schools days, Prakhar was fascinated with business and the financial world; he built interest in the stock and share market.
  • However, being a science student, he tried his hand at various engineering entrances, but could not make it into any top colleges.
  • He wanted to pursue his passion but couldn’t reach a decision…until he approached

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Prakhar took CareerGuide’s Ideal Career Test, which indicated that his personality, interest & aptitude were suited more towards an economics related career.
  • Afterwards, he had a guidance session with an career expert, where he explored details about coursework and future employment possibilities. He became confident about going into a non-engineering career.
  • Prakhar then chose to study Economics and received a Gold Medal in his first year of graduation.

Despite being interested in finance and business world, Prakhar opted for engineering due to lack of awareness

One such student is Prakhar Srivastava. He belongs to Gorakhpur and has always been a high academic achiever. His performance was always encouraged by his teachers, parents and relatives by saying that he should take engineering. Also, an interest in Mathematics and actually being good at it, this was the only option everyone could think of in his city. However, Prakhar was always interested in financial and business world. He was always playing with numbers and had great interest in share and stock market. Even after being god at understanding business concepts, he did not know that there was a specific field which could cater to his interests. He followed what others advised him to do which was preparing for entrance examination for engineering colleges.

Engineering did not give an opportunity to Prakhar which resulted in him taking career counselling

After taking non-medical in 11th grade, he started preparing for entrance exams. He was doing pretty fine at studies but could not get through any entrance exam that he gave. This was a big disappointment for Prakhar as well as his parents. He was almost lost of hope for a good future. After listening from some friends, he came to know about career counselling and he came to after some internet search. On his discussion with career counsellors at, he was guided about how the whole procedure works and was advised to take up few tests and counselling to find out the right career path.

Ideal Career Test revealed Prakhar’s interest towards economics based career option

Prakhar after being satisfied with the telephonic guidance took an Ideal Career Test. The test was an indicator of his personality, aptitude and interests. The test clearly signified his interest and inclination towards a career based in economics. This was followed by 1:1 session with a careerguide’s career counsellor. The counsellor talked to him to understand his aims and goals in details. The counsellor then advised him about the career options that he could opt for and what kind of preparation and examination he will have to give for entering into a good college for a course based in economics. He was further given details about the scope and future employability opportunities that will be available to him.

Prakhar is now a gold medallist in the first year of his graduation

Prakhar followed the advice given by Careerguide and started preparing for admission in a college for a course in economics. He successfully entered into a prestigious college and made his parents proud of their decision. He success continued when he became the gold medallist in the first year of his graduation. He has continuously given wonderful results in his college and now he is in the final year of his graduation.

We hope that Prakhar achieves success in his career and continues his growth graph which started few years back.

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