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Scope of Masters in Engineering from UK

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Get used to applying formulas on the go. In order to be successful in the engineering field, you must understand the intersection between science and math and be able to meticulously document then recreate a process…”

Master of Engineering degree (abbreviated MEng.M.E. or M.Eng.) can be either an academic or professional master’s degree in the field of engineering.
In today’s fast developing technology, growing industrialization and modernization, “Engineering” holds a prominent place as few other professions do. Engineering is and will continue to remain one of the prospective professions for students from science stream who have passed 10+2 with Physics, chemistry and Mathematics (PCM).  The UK has some of the best and highest ranked engineering schools in the world.
Within the wide boundaries of the engineering profession, there are thousands of challenging activities in areas such as research, development, design, manufacture and operation of products and services

Some of the very best Electronic Engineering Universities include Southampton and Sheffield, while Civil Engineering universities that continue to impress in the rankings are Imperial College London and Durham.

Scope of Masters in Engineering from UK


The UK has a reputation for academic excellence. Three of the top ten universities in the world for engineering and technology teaching are in the UK. Facilities here are world-class, with sophisticated engineering departments allowing you to specialize in every area of the broad engineering spectrum. The method of teaching in the UK allows students to mix theory with practice, for a more in-depth, better-rounded education. Students can tailor courses to suit them with specialist modules that allow them a deeper understanding of particular areas of engineering that interest them. In the UK’s universities and international colleges, the focus is not just on theory, but on real-world applications as well. Hands-on experience and the kind of tailored teaching that enables student creativity not only results in a more exciting and engaging learning experience, it also prepares students fully for the practical demands of the post-grad workplace.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechtronics Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering



  • . Applicants for a postgraduate degree must have completed a Bachelor degree (or equivalent) at an accredited institution of higher education and have achieved the minimum grades.
  • English Proficiency test is also required i.e. IELTS/ TOEFL
  • Strong Statement of Purpose and LOR


Students are in great demand and they go on to careers in all the major industrial and commercial sectors. Positions currently held by some of graduates include graduate engineer at Mott MacDonald, program manager in emerging markets operations at Google, project engineer at Atelier One, heat management engineer at McLaren Automotive, associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, and environmental engineer at Water Environment Ltd. The average starting salary of Cambridge Engineering graduates was £31,400.


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