I am listing down the activities that you will get involved in, as a part of your daily schedule while working as a financial planner:Throughout the day they have to respond to the client's mails and queries. They have to have those patience to communicate them well even in pressure situations.They arrange meetings with clients, accountants, investment bankers in order to understand the project better.It is a research oriented profession and the financial planner has to do great amount of research from the various resources that they have.All day long, they have to communicate with the oth

A financial advisor needs to possess excellent understanding of stock market performances, insurance sector, banking and other related fields. As a financial advisor, you can either work with a company or become a private consultant. In either case, a bachelor’s degree in any finance field and relevant certification is mandatory. You’ve thought about what you want to freelance in, you’ve got a couple of useful email addresses and you’ve even bought yourself some sweatpants that will look great with your slippers. So you’re ready to dump that job and get cracking o

Dear Aspirant, CFP is a very good career option and definitely has jobs and as well as there is good scope for private consultancy as Financial Advisor. CFPs are employed by Banks, NBFCs, Financial Institutions, Wealth Management companies, Mutual Funds, etc. Best wishes!

Hello...To start with let me introduce myself, I am working as a financial analyst in a private company.I have an experience of more than three years in the same field. In my day to day working I need to do lot many things where maths plays a important role. Everyday we need to do so many calculations where maths skill is highly required, if only I am good in maths I can do it with full accuracy and fastly with ease and without getting tired.Coming to your questions, sound knowledge of mathematics is really important to become a good financial planner. In daily work requirements mathematical t

Hello..As I am working as an financial analyst  in my company I can explain all the myths associated with financial planning better. There are several myths associated with financial planning, some of them are as mentioned below:Financial planning will lead to increase sales: A financial planner is a person who is based on fee only not  related in nay manner in sales of any products of company. They only advise you how to increase sales keeping in mind your priority and best  interest first.People think financial plan as too costly, they cannot afford a financial planner as it w

Hello Abja, Apart from having interest in juggling with numbers the candidates who wants to make a career in finance must have required qualification as well. The Candidates who have completed the graduation degree with commerce field can go for the Financial planner. If you are interested in this very much you must develop the relevant qualities like knowledge of accounts, taxes, insurance, profit loss etc.  The relevant courses will also help to boost your skills. The UGC NET exam is held for the candidates interested in lectureship or JRF. Qualifying the UGC NET will help you to get in

Click on Career Tests on the same platform, and select Stream Selector Test. The report will make some recommendations about your strengths and the suitable streams. Speak to a counselor after getting the report for further insights.

In which stream do you work in a private bank? Do you need to change verticals, switch jobs in banking, or switch to another field. At the outset, it is less about money, and more about the field that you wish to take. In Banking, jobs in Treasury and Investment Banking pay better. You can take up certification courses offered by Imarticus Learning or School of Investment Banking. One needs to have a basic interest and flair for the subjects. CFA will qualify you for financial analyst roles. Information Management and Data Science courses will get you into Data Analysis profiles. You need to

You need to have at least MBA(Finance), CA or ICWA qualifications. A Ph.D will be needed in the long run, for employment with an university. One has to clear the NEET exam, before applying for teaching jobs in colleges.

Hello karishma,   Citing some examples, which will answer you question on its own Restoring the functions of the limbs after: An Accident Artificial Limb operation and then making it functional Broken bones rejoining and then making it functional Frozen Shoulder Coma cases All these are examples where a physiotherapy comes into action.   Please note, that as a physiotherapist, you can find opportunities in Hospitals, clinics, wellness or fitness centres as well as work as a consultant to various hospitals and lastly start on your own.   Hope this answers your query.   Wis

Hello Mir, If you have the will, then there is a way always. Please note there are a lot of options available right from bank loans to scholarships to funds from trust available. Wish you good luck...

That one person whom we think of in times of temporary disability, injuries and pain is a physical therapist. The role played by a physical therapist is very important. It is he who can help improve the motor movements of a person. They can be instrumental in preventing disabilities and can actually help a person who is bedridden due to injuries and ailments get back on his feet. Here’s how one can become a physical therapist! Before we discuss the places where we can find physical therapists, it is important to understand how you can become a physical therapist. There are a number of sp

When it’s a question of saving our hard earned money, there are basically two types of options to keep it safe. Firstly, put it under your mattress and secondly, keep in your bank and opt for schemes which ensure a good return. Obviously, whenever you meet a financial advisor he will make sure that you should meet your financial goals both short and long term. His advice will definitely discourage you to put money under the mattress. A financial advisor will provide investment, insurance, and retirement plans to clients but before that, it’s essential to have a skilled network. Res

Being a financial advisor in India is like attaining the highest strata of a career ladder for an aspirant. It’s truly lucrative in terms of salary and perks. The advantage of being a financial planner is that you might work with a company as well as start you own business as a consultant. Basically, there is no retirement in this field. After successful completion of the financial planner course, you can become a financial analyst. Aspirants who are from the profession like chartered accountant, cost accountant, company secretary and MBA (finance) can opt to be a financial advisor. Sala

Are you aspiring to be a financial advisor? Perhaps you have chosen the best track of career which and it’s going to be hugely rewarding. To be a financial advisor your job will be to make a financial plan for your clients thereby guiding them how to earn maximum out of investing a considerable amount of money. A professional having a fair idea of all subjects in finance will be the best person to advice. But your role does not end over here because you will be called for execution if the same or might be asked to give advice if everything does not go well. What is the work of a financia

Financial advising being a comparatively new field in India, the demand -supply curve is not appropriate. Supply is being lesser than demand. Forecast says that there will be a huge requirement of professionals in the near future. Unlike any other profession like medical or engineering, a certified financial planner is supposed to have a concrete knowledge in both personal and corporate financial aspects. Aspirants from various fields might be recognized as financial advisors like- chartered accountants, MBA (finance), fund managers and company secretaries. Suggesting on tax savings and other

Hello Rohit,   Good question asked. But before I answer your question separately, please note both the fields Economics and Finance are well inter related to each other.  Just like Finance, Economics majorly deals with Math and statistics concepts. Hence an Economics Graduate could work in the financial sectors like Banks etc. As an Economics Graduates, you could find opportunities in both private and public sector as well as government offices. Some opportunities includes: Statistician: They are the ones who count the statistics o the population and sensex in government agencies Po

Dear Surabhi, Given below is an over view on chartered financial analyst. What is Chartered Financial Analyst ? If you’re interested in portfolio management, investment research, advisory services, or investment banking, this may be the right career for you.   One of the objectives is to deepen insights into practical applications of financial analysis in a dynamic business environment. The CFA Programme includes current and evolving concepts, techniques and applications.  The CFA Programme has five focus areas: Financial Markets, Analysis and Valuation, Portfolio Management, M

Hello Dear Aspirant, A warm welcome to Career Guide.com Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query. Congrats for being topper in the 12th!!! It’s good to hear that you have been aspiring to make a career in UPSC. Students who wish to serve the society for them UPSC is one of the best career options that have always been. Civil Services have been always one of the preferred career options these days by the students. Every year there are many career opportunities in the civil services. In order to make a career in the Civil Service one needs to give an Civil Service Exam which