I am listing down the activities that you will get involved in, as a part of your daily schedule while working as a financial planner:Throughout the day they have to respond to the client's mails and queries. They have to have those patience to communicate them well even in pressure situations.They arrange meetings with clients, accountants, investment bankers in order to understand the project better.It is a research oriented profession and the financial planner has to do great amount of research from the various resources that they have.All day long, they have to communicate with the oth

A financial advisor needs to possess excellent understanding of stock market performances, insurance sector, banking and other related fields. As a financial advisor, you can either work with a company or become a private consultant. In either case, a bachelor’s degree in any finance field and relevant certification is mandatory. You’ve thought about what you want to freelance in, you’ve got a couple of useful email addresses and you’ve even bought yourself some sweatpants that will look great with your slippers. So you’re ready to dump that job and get cracking o

Hello..As I am working as an financial analyst  in my company I can explain all the myths associated with financial planning better. There are several myths associated with financial planning, some of them are as mentioned below:Financial planning will lead to increase sales: A financial planner is a person who is based on fee only not  related in nay manner in sales of any products of company. They only advise you how to increase sales keeping in mind your priority and best  interest first.People think financial plan as too costly, they cannot afford a financial planner as it w

Hello...To start with let me introduce myself, I am working as a financial analyst in a private company.I have an experience of more than three years in the same field. In my day to day working I need to do lot many things where maths plays a important role. Everyday we need to do so many calculations where maths skill is highly required, if only I am good in maths I can do it with full accuracy and fastly with ease and without getting tired.Coming to your questions, sound knowledge of mathematics is really important to become a good financial planner. In daily work requirements mathematical t

Hello Abja, Apart from having interest in juggling with numbers the candidates who wants to make a career in finance must have required qualification as well. The Candidates who have completed the graduation degree with commerce field can go for the Financial planner. If you are interested in this very much you must develop the relevant qualities like knowledge of accounts, taxes, insurance, profit loss etc.  The relevant courses will also help to boost your skills. The UGC NET exam is held for the candidates interested in lectureship or JRF. Qualifying the UGC NET will help you to get in

Dear Friend,Greetings of the day!!!!Financial Planner is one who manages and Provide Advice for his/her clients for the financial investment based on the clients needs.The Work and Responsibilities of financial planners are as followsPlanning : A Financial Planner is expected to plan for finances of his/her clients based on the needs in future, moreover there are lot of different avenues which a financial planner should explore to provide best for returns to his/her clients and also should ensure minimum tax- liabilityUpdating : A Sound financial Planner should also ensure that he know what cl