Career Guidance stopped Sreeraj from becoming college drop out

When a student selects an unconventional career path, what is needed most is the support from others. Many students show the courage in the beginning to select a career which is not very much known but is according to their interests. However, if they are not motivated and encouraged on the path of career, they seldom feel confused about whether they made the right career choice or not. This situation makes many students in the country to drop-out of the courses. This is very common to see in unconventional courses that a great percentage of students leave the course midway and select something which is more in accordance to the society. This is not wrong if a student does not find passion in the subject but it is necessary to provide right guidance to the student at this stage so that he can make a right decision without getting influenced by the opinions of people who have no knowledge of that particular career.

Sreeraj Career Dilemma

  •  Sreeraj was pursing BSC in Nautical sciences it was in second year of this course when the confusion of dropping out crawled up in his mind .
  •  Mixed advises around him where de-motivating him for choosing non popular course ,instead he was told to go for courses
  •  In midst of all this clutter he decided to approach CareerGuide about which he found out while searching online

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Psychometric assessment highlighted his skills which gave him a confidence that he is in right field.
  •  Guidance session helped him in understanding the scope of his course.
  • Career Expert guided him towards completion of BSC in nautical sciences and afterward applying for such jobs.
  •  Sreeraj scored distinction in BSC currently he is a navigating officer in Merchant Navy

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After getting affected by what others said about his course in Nautical Sciences, Sreeraj was thinking of dropping out

One such student who travelled the same career journey is Sreeraj Raman. At the time of graduation, he selected the course of Nautical Sciences and started a course of B.Sc. in the field. In the beginning, he was quite excited about the course but over time he started feeling unsure of his future in the field. In the second year of the course, he became highly unstable about his career choice and he thought of dropping out of the course and take up a career option which could guarantee a secured future. He talked to many people around him. He received mixed opinions from the people, however, the most affected opinions were those that were de-motivating and were raising questions on him for choosing a non-popular course.

Career Counselling gave Sreeraj confidence that he was in the right field as per his aspirations and skills

At this point of time, he realized that rather than giving importance to opinions from unaware people, he needed to take an expert advice. He asked some of his teachers and he was advised to take career counseling. He then searched about the whole process online and came in contact with He talked to the office of the organisation and got to know about the whole process of career counselling. He was told that career counselling will help him to realise his strengths and weaknesses which will in-turn support him in making the right decision about his career. Having convinced, he agreed to take career counselling and explore his options.

Career expert first advised Sreeraj to take a Psychometric Assessment. This is an assessment which tests a candidate on his aptitude, logical reasoning, situational judgement questions etc. and give a report of the areas in which a student can perform well. This report is actually a career mapping report in accordance to the skills and talents of the student. The report visited the areas where Sreeraj was good at and the report clearly mentioned his aptitude for Nautical Sciences. This understanding of his own skills gave him confidence that he was in the right career field and he does not need to change his career or drop out of the college. Further, career counsellor provided him information about career scope in the field of Nautical Sciences. He was advised on how to use his skills for best results. In addition, he was also told about the career development in the fields of navy and shipping sector after Nautical Sciences.

Sreeraj’s career counselling session was a big success and he canceled his idea of dropping out of college. He then confidently embarked on his journey of fulfilling his passion and now he was unaffected of what others said about his career choice. His confidence led him to secure the distinction in B.Sc. and currently, he is a navigating officer in Merchant Navy. He is confident of getting promoted soon and looking through a lens of success now.

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