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The navy is the naval branch of the defence system. There are a wide range of career opportunities in navy. The marine engineers have a bright future waiting for them in navy. The benefits in the navy are many. There are equal job vacancies for both men and women. There are many branches in the navy such as the executive branch, aviation branch, electrical branch, submarine branch, engineering branch and medical branch. Every year the recruitment process takes place both online and offline. The navy provides an attractive package and medical benefits for the entire family. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Navy Related Careers answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Navy Related Careers

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The Indian Navy recruits Naval Cadets through various recruitments conducted every year. For 12th candates , the cadets are usually selected for Executive, Ekectrical & Engineering Branches of the Navy. On passing out from the national Defence Academy , cadets are given sea training on cadet training ship for the duration of 6 months. There are various routes to join Inadian Navy To join permanent commission ( Engineering Branch, Matine Engineers) Cadet Entry ( Through NDA Exam , conducted twice a year i.e. in month of April & August). The opportunity is available to the students

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Hi,I am a carrier counsellor and also a psychological counsellor with .20 years experience.You seem to have made up your mind for taking Navy either merchant Navy or Indian Navy.both the choices are good , important &needed for an Indian society  .the difference is only if you opt for Indian Navy ,you will protect the seacoast belonging to India and if you opt for the merchant Navy,you will help in transportation of India's cargo.. Methane Tanker You have to take a decision which way you want to go ,it depends upon your attitude,emotional quotient & risk taking.There may

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The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea. Its fleet is therefore composed of passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, carriers, as well as other special types of vehicles. A career in this field is full of adventure and long voyages to exotic places. Above all this, the excellent pay and promising promotional opportunities make the career lucrative and exciting in spite of all the hard work life and long absence from family and home.  The main positions open in the merchant navy are for navigating offi

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Hi Shikhar,We are very sorry that we are late in replying to you and I assure you that this will not happen again.As far as deciding a career between navy and air force this is a decision that you might be able to take in a better manner. As both are related to defence you can choose any of them depending on what do you actually think you would be able to handle better.The eligibility criteria for the entrance exam for navy 10+2 Cadet (B.Tec) are having an age of17 to 19 1/2 years on the date of examination, at least 70% marks in Physics, Chemistry and mathematics (PCM) and at least 50% marks

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Well, if you aspiring to be into army even after choosing law as a career, then there is no need to worry if you fulfill the required criteria you can very well serve Indian Armed forces with your legal skills by being a law officer for them. You can be a proud young man (or woman) by being one of the few who will get to serve India by becoming the Judge Advocate General (JAG) which is one of the Departments of Indian Army, you can still do what you love and believe in as a law graduate. All you need to do is to undergo SSB (Short Service Commission) interview and bring yourself into the merit

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Dear Aspirant, Indian Navy requires Science / Engineering background candidates only, which are required in the technical areas of Navy. For other graduates, there are vacancies however, they are into clerical areas like administration, office, etc. Would like to ask why are you inclined towards Navy as a career suddenly after being into the commerce stream? I think please do not wander your mind in thinking of too many options. I would suggest you to focus and concentrate on your potential strengths and choose the right career option in commerce. Please do attempt the Ideal Career Test

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Dear Aspirant, Choosing between Merchant Navy or other streams of Engineering is tough, since both are different and cannot be compared. Don't every compare courses and also do not compare yourself with others. I feel, choosing between the two should entirely depend on your own capability, interest, inter personal abilities since those two types require different and distinct mental qualities. To remove the confusion and to know what you are capable of, you should definitely appear for the Engineering Stream Selector Test from CareerGuide. This is a psychometric test which will enable you to k

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Hello Madhur, Ships that carry goods, people or render services of a non military nature constitute the merchant navy. Merchant navy touches everyone’s life in one way of the other. Material for building houses, the fuel used in your vehicles, clothes, medicines, and anything that requires to be transported has been sent at one time or another on board a ship. Before commencing training the cadets needs to decide the department in which they would like to start their career. One option is the “Deck Department” where one can become a deck officer, with the intention of rising

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Hello Naman, All shipping companies have their own selection procedure and might include particular qualification also according to the posts, but some tests are common for all. Written Test: It might be online or offline and syllabus is based on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English of 10+2 level. There is a section on Aptitude and General knowledge also in the question paper. The test is in the form of multiple choice questions. Interview: The interview is based on academic, general awareness, shipping industry updates and personal. Psychometric Test: The psychometric evaluation requir

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Hi Dheeraj, Merchant Navy is an industry which involves transportation of cargo (solid, liquid and gases) as well as passengers by ship. Sponsored cadets are candidates already selected by any shipping company. Shipping companies frequently advertise for openings for cadets in their company and request for candidates to apply for the same. They have their own selection process and might include particular qualification, interviews and psychometric test etc. once the candidate is selected they are called the Sponsored Cadets – this simply means that once they complete the Pre Sea course s

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Hi, The Merchant Navy is a peaceful global body which is into transportation of goods and people. It a highly professional, technologically advanced industry catering to millions of people worldwide. Merchant Navy is one of the highest paying professions and is also considered to be a profession of great repute. Therefore, merchant Navy is one of the most popular career options in students. In Merchant Navy there are basically three main areas which are the deck, the engine and the service department.  ELIGIBILITY you must have passes 12th class with PCM you must have a aggregate of

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Hello Myronmiranda, Thanks for writing to CareerGuide. Your question reflects that you are a B.Tech and interested to join the Indian Navy. Congrats for this brave choice.  Women  are being inducted as officers into the Law, ATC, Observers (Aviation), logistics, Naval Architecture & Education Branch as Short Service Commission officers.  Government has  approved Permanent Commission for women in Law, Education and Naval Architecture cadre. Candidates are asked to apply in response to advertisements in leading dailies/ employment news and short listed at Integrated

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Hi Muskan Merchant Navy is always considered a very exciting career because it is full of adventurous life. In Merchant Navy you need to a lot of travelling of all around the world. It may also have paid an impressive salary for their employees. That is the reason thousands of young candidates in India attract to join Merchant Navy and join the most adventurous life. Merchant Navy is a commercial/private raft which deals with commodities transportation in all around the world. Nowadays, a large percentage of export and imports are migrating through the sea. Except this, you do not have any oth

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Hello, The candidates who belongs to engineering background they have two possible ways to get into Merchant Navy.  You can either join merchant navy as an fifth engineer or you may join as deck cadet. Most of the companies like to recruit candidates who have done their engineering in civil, mechanical, electrical or information technology for their ships. But for joining as a deck cadet, qualifying +2 with PCM (physics, chemistry and maths) is enough. Apart from having this academic qualification, you have to go through pre-sea courses which are applicable for both deck cadets and engine

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