Right Career guidance at all the crucial times of career helped Akshat to get success in Marine engineering

With the advancements in the educational sector and increasing awareness, many parents have started becoming more concerned towards the career of their children. Parents themselves remain well aware of the services that can be useful to their children. In the past, parents mostly relied on teachers for any kind of career guidance and if there were some enthusiastic parents, they used libraries to see the career magazines for their children. However, this was never an effective method, since parents were mostly unaware of their children’s talents and skills. However, with technology the scenario has changed a lot. Now, parents seek expert advice from career counsellors who can guide the students according to the talent they have.

Currently in his 2nd year And got placed with the largest shipping co. it’s a proud moment he thanks to career guide

Akshat Mohanka


Akshat’s Career Dilemma

  • Akshat had been using CareerGuide since his school time. It started with stream selection after 10th. Our career expert directed him towards studying PCM to frame his future as an engineering aspirant.
  • He scored 94% in his 12th . At the time of admission for choosing an engineering branch and college his mother once again contacted CareerGuide for telephonic career guidance.

How CareerGuide Helped Her

  • His psychometric assessment highlighted Mechanical and Marine engineering.
  • Further exploring Marine engineering career guide detailed about Admission process, competitive exams, colleges and future prospects.
  • This information helped him clearing one of the best college, Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune for Marine Engineering.

One such student is Akshat Mohanka. His mother has been always curious to know what is better for him and this made them make an early decision to remain involved with career guidance. After being sure of taking career advice from an expert, he and his mother searched over the internet and talked to several friends. They found about CareerGuide.com and thus approached the team for further guidance. At that time, Akshat was in 10th standard and he was advised to take stream selection test so that he could focus on a particular stream after 10th rather than getting confused. His test results clearly indicated his inclination towards engineering field and the career expert then guided him personally on how to proceed with the selected field. He was advised to take PCM as a subject combination to frame his future as an engineering aspirant.

Psychometric test explored Akshat’s talent for mechanical engineering and marine engineering

His decision resulted in a favourable future and he scored 94% in his 12th standard. This result made him more confident about his decision to select the engineering field. Then, the further challenge was to select a particular stream within engineering that could suit his talents the best. Again, he contacted CareerGuide.com and asked for telephonic counselling. He was guided to take a psychometric test at home. The test highlighted his interest and stated that he had an aptitude for Mechanical and Marine engineering. A career counsellor was then appointed to him so that his aspirations and goals could be discussed in details. On discussion, he was advised to take up the course of Marine engineering. The career counsellor then further counselled him regarding admission procedures, competitive exams, colleges providing graduation in this field and future prospects of taking Marine engineering.

Awareness and complete information in the field of marine engineering helped Akshat get admission in one of the best colleges

All the information made Akshat confident of his decision and he prepared for the entrance examinations of different colleges. His first success was to get an admission offer from one of the best colleges in the field of Marine engineering which was Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune. Now in his second year of career, he and his mother feel proud of their decision. The fact that he has already been placed with the world’s largest shipping companies – APM-Maersk as a Chief Engineer, adds to their joy and proud. Akshat and his mother give a big credit to CareerGuide.com for Akshat’s success in his career.


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