Journey of Mudit Gupta who listened to his creative side and changed his career to the one he was passionate for

There are many students in the country who are pushed towards the fields of science and commerce without even considering that they could have made a greater impact in artistic fields. There is a common misconception that students can’t have a bright future in the field of arts. Most of the teachers and parents guide their students to take up art subjects as hobbies and think of commerce or science as their mainstream career subjects. However, they forget that in today’s time, there are several options in the field of creativity which can be considered as full-time career options. There are news reporters, radio jockeys, writers, art restoration professionals and much more. These fields require an inherent creativity and charisma. Even in India, these can be considered as full-time career options and students should be guided to take these up with pride.

Career Guidance saved Me from sulking by recognizing my creative side leading Me to Mass Communication

Mudit Gupta

R J at Radio Mirchi

Mudit‘s Career Dilemma

  • After his 12th Mudit could not relate himself to an idea of ‘Career in Commerce ‘, was never interested in numbers and calculation. He decided to change his field, but was not aware of his interest and options
  • While searching online he found CareerGuide and approached, for Career Guidance so that he can make an informed decision.

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Psychometric Assessment highlights his interest of self-expressions, appreciation & communication.
  • He was guided towards courses related to Media and Entertainment. Future outlook, career pathway and work profile, details of media careers & courses was given to him.
  • Mudit took admission in course of Mass Communication.

Creativity is often understated in our country

One of the students named Mudit Gupta is also creatively gifted and inclined towards such fields. When in 10th, seeing him good at studies, his teachers pushed him towards the field of commerce. He tried his best to do justice to the field but could not like numbers and calculations. He found it like a pressure that was put on him. He tried his best for two years but eventually made his mind to stop studying the field. He decided to pursue a career in the field of his interest. He was confident that he wanted to study something in the field of creativity but was not sure of what was suitable to him. He had several options but wanted to assess his own skills and then choose a career in which he could easily fit into. This made him think about career counselling.

Mudit’s dedication led him to take career counselling and follow the advice

He talked to his teachers and also searched online to understand how the procedure works in career counselling. He got convinced that he needed a session that could help him realise his potentials and choose a suitable career option. He found online about and enquired about the process of career counselling. He found himself convinced for taking this up and talked to a career counsellor so that he could make an informed decision. He was first advised to take a psychometric test since he wanted to first explore his own skills. His psychometric test revealed that he had a strong inclination towards self-expression, appreciation and communication. This was followed by a discussion with Mudit and he was then suggested to take up courses related to Media and Entertainment. The counsellor also advised him about future outlook, career pathway and work profile along with details of media careers and courses.

Mudit has been offered an internship in Radio Mirchi which will open several new doors for him

Mudit’s dedication and passion paid off. He prepared for courses in Media and Entertainment and easily got admission in the course of Mass Communication. He is currently in the second year and is doing great academically in his studies. Apart from that, he has successfully grabbed an internship in Radio Mirchi which he is enjoying a lot. He says that this internship also helped him to show his creative side and learn a lot from experienced people in this industry. Now he aims at becoming an inclusive part of the media industry in near future.

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